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Part 15: Part XV: The Lost Archive

Part XV: The Lost Archive

Part 1
Part 2

A two-parter episode covering the major DLC for this game, entitled "The Lost Archive". This DLC tells the story of Subject 16 joining the Assassins, his infiltration of Abstergo to find out what they're up to, what happened with Lucy, and most ly, Clay's death and the falling apart of his family after he got picked up by Abstergo and being forced into the Animus all the time. But, before he died, Clay was instructed by a very special someone to assist Desmond on his quest, and us breaking Clay out of that loop allows him to enter the main game and help Desmond out when he needed it the most.

Joining me for part 1 is America's Greatest Patriot, Tim Howard, and for part 2, Brazil's Stunningly Bad Performance in the Semi-Finals of the World Cup.

As much fun as we've had with the blocks for this and the last update, we're done with the block puzzles. Next update we'll be going right back into Ezio's story for a very dramatic video that covers all of Sequence 7 in a single bound. I should also note that by buying The Lost Archive, you gain access to all of the pre-order DLC stuff, including Vlad the Impaler's Tomb, several multiplayer characters, including my favorite, the evil doctor, and several maps. It's a pretty good deal, and one Ubisoft's been more or less doing since Brotherhood and the Da Vinci Disappearance.