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by RChimp Cola

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Original Thread: Grabbing the Pope's Fruit: Let's Play Assassin's Creed 2



Friends, Romans, countrymen, drunkards and dullards, winos and rhinos, lend me your eyes. There is a deadly secret locked within the past. A secret that could claim the lives of many. A secret known to the Templars and the Assassin. What is this secret you ask? Come with me on a fantastic journey through the architecture of 14XX and witness in amazement as I steal the powers of 8 Italian Robot M--whoa, hold on wait a minute, my scripts got stuck together.

What I meant to say is let's follow the unfolding story of ASSASSIN'S CREED 2 the story of the Auditore family dynasty, somewhere after all the good bits of their rise to banking power. Lucky for us there wouldn't be a game if we didn't get the fun of rising to power again! Let's kick off the show!

Thread Errata:

Hey, RCHIMP, why not play Assassin's Creed 1 so you can give us the whole story?
HEY, guy who asked that. I don't like it as much. Someone else can give us the story of Altaïr. Altaïr's a cool dude, but variety is the spice of life!

Hey, RCHIMP, are you doing the DLC?
Hey, guy who asked that. I am not. Do not worry, when the time comes for the DLC to be played, someone will play it. Its timeframe is between the next to last and the last mission, so worry about it now is kind of silly. Fret not, fella. It'll happen.

Hey, RCHIMP, You guys are talking over the cutscenes and I don't think it's very funny, why are you guys talking so much over the cutscenes? This isn't amateur hour you know I wanna hear the game not you, also my chair is a little uncomfortable sometimes, plus I think I eat too much.
Wow! You've got a lot to say about this. The last two "REAL-THREAD"(tm) LPs I've been involved with everybody was practically begging for me to talk over cutscenes. Now I'm doing it and this is happening?!? I'm so confused! Anyways you're also dumb and should watch the 'B-Sides' version when it's uploaded.

Hey, RCHIMP, I wanna guest!!!
Hey, I'm a clique-ish asshole. I know who I comment well with, and who I don't care for. If I want you to guest, you'll guest. If you want to express interest in it anyways in a post, hey go ahead. Just make sure your post has substance other than that or I'll be very cross with you and wring my hands at night cursing your name in the shining halls of my ivory tower.

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