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Part 21: Sortie 21 - Colnart Hell City

Sortie 21 - Colnart Hell City

Well, I've put it off for long enough, let's get to Colart, the one area of the game I have nothing positive to say about whatsoever. Even if the game itself decides to try and undermine my efforts to shittalk it at every turn by giving me the best possible outcomes I've seen in a decade and a half. At least I have GOTTA STAY FAI and my good buddy the KARASAWA with me to make the situation at least a little more enjoyable.

Though if you prefer shell weapon options, don't worry, I have you covered too.

As for references, dis astranagant once again pops out of the woodwork right off the bat with Shin Getter 1, which was our main last time around. A little background insight for you, not two minutes after recording last week's episode, I was kicking myself for not doing a Shin Getter 2/3 colorscheme for the lightweight and tank builds in that episode. To the point where I almost rerecorded it, and only the incredibly lucky runs against a bunch of annoying bosses stopped me from doing so.

Crow said while we were recording that he thought it was EVA-02, which I'm sad I had to cut.