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Part 11: Episode 9 - Arena 20-10 - "I have brain problems"

Episode 9 - Arena 20-10 I have brain problems

For today's run through the Arena, and my own personal dip into the depths of insanity that is a challenge run, I have two co-commentators! Seiren, someone who actually knows these games, and Motoh, someone who has only a basic idea of what's going on.

Helzehen posted:

Your skills are truly amazing. You have the ability to go up against the very best, I'm sure of it. But in some ways it's better not to advance too far.

You'll be happier that way. If you go any higher, he'll take notice of you.

Nine Breaker. He's the most powerful Raven in the Arena and it's all over once he sets his sights on you.

Ares posted:

Here, take this. It will probably prove useful. Make your way up the ranks as quickly as possible so that we may face off in battle.

Strung posted:

High-Ranking Ravens
You've grown strong; I'm still amazed at how far you have come in such a short span of time.

As one who has helped you become the Raven you are today, I must admit I am very pleased and proud. Maybe you'll even have a shot at the top.

Nine Breaker.
He has no enemies. Even I am but a mere child in his presence. Of course, he's not the only powerful one either. It's a hard road from here on.

I pray for your success.