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Part 10: Episode 10: Garnier de Naplouse

Episode 10: Garnier de Naplouse

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-  So we finally come across mention of a new plot device here, although it is largely unnoticed by Al. Garnier makes mention of something called a Piece of Eden, saying that "you" stole it from "us," though the specifics aren't clear right now. Whatever it is, it seems Garnier had interest in its ability to modify someone's mind (in his case, he sought to repair damaged minds. Though the definition of "damaged" and "repair" have some wiggle-room with this basket-case). In the future, we'll get some clarification on this Piece of Eden kajigger. 

-  The escape was unexpectedly dull, I know. In each escape, I'm going to try doing something to give it some variation. The first one, Tamir, was an overall introduction to escaping. Garnier was a pretty clean escape entirely (which wasn't what I intended. I expected some more roof-top opposition). For the next goon, I'll stick to the street level, and try to show off charge/tackle. Past that point, who knows!