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Part 12: Episode 12: Jerusalem - The Rich District

Before we get started, let me start off by saying a certain segment of this treads along in to a bit of religious history, which, admittedly, is not a strong suit of mine. Like usual, if you're Muslim or Jewish and I get something terribly wrong, let me know

Episode 12: Jerusalem - The Rich District

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Notes -
- I didn't have enough time around the Temple Mount to cover everything I wanted, but the Temple part of its moniker comes from the fact that there were two previous temples built on-site by the Jews. The First Temple (Solomon's Temple) was built without an established date listed (biblical references to its construction are vague). It was destroyed in 587 BC or so by the Babylonians, and a Second Temple was built on-site in 516 BC. In 70 BC (known as Herod's Temple nearing its end), the Romans steamrolled in and destroyed it in the process. The Dome of the Rock was built on-site quite a number of centuries later. There seems to be some discussion as to whether the First Temple's true inner-sanctum can be found under the Temple Mount, within the Well of Souls. This thought process seems to be what Assassin's Creed is going for, judging by the first scene with Robert and the Ark. My main -like plot-hole, while we're on the topic: why were Crusaders (particularly one of Robert's standing) in the heart of Jerusalem, given that it was under firm Saracen control? Oh well. I can think of a theory or two, but I'll avoid spoiling things.

Edit: Updated note -
- A Barbican is a gate-house, and everything I've read about them made me interpret it as basically a fortified gate with a choke-point (ie: a stretch of road. Basically a way to funnel the enemy in to a tight area). An informant in this update mentions that Talal's warehouse is *north* of the Barbican (I was assuming meant the Bab Ariha gate I discussed, just east of the church). In the next video, Al mentions that Talal's warehouse is *within* the Barbican (noticed this when I was getting the subtitles set up). It is walled off, yes. But I don't see a gate-house, at least according to what I've read about 'em. Really splitting hairs on this one, I know, but it's under my skin at this point.