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Part 16: Sortie 16 - 'Shitfaced'

Sortie 16 - 'Shitfaced'

And lo do I come to you now, freed from my yoke of needing to record and edit more raw footage, ready to bring you regular updates of Another Age as fast as I feel people can tolerate my voice. So on this hallowed E3 Eve do I bring you bad raunchy jokes and toilet humor between me missing obvious facts.

A little postscript to this episode is that it was not until I was editing this all together for the final cut that I realized that the string of missions for part theft were literally for the same weapon. So Balena steals a Zio developed prototype - which we protect - puts that part into further development/production, and then we steal it back. So I guess I was technically wrong about the rebranding but who even cares, deliberate corporate sabotage and theft is an activity that rewards itself.

With us on this journey of self discovery is CJacobs, who I get to guide through the lovely halls of Another Age. All four of them.

As for references, Spark That Bled once again comes out ahead with correctly identifying Getter Robo Go from the last episode. Good work!

Pilot: Berserker Grail
AC:Angry Ogre

-Decent mid-lightweight with a range focus

-Overweight for no good reason
-The poster child for 'useless PLOW upgrades'
-Dumber than a sack of potatoes and rocks

Shoot him until he dies.

Okay fine. Honestly he isn't as big of a turd as I make him out to be, but he kind of lacks a reason to be. Even for a lightweight, he has surprisingly little durability, to the point that I would not be surprised if somewhere in the system files his health was turned down somehow. The trick when fighting him is to keep him off of the MT because that's the only target he has a chance of actually killing. That said though, it is not difficult to do so, and just firing at him every now and again is enough to get his attention. With the tight corridors and pillars, his mobility is hardly a threat, and his most deadly weapon, his missiles, will spend more time going into walls or pillars than into you or the MT.