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Part 14: Part XIV: Desmond's Journey

Part XIV: Desmond's Journey

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As we leave Ezio for a bit to allow him to head to Cappadocia, instead we'll be spending some time with ol' Desmond Miles, as we do some first-person platforming as he tells us his life story, from growing up at The Farm in the Black Hills of South Dakota, to running away and ending up in New York City, to finally, Abstergo tracking him down and abducting him, bringing him to their Animus facility in Italy, where the first game began. This video covers all five parts of the Desmond's Journey sidequest-thing.

Joining me for this unusual video is our good friend Vicas and Luis Suarez's Mouth. Fun fact: Vicas and Louis were going on about death trap water parks, when just as the call was about to end, Louis pointed out the forums went back up. And we were making jokes about the downtime even during the video.