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Part 19: Sortie 19 - "Ace Combat 2: Another Age"

Sortie 19 - "Ace Combat 2: Another Age"

Another day, another update, another period of time where Arkot just refuses to end. But hey, we get to blow up some idiotically designed transport planes so I guess I can't complain. Much.

Our guest for this excursion is of course my comrade in all-caps Ace Combat referential usernames, GOTTA STAY FAI, broadcasting from what I am told is Hell.

As for Robot Reference Roulette 2017, Rigged Death Trap is first out of the gate, lamenting the lack of orange in the colorscheme in the Jehuty on offer. Which I totally agree with, but unfortunately my dream AC game with like eight sectors of color breakdown per leg/arm/etc has yet to be made.