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Part 15: Episode 15: Abu'l Nuqoud

Episode 15: Abu'l Nuqoud

(Note: The MP4 download might show double length (~1hr) and cut off midway in. This is an inconvenient bug, but the video still plays just fine)
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Notes -
- Abu'l Nuqoud translates to "The Father of the Money".

- I read a tidbit of information elsewhere which brings up a theory on Abu'l.  The angle I am referring to is that he could very well have been a homosexual. I know, I was a little confused at the randomness, but a few things connect. Sure, he looks like a Boomer, but in part of his speech, he refers to God calling him an "abomination". He wouldn't soapbox on that simply because he looks rather different; it seems to be a moral branding. Also, the way he touches the guard to his side could be construed in a, uh, relevant fashion. Going beyond that, even though statements are made in regard to his looks, he is also referred to rather broadly as "different" a few times. Finally, going back to his speech, one line of it makes mention of people of all kinds living together.  The theory caught me off-guard, but some of the pieces do connect nicely. He is physically abnormal compared to the norm, and making him stand out on a few social/moral taboos can add on to that even further. In the end, it just gives him more justification, in his mind, for his actions.

- I didn't realize I was the only one affected until now, but MeGUI's recent-most update kind of messed up MP4 encoding. Basically, if the MP4 download gives you a broken video of sorts (it's hit-or-miss from computer to computer, it seems), then download the FLV instead (download button at the bottom of the Blip page) By the time I realized the cause and what-have-you, I had already deleted the raw footage to this video. Sorry!


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