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Part 2: Episode 2 - The Basics of AC Design

And welcome to ACE's Garage, where I build, show off, and test out various AC parts and designs that you poor folks want to see.

Or rather that's how it normally works, but first we need to see what we have available from the start, don't we? So I enlisted nine-gear crow to help me talk about the basics of AC parts, since we have a lot to go over.

Episode 2 - The Basics of AC Design

If there's anything you've seen that looks interesting and you want to see in action, post in the thread, and I'll show it off. I'll try to satiate everyone, even if it means making some sort of horrible abomination of clusterfuck AC design.

Similarly, we still haven't gotten a name for our main AC. Not that I mind riding Dongs, of course. In our next update, our first Arena update, we'll take whatever horrible abominations people want to see out for a spin, alongside our garbage low tier AC. So look forward to that.