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Part 30: Episode 30: Arrivederci

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Notes -
- I put some background music in for the final fights, since the horribly boring ambient track just ruins any sort of importance. I don't like doctoring things like this and in the last DLC, but god. Wasted opportunities <>

- Science rant, in summary, is that the looming doomsday thingo is scientifically impossible and makes not a single bit of sense. Since I scrapped the notes early on when writing the idea, I ended up derailing a bit and focusing on the geomagnetic field and reversals as a whole. Still, the Earth's geomagnetic field is a stand-alone thing that the sun has basically zero effect on.

- There are a few instances where folks have tagged geomagnetic reversals as causes for some mass-extinction events, but nothing is definite on that front. In those cases, it isn't due to the sun flaring off like crazy all at once, but rather at the end of a long period without a magnetic reversal. At the end of these particularly longer periods (Superchrons), there is some speculation that a heavy increase in volcanism comes with it. Think of it like trying to start up a car that's been sitting still for a few decades As a result of this, the atmosphere makes a gigantic change, in addition to the albedo effect getting messed up. This in turn takes out a few key parts of the food chain, and things get nasty.

- Also, an after-the-fact correction: another way of referring to the geomagnetic field weakening yet not inverting is called a geomagnetic excursion. For the very very few who may or may not be interested!


The Italian Renaissance

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Notes -
- Here's the music I used, in the order they're played:
Yeah, the Verdegrand and Zorsy guys play some sheetmusic done by that amazing Zohar fella. I listened to a few of their playlists while doing the segment stuff