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Part 5: Sortie 5 - "Best security system ever"

Sortie 5 - "Best security system ever"

Today I'm joined by noted renaissance man GOTTA STAY FAI, inbetween his excursions as a baptist preacher, celebrity chef, and duties as the deity of Radio Voice given flesh. Today we'll be exploring some fascinating areas, filled with deeply profound and moving people. Or not, who knows?

Pilot: Blue Hand
AC: Flamberge

-Decent close up damage between MOONLIGHT and a shotgun
-Decent armor despite his mobility
-At least a little PLUS, given that his missile interception is ludicrously high despite not having any actual anti-missile defenses mounted on his Extensions

-Almost entirely refuses to use his blade or get up real close and personal, making his setup almost entirely pointless
-Tendency to fly around gets him locked up on walls in a cramped area like where you fight him

If he decides to get up in your face and actually make proper use of his tools, he can do some hilarious damage to you in no time flat. However, he rarely if ever does that, preferring to pepper you with a handful of his shotgun pellets instead of getting up close and making them count. The best thing to do is to engage at a distance, and if necessary, put the barrier in the arena between you and him because he has problems dealing with it, and poke at him while he tries to untangle himself. He hardly has any AP, so he'll go down in no time flat. Just be careful not to bring too many missiles along because his PLUS amplifies his Core's anti-missile systems handily.

Pilot: Brumaire
AC: Indigo Gazelle

-Carries a number of lightweight and rapid fire energy weapons
-Decent mobility

-Severe energy consumption problems, even assuming the optimal undefined equipment
-Carries a pulse cannon with hover legs, meaning he needs to sit in place to fire it since he's not PLUS

Brumaire's main strategy is to float around you to hopefully get to your back to land some shots with his energy weapons, and he'll often throw in a few overboosts to get an advantage. However, his overzealous use of energy leaves him with some severe problems actually getting shots off. Circle around him opposite of his movement, and he'll gladly let you dump whatever you feel like into his face with no complaints. Rinse and repeat until you have a dead AC.

Zearm Desert