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Part 19: Episode 19: Night on the Town

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- Forgot to mention it, but I recall that the year 1500's "glider" design has been created in recent years (based on Leonardo's specs) and it did in fact fly! Or rather, glide


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Whoa, why is this coming up now?
- Funny thing, but this cinematic doesn't appear unless you sit at the title-screen for two minutes. I didn't know about it until maybe episode 13 or so; had to walk away after starting up the game, and came back to the movie thing. It unveils a setting and weapon that we see at the end of this actual update, so I decided to just hold off Also, I'm just putting it on Youtube. No sense in horsing around with Blip or source downloads, given its length. However, it DID give me a Ubisoft-content flag, so, uh Seems like it is just preceding it with an ad, though, so whatever!