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Part 4: Part IV: Of Bombs and Assassins

Part IV: Of Bombs and Assassins

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This video gets us back to the plot a bit as we meet a real-life historical figure, Piri Reis. Historically, he met his end about 40 years after the events of this game, when, as an old man in his 90s, he declined to help the Ottoman governor of what's now Iraq in another campaign against the Portuguese, with his famous and successful life coming to a most ignominious end by getting his head lopped off. He and Yusuf teach us about bombs, and Ezio also gets back to work rebuilding the Constantinople Assassins in the same vein as what he did in Rome during the events of Brotherhood. Also with wdarkk and ScurvyKip.

Edited versions of both videos will be forthcoming, but seeing as how there's not many cutscenes in either of these videos, getting these updates out was a more pressing concern for me, and the reality of my internet situation does not lend itself well to upload long videos on YouTube.