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Asura's Wrath

by Geop, Vicas, Kuvo, TieTuesday

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Original Thread: Welcome to Anger Management, the Animated Series



We play as Asura, who is shown above as being an calm, caring pacifist with a love of puppies and dislike of punching. There will be no yelling and absolutely no punching over the course of this game. If you're looking for action, you've come to the wrong place. We're just here, trying to be the best dad possible.

How does it play? Well, it's divided into shooting segments (a la Panzer Dragoon) and simplistic God of War-style combat. The cutscenes are also littered with QTEs, but failure doesn't seem to be too bad of a setback (mostly score-related or just delaying things by a few seconds). There's definitely more gameplay than, say, a David Cage game, but a lot of the enjoyment here is just how over-the-top things get. We're currently one session in (as of the start of the LP), but honestly it feels like a mix of Dragonball Z and Wonderful 101. It's pretty fuckin' cool, to be honest. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Joining me on this lovely extended Anime-Nite Romp will be Vicas, Kuvo, & TieTuesday! Kuvo has a few hours of experience with the game, but that was some time ago.

Although it has English & Japanese audio, we'll be going with dub. Not only is it just easier to deal with, but the voice acting is really good (Liam O'Brien & Robin Atkin Downes voice the lead roles). Since I really dig how it plays things out, I also went the auto-ducking route for long silences. One thing I noticed in editing is that the game audio clips *a lot*. Not sure why a game with so much yelling would've had such little care in regards to this, but it clips all over the place in Audacity. Anyhow! I hope that's not a dealbreaker to some folks, but it's just how things panned out.

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