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Part 8: Episode 08: Entombed

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- I mis-spoke about Darius' hand and the ring finger, in that it's his RIGHT hand that has the hidden blade, meaning what I mentioned is kinda moot My mistake.

- And yeah, in case someone tries calling me on it, I also mis-spoke on how much we accrue by the end of the video in Monteriggioni. It's a little over 3000 Florins, whatever On that same note, in episode 10, I'll show the stats-page or display for Monteriggioni, and that gives a better idea of what goes in to what, your total worth, "completion bonuses", etc. You can view it by talking to Claudia directly.

- In editing, I realized that I neglected to attach real-life pictures of the locations in the previous episode, but take my word on it: the in-game versions are pretty faithful.


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