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Part 20: EX Update: Everyone's A Winner

EX Update: Everyone's A Winner

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Thanks to Faerie Fortune for providing the title. In this very special update, we take a break from the main game and DLC to explore the world of Assassin's Creed: Revelations Online. I'm not a particularly skilled player, as I never come in better than 3rd while playing, but I had fun doing these. It just caught me by surprise that I was able to find a decent number of games, enough content for two standard-length videos.

For the first part, I'm joined by two unnamed but familiar-sounding rogues, and the second part I'm with Claude Drews' Groin Injury and fan favorite Faerie Fortune, once again Britishing this video up. The bonus video has no commentary and no gameplay, but for completion's sake, I did want to show all the Abstergo videos you get with Warren Vidic as you level up, and the Templar files, which contain a lot of neat info, like world history from ancient times to the present from the Templars' point of view.

I've said it before, but the 20th final from Abstergo explicitly confirms Those Who Came Before were not aliens, it's just their technology is so otherworldly compared to the current civilization's it seems that way. Also, I preview all the maps with the stage selector thing, and I really wish I could have played on the DLC maps, but it was hard enough finding DLC games when the online was a lot bigger, let alone now. You can also see the fancy dress-up options you can give the characters.

As a special note regarding the characters that I didn't get the chance to mention is that you get The Knight from Brotherhood by buying him on uPlay.