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Part 17: Episode 17: The Merchant of Venice

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- It isn't apparent, but a pretty good deal of time has passed in-game by the end of this episode. We started controlling Ezio in 1476, at the age of 17. The Pazzi Conspiracy was two years later, 1478, placing him around 19 years of age; that whole thing (the loose ends and such) took two years, wrapping up in 1480. When we helped out Leo at his cart inside of the Apennine Mountains prior to Forli, it was 1480. By the time Ezio and Leo reached Forli, 1481. He arrived in Venice within the same year, I think. Once we take out our target in this video, however, it is 1485. Ezio is about 26 right about now. It isn't inferred, but it seems like Ezio did a lot of sleuthing and groundwork after arriving in Venice. Given how Rosa isn't on crutches by the time we head after Emilio Barbarigo, there is definitely some sort of time lapse. A conversation in this video mentions Ezio being spotted in-town across recent weeks, so either this is a goof-up in their time layout, or Ezio has been extra sneaky leading up to the assassination, and only got spotted as he laid the groundwork for stabby-time ((FETCH QUESTS )).


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