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Part 8: Episode 7 - Arena 29-20

Episode 7 - Arena 29-20 feat. Blastinus, someone relatively new to FromSoft games. He's not doing anything major right now, but go and check out his Lost Vikings 2 thing in the Casual LP Thread anyways.

This one had a little bit of audio issues on my end, sorry about that, but it isn't drastic. It's all fixed from here on out. Not too much to say on the guys we fought this time around, but the existence of a guy like Helios does bring up an important point that comes up later, that being the schism between Martian 'natives' and guys like us, the new arrivals on the planet. A conflict that most certainly can't go sideways in any way shape or form with all the nonsense going on.

SAMSARA posted:

I've heard a lot about you. It seems you will make a worthy challenger. Keep working your way up through the ranks... I'll be waiting.

Zio Matrix posted:

Arena Assistance
Your performance in the Arena is most impressive. We have a great deal of faith in your future potential, and would like to provide you with assistance.

Therefore, we will be furnishing you with an AC part developed by our company. Please put it to use as you see fit. We look forward to your continued success.

SAMSARA posted:

It's about time you made it. I was nearly ready to give up hope. My only real pleasure is to put pilots like you in their place. Come... let me show you what I mean.