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Part 13: Sortie 13 - "Highway to Brown Town"

Sortie 13 - "Highway to Brown Town"

Another week, another batch of four Another Age missions that are most definitely not filler, and definitely have well reasoned and logical explanations for the things that are happening. With me tonight is my old friend motoh, broadcasting live from his continued efforts to not do anything but MMOs. But hey, we're approaching 60% completion and that means we have exciting things in store. Sometime.

And of course, our winner for last week's 'Guess the Robot' competition or whatever we're calling it now was dis astranagant, with the Dancouga, from Super Beast Machine God Dancouga, a glorious robot from a show that was also definitely not filler and definitely had well reasoned and logical explanations for things that were going on. And it may have had a sequel at some point, who even remembers.

But hey it brought us Obari and at the end of the day, isn't that all that really matters?