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Part 10: Sortie 10 - ACDQ 2017

Sortie 10 - ACDQ 2017

So starting from last time's contest inauguration, we have Big Scary Owl winning one point for correctly guessing the reference paint scheme as a Zaku, but not the point for the series which is Mobile Suit Gundam (or any other of the UC offshoots where it appears). Remember though, there's only one reference per video, just a matter of which AC being shown actually imitates the reference in question in any way. Which may or may not even be possible given the constraints, but dammit I'll try!

As for the video, we've got nine-gear crow and cirvante back with us once more for some leet speedrun strats, and me hastily trying to bluff my way around my repeated failures in a way to help me save face. If nothing else I can save some frames by cutting some of the writeu-

Pilot: Pheiverave
AC: Red Coyote

-Good mobility and expansion slots
-Plenty of ammo and load capacity to go around

-The cruel machinations of fate
-His own miserable existence
-His late stage Terminal Seven brain tumor that somehow comprises 80% of his mass. This includes the robot

Okay I'm gonna be straight with this one. Phier-- Phira-- Pheira-- Phe. Phe is a loser, and if this is what the Martian rankers look like these days, I can only assume that either we or Phobos killed everyone of any worth on that red stain on the universe and the Armored Core continuity is better off for having forgotten that it exists as a whole.

Phe basically has one setting and that's move towards you and shoot rockets. If he gets within blade range he'll try to blade you. If he runs out of ammo at any point he'll switch through his other weapons eventually but unless you're actively trying to draw out the fight you're not gonna see much of anything else out of this poor sod. He's pretty much meant to be your introduction to AC-on-AC combat, and he shows it, but goddamn is he just a waste of space. The heat is a much more dangerous opponent in the area.

I guess if I have anything positive to say about him, it's that his build isn't terrible, in particular. At least as far as mid-lightweight hoverleg rifle builds go. But he's just so insanely dumb and squishy that I'm pretty sure just doing this writeup has taken more time than I've ever spent fighting him. Cumulatively. And I've had and replayed this game since 2001.

Godspeed, Phe. You will be forgotten immediately.