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Part 24: Episode 24: Jerusalem - The Middle District

Get some popcorn ready. This one's a doozy

Episode 24: Jerusalem - The Middle District

Blip (HD) - (First History Segment & Gameplay)
Polsy | Download | (Blip page)
Blip (HD) - (Second History Segment)
Polsy | Download | (Blip page)
Blip (SD) -
Polsy | Download | (Blip page)
Youtube -

Notes -
- As I mentioned in the earlier post, Blip's HD video is split in two due to it capping at 1GB. I would've needed to scale back the bitrate considerably to barely squeak it in, and that was just based on what MeGUI was estimating the size was gonna be. Anyhow! The first link is the history segment and the exploration video. The second Blip link is just the history segment that ends the episode; both of the history segments are about 12 minutes each. Also, while on the topic of the history segments, I know that the map text is pretty darn hard to read on the SD versions. Didn't realize it'd be like that until the MP4 finished, sorry

- The length of these final episodes will be special-cases. If anything, I'll be splitting the Blip HD videos in two to accommodate the file-size cap. I could go ahead and do the same for all versions (Blip HD/SD & Youtube), but that's a shitload of videos in total (this doesn't mean I won't do it for folks. I'm just not too keen on jumping through that many hoops). Double the count for Blip, since I'd have to upload the source MP4 as well. Once again, this whole thing is a learning experience, and I'll most definitely be doing some things differently in the near future (or even the next update), provided folks are okay with the idea/presentation in general.

- I probably spent more time deciding what music to go with than anything else. I had the same issue with Colossus Since someone's bound to ask, here's the music I used for the history segments, in the order they're played: