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Original Thread: We've Arrived at the Target Area: Let's Play Armored Core



We’ve Arrived at the Target Area: Let’s Play Armored Core

So what is Armored Core?
Armored Core is a mecha game from 1997 created by Japanese developer From Software for the Playstation. They existed a few years prior and were known for the Kings Field series on Playstation, but Armored Core would go on to be their longest running franchise, spanning three console generations. This game was notable for its in depth customization of the player’s titular Armored Core (AC for short), fast paced action, and its challenge and unforgiving design.

It’s Japanese and has robots. What kind of robots are we talking about here?
Real robots. Well, as real as the concept of a 10 meter tall humanoid looking robot with guns can be. The game may be fast, but it’s not to the point of breaking the laws of physics or relying on a fictional particle of some kind in order to operate. For comparison, think Armored Trooper VOTOMS, but more advanced, designed to be modular, and of course taller (like three times as tall).

Aesthetically speaking, the designs of the AC parts come from none other than famed mecha designer Shoji Kawamori, best known for his work on the Macross series, as well as creating the look of several other Japanese robots. The genius behind this is that while each part is very distinct on its own, they create a robot that has a very unified look when combined. No part really feels out of place when used with another (and if it is, chances are it’s something silly and wouldn’t work, like lightweight legs trying to hold a core that’s really top heavy).

Is there anything in the way of story, characters, etc.?
Given that it’s a From Software game, not really. The basic story is that an event known as the Great Destruction causes humanity to live underground and mega corporations become more powerful than the actual government. The player assumes the role of a Raven, a type of mercenary that pilots an AC, doing jobs for various clients. Any story or relevant info regarding the state of the world is given to you via emails by your informant “R”. He’s basically the closest thing to a character that you consistently hear from throughout the game. You will receive messages from clients and other Ravens you come across, but he’s the one who’ll keep you up to date on the general state of things. As things come up over the course of the game, I’ll elaborate on the nature of the Armored Core world and all the various factions in separate posts.

How do you plan to play through the game?
Pretty much the same way I always play it and that is 100% completion with a build that suits my play style. Given that this is a playthrough starting from scratch, I’m going to be building and upgrading my AC to suit my budget, until about a third to a half of a way through the game where I’ll have my optimal build and not bother much with further customization. So any comments will be mostly for discussion and not affect the way I play.

Well, actually, there is ONE moment in the game where I will allow audience participation if anyone is interested, as it will have an effect on the kinds of missions I receive at a certain point as well as the type of ending we get. I’ll let you know when the time comes for that.

Also, as part of getting the 100% completion rating, not only does that include completing every mission, but also finding every hidden AC part. It’s not too hard as there aren’t many of them and we’ll collect them as each mission comes along.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: We are…a Raven
Chapter 2: Incompetent Guards and Shady MegaCorps
Chapter 3: Fuck the Isaac City Guard
Chapter 4: Additional Fire Power + a Choice to Make
Chapter 4.5: A Choice is Made
Chapter 5: New Missions, New Parts, Slightly New Look
Chapter 6: More Missions, Some AC Fights, and a Better FCS
Chapter 7: Thank God for Maps
Chapter 8: Shit Gets Real
Chapter 9: That One Mission
Chapter 10: Top of the Leaderboard
Chapter 11: Nearing the End
Chapter 12: 100% Completion

Extra Material

EX Chapter 1: Muscle Tracers and Armored Cores
EX Chapter 2: What Makes an Armored Core?
EX Chapter 3: The Major Factions So Far
EX Chapter 4: Human PLUS
EX Chapter FINAL: All the Other Things

Commencing AC Drop…
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