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Part 17: Episode 14 - One Hundred Percent & Episode 15 - Arena Wrap-Up and a Cheating Asshole

Episode 14 - One Hundred Percent

For this episode, we've got motoh and Rafza along with us again, as we wrap up the missions we opted out of over the course of the game on our quest to own every part and kill every person possible.

Episode 15 - Arena Wrap-Up and a Cheating Asshole

So due to technical problems, this one is presented without audio commentary. Not like there's much to say, it's killing that one asshole we missed in the train mission (hint: he's still worthless) and some bottom feeder chumps.

However, the last guy we fight is unique in that he's the first time FromSoft really stopped pulling their punches on their bonus arena guys and just made a PLOW to end all PLOWs. Sporting the highest sighting AI and some absolutely ludicrous firepower, Matthias is a force to be reckoned with. So the best way to deal with a cheating asshole is to stop pulling punches yourself. Personally, I prefer throwing a lot of slow firing firepower at the problem, and going for accuracy, but if you're a dead shot, you can reduce him to a smouldering wreck with a sniper rifle from well outside his effective range.

So to deal with the bottom feeders, I decided to pull out the stops a bit and show off how hilariously overpowered the Karasawa Mk 2 is, which is something that Matthias shows off a little better but hey.

But hey, that's the last of Armored Core 2. Stay tuned for Armored Core 2: Another Age! Coming Soon™

LCC posted:

Thank You
Good work.
You seem to be a very proficient pilot. We'd be pleased if someone of your caliber would work exclusively for LCC in the future.

We must grow in strength if we are to become an effective governing body on Mars.

Nell Aulter posted:

Emeraude is Earth's largest corporation, but it's a step behind Zio Matrix as far as expansion into Mars is concerned.

Of course, Emeraude isn't satisfied with this situation and they are gradually strengthening their power base on Mars through drastic measures.

An aggressive attitude is what has made Emeraude number one on Earth. Their greed and ruthlessness is a prime example of corporations as a whole. We will contact you again.

Emeraude posted:

To All AC Pilots
We've added a new AC part to the SHOP. This is a top-of-the-line product manufactured by our company, Emeraude.

Our mission is to lead all people to happiness through our products. This new part is a landmark in the achievement of that goal.

Our products will guarantee a better future for the citizens of Mars.

Zio Matrix posted:

New Product Announcement
This is an announcement regarding a new AC part that we, Zio Matrix, have recently developed. It is now available in the SHOP.

This part offers a level of quality only available to those selected by our company. You too can become one of the few who will shape the future of Mars by acquiring new technology.