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Part 17: Episode 17: William of Montferrat

Episode 17: William of Montferrat

(Note: The MP4 download might show double length (~1hr) and cut off midway in. This is an inconvenient bug, but the video still plays just fine. The real length is just shy of 30 minutes)
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-  I really lucked out when I got to him in time for his opening speech to start. His "cue" to start the dialog seems to be when I'm still on the castle wall. None of my other recordings caught him before a couple lines in. The latter part of William's speech goes like this:

William: If I must make examples of some of you to ensure obedience, so be it. The two of you stand accused and whoring and drinking while on duty. What say you of these charges?

Soldier: No, my lord. Please, we meant no harm by it. We... We forgot ourselves! It will not happen again!

William: No. It won't!

Then William executes the two men. I was kind of in a mindset like with Garnier where I should take him out, but it wasn't until I got to editing that I went "oh crap. I kind of didn't get any of that in the actual assassination," so I tacked on one of my failed attempts. I wanted to try pouncing and stabbing him, but, as you saw, I forgot to re-equip my hidden blade I'm going to do the same sort of treatment for the next guy, since he has a speech of sorts that I end up missing when I really take him out (except it's almost required in my approach). I was tempted to re-record the assassination after I got done editing, but given how the game operates on that front, I would've needed to take out Abu'l Nuqoud once again and re-explore the Rich District in order to try it. 

-  I kind of zipped through King Richard's backstory, but I'll flesh it out in the next episode. The next locale doesn't have much that I've spotted in the way of real-world structures. 

- No, that scratchiness on the audio commentary isn't a technical issue. My voice began giving out at random It's only really noticeable two or three times, though.

- As Zuur pointed out, I misspoke about Al getting his sword back. That happens soonish, though.

Spermando posted:

[T]he part of the death speech where you put the asterisk is "The Oc et Non is no better". Apparently, that's Occitan for "yes and no", and that's what bards called Richard because he would quickly change his mind about everything.