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Part 15: Episode 13 - Part 1 - Leos Klein

Episode 13 - Part 1 - Leos Klein

I swear to God, if you guys aren't already sick of the Frighteners theme, you will be by the end of this. Thankfully we have the best track in the game to accompany some of my favorite missions, so you win some you lose some I guess.

But as we approach the finale, we have good ol' nine-gear crow along with us for the ride again, who finally made it to Ace Combat 2 in his own mega-series LP thing.

Nell Aulter posted:

We've confirmed that Klein is headed for Phobos, one of the moons orbiting the Red Planet. It's believed Klein is headed for Phobos because the Martian Control System is located there.

Ruins of an ancient civilization have been discovered on Phobos previously, but they've remained untouched due to the great number of Disorder units there.

However, given Klein's current power, it's possible that he'll succeed in entering them.

It isn't known why Klein wants to access the control system, but it's believed his true objective lies there.

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