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Part 18: Episode 18: Jerusalem - The Poor District

Episode 18: Jerusalem - The Poor District

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Photos of the Old Jewish Quarter ((Definitely worth looking at. We'll see some of this stuff in the future. Batei Makhase Square is featured early on))

Notes -
- On the subject of Amirs: in all honesty, I am a bit undecided on what was being stated in-game. Majd Addin (or ad-Din if you want to be proper) is said to have been the Amir's scribe, but Amir could imply two separate things: if used from a military standpoint, it could refer to General or Commander (potentially Saladin? Or maybe one of the people just under him). If used in a sense applied to monarchy, it indicates a Prince (since it is masculine, not the feminine "amira"). Regardless, it is implied that Majd ad-Din and Baha ad-Din shared the same general occupation of scribe.