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Part 18: Part XVIII: Bombs Away

Part XVIII: Bombs Away

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After a long break, entirely unintentional, we begin a wrap-up video of sorts, where we take care of the Mercenaries Guild mission, the Piri Reis bomb missions, and checking out the alternate outfits. I realized it shortly after me and He Whose Names Always Change ended this video, I realized I had unintentionally edited out two of the bomb missions. You can check those two missions out in the video linked in the previous sentence.

Also, even though I mentioned toward the end of this video that I forgot to check out the Guild Challenge Crests, I actually do in the next video, so don't worry about missing them. Also, we start talking about some Assassin's Creed III spoilers toward the end of the video, so beware if you haven't beaten ACIII up to Sequence 4, I think.