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Part 7: Episode 6 - "Armored Core Series: Where everyone is a villain"

I swear to god I'm not dead, just had a terrible run-in with technical issues, a vacation, and some sort of hellflu. So let's get back into things with Nine-Gear Crow again. Who is still allegedly working on a final wrap-up for his Ace Combat Zero LP

Episode 6 - "Armored Core Series: Where everyone is a villain"

And in case you're incredibly curious about what we got in those shop updates, here you go. Shop Updates

Nell Aulter posted:

Zio Matrix & Disorder Units
It has been confirmed that the item Zio Matrix was transporting was a Disorder unit. It is thought to be a previously unknown type.

Where and how is Zio Matrix capturing Disorders, and why are they transporting them? Something is going on.

We'll let you know if we find out anything new.

Emeraude posted:

To all AC pilots
New AC parts have been added to our line. These new products are the realization of our philosophy, "More power to more people." Please see the SHOP for details.

We emphasize that weapons are nothing more than weapons. There's no need for fancy features, unbalanced power, or flashy designs. As long as they perform their task, that's enough.

Good weapons are weapons that can be used by many people.

LCC posted:

Thank You
Good work, Raven. Thanks to you, we were able to welcome them to Mars. Now we can finally move forward with our plans. We're the ones that will control Mars from now on.

Nell Aulter posted:

Additional AC Parts
New AC parts are now available in the SHOP. Please stop by and take a look.

On a side note, corporations typically prioritize their AC part donations to Ravens who accept the most of their missions. Keep this in mind. See you soon.

Nell Aulter posted:

Balena is the third-ranked corporate power on Mars. They are weak compared to the other two, but with the development of advanced technologies they have built a firm foundation and are growing steadily.

Balena is for the most part neutral and excels at using diplomacy to avoid conflict. But, rumors abound that they have a number of projects underway designed to achieve growth.

We will contact you again.

Zio Matrix posted:

New Product Announcement
This is an announcement regarding new parts introduced by Zio Matrix. We are making them available to those who assist our corporation.

Not only do the new parts fulfill basic functionality, but they also come with optimized features and a futuristic design. This line of products embodies the Zio Matrix corporate philosophy.

We believe true power should be given to a select few. Specifically, those people who will be instrumental in shaping Mars' future.

We hope our products will be used and valued.

LCC posted:

To all Martian Citizens
Development has settled down for now, and mankind is making new history on Mars. However, the existence of the corporations might ruin everything.

Environmentally risky development and an excessive arms race are examples. If unchecked, it could be a repeat of the Great Destruction. As the governing body, we must insure that this does not come to pass.

We, the LCC, shall hereby establish a state of order. All corporations on Mars are henceforth under our control. We will regulate all corporate activities on the planet.

From now on we will impose drastic punishment on corporations promoting aggressive tactics. The Ravens working for these corporations are no exception.

Nell Aulter posted:

Special Forces/Frighteners
They're called Frighteners, the Earth Government's Special Forces.

Many are ex-Ravens, and they've come to enforce order amid the corporate battles that are quickly getting out of hand.

But their aim is to strengthen LCC. Removal of the soldiers, namely Ravens, is the most effective way to reduce the might of the corporations. And they have what it takes to do it.

The leader, Leos Klein, is rumored to have the title Nine Breaker, indicating his skill as a Raven. It is said that he never surrendered his number-one ranking in the Arena.

We cannot guarantee your safety. Please take care.

Nerves Concord posted:

Ancient Martian Civilization
Since very early on in the Terraforming of Mars, a number of ancient structures have been unearthed around the planet. Proving that at some point in the distant past, Mars was inhabited by an advanced civilization.

This fact has been kept a highly guarded secret, as it isn't necessary to alarm those currently inhabiting the Red Planet.

Humans on Mars need a bright future to look forward to, not tales from ancient history.

The unlisted Spaceport mission BGM