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Part 15: Sortie 15 - "Unfriendly Fire"

Sortie 15 - "Unfriendly Fire"

Hey, I'm still alive, even if the universe conspires to fix that. So let's not draw any attention to any technical mishaps that may or may not have occurred and just jump straight in to our new batch of recycled content missions, with JamieTheD as copilot.

And our giant robot reference getter this time is good ol' Stormgear, successfully deducing that our reference color was in fact Kotetsu 'Steel' Jeeg. Or Kotetsushin Jeeg if that's your kind of thing. Kind of interchangeable.

Pilot: Tiny El
AC: Alter Ego

-High Mobility
-Strong Blade/Pistol combo is a solid vs AC combat strategy
-Rocket choice jives with mobility decisions

-Dual missile launcher
-Basically no armor in any capacity
-An idiot.

This poor, dumb bastard. He's got some good ideas in his build, but he is just so damn stupid at all times he can't make effective use of them. Theoretically, a strong blade and pistol together with good mobility make for a pretty decent close range melee build, but Tiny El just loves to do little more than plink at you from a distance with his inaccurate missiles and pistol. The true challenge from this mission is making sure you pump enough damage into the transport before he arrives and sticking close enough to it that once he's dead, you can finish it off and take the sweet sweet SCOPEEYE that lies within.

His most devious trick is the fog and his mobility making it damn hard to get a good glimpse of his loadout and colorscheme.