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Part 5: Episode 4 - Disorder

Episode 4 - Disorder

And I'm back with some actual missions this time! You can stop sending me angry PMs about wasting time and faffing about. No Garage segment this time around, because it turns out talking about targeting and FCSes is a way more dense subject than I thought it would be. So you can all start dreading that for the next update.

Today's guest is nine-gear crow again. He's currently wrapping up the first game of his Ace Combat series LP, so if you like anime robots (and face it, if you're here, you probably do a bit), then give his stuff a look, since Ace Combat is just a robot anime with planes.

Nell Aulter posted:

Zio Matrix
Zio Matrix is currently the most powerful corporation on Mars.

It wasn't a large corporation prior to Martian development. But it was the first to expand into Mars, and soon claimed the number-one position through a series of AC developments.

Zio Matrix frequently employs Ravens. As your name becomes established, they will most likely approach you with important missions.

The value of your existence is determined by corporate decisions. Do not forget who allows you to live. We will contact you again.

Nell Aulter posted:

Earth Government & LCC
As you know, the Earth Government struggled during the chaos of the subterranean era to rebuild itself into the ruling entity that it was prior to the Great Destruction.

LCC is an organization established by the Earth Government. But it lacks clout, as the Earth Government's resources are focused on environmental reclamation and maintaining order on the Earth.

LCC possesses no real military strength, and relies heavily upon Ravens. Corporations pretend to obey LCC, but behind the scenes they're engaged in a vicious power struggle.

LCC has been quiet since its inception, but they could become active at any time. Thus, confrontations between corporations are becoming more and more deadly, and tension is mounting.

Then again, this might be favorable for you Ravens, as it provides more work for you. We'll contact you again.

Nell Aulter posted:

Disorder Units
We Have received a request for the removal of Disorder units. These are unmanned, armored weapons known to have existed prior to Martian development.

Disorder units display organized, insect-like behavior and appear unannounced in various Martian cities and facilities, causing great damage.

It's not known exactly what the Disorders are. We only know they're dangerous, and that a number of different types exist. That's about all.

Missions involving Disorder units will probably be common in the future, so exercise great caution. Stay alert for any information regarding them. We will contact you again.

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