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Part 3: Episode 3 - The Arena and Energy

And here we are with our first Arena update. For our first episode, I brought along special guest ArclightBorealis to have a nice little chat about the low level human garbage that are the early Arena combatants. And Werehound I guess. I also take time to explain the basics of generators and energy regen in the revised ACE's Garage segment.

Episode 3 - The Arena and Energy

Werehound posted:

To the Rookie
You're progressing steadily, but soon your cocky attitude will have to face a reality check. Have fun while you can.

Werehound posted:

To the Rookie
Don't get too cocky just because you beat me. Only a select few can win and actually keep their ranking. It's not uncommon to see skilled pilots lose their footing.

That's all part of life in the Arena

The higher you climb, the more disappointed you'll be when you fall. Remember that.

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