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Part 8: Annual Festival Dialogue 1

Regardless of what happens in the Fair, this scene will start as soon as it's over.

That was actually pretty fun...

The character who shows up after this line is the one with the highest friendship level at the end of the year. Unless that character is Gio, as I discovered. If Gio somehow has the highest friendship level at the end of the year, you'll get Cordelia's version of the scene. Like with the evaluation scenes, I'll be transcribing all of the scenes, as well as the win / lose dialogue for each character.

Sterk - Win

Looks like you're enjoying the festival.

Haha, yeah...but I'm kind of tired, though. Did you finish all of your work?

For now. But once the festival's over, the cleaning and storage chores begin...

That sounds like a lot of work...

That's what I'm here for, I guess. Looks like the results are in.

Hi, everyone! We now have the final results! The honorable winner of the Cabbage Fair is...

All of Esty's lines, as well as Mary, Huey, Barney, and Glen's lines are the same for winning or losing for each character. I'll transcribe Esty's winning and losing dialogue, but remove it each time after.

Our very own beautiful alchemist, Rorona! Please give her a round of applause!

What? Me? Beautiful!?

That's impressive. I would've thought that women with no physical strength were at a disadvantage for this event.

It has to be a mistake... I couldn't possibly be the winner...

I don't think we would err when choosing the winner. Go on, Senior Esty is waiting for you.

Whoa, okay, I'm coming!

*fade to black*

There you are.

Um, well, I'm so sorry! I didn't think I was gonna win!

Uh, okay!

Good girl. Rorona will receive a Mercurious Eye as her prize.

Th-Thank you very...what!? Cabbage Girl!?

Everyone, please give it up to her one more time!

Go, Cabbage Girl!

Cabbage Girl, you're so cute!

You're number one in my book, Cabbage Girl!

Marry me, Cabbage Girl!

*fade to black*

*sigh* That was so embarrassing...

Well, now that more people know you, it'll be easier for you to get jobs around town.

Hopefully, people won't call me Cabbage Girl after today...

Yeah...well that was just Senior Esty's idea of a prank...

That was a prank!? *sigh*

Yeah, sorry about that. How about I pay you back by showing you around the festival? I'm assuming, of course, that you haven't seen any of it yet.

Really? I appreciate it, but...are you sure? Don't you have to clean up?

...I'll worry about that when the time comes. I want to enjoy the festival, too.

...Okay, then...let's go!


Hi, everyone! We now have the final results! The honorable winner of the Cabbage Fair is...

Genius Chef, Iksel! Please give him a round of applause!

Whoa, that's so great! Way to go, Iksy!

That's too bad. This would've been a great opportunity for you to introduce yourself to the townspeople.

Oh yeah...I didn't even think about that.

And that's a bigger problem. You're the owner of a shop. You should be more focused on being a professional...

I'm sorry...

No...I'm sorry. We shouldn't be talking about work at a time like this. Why don't we check out of the festival together?

Dialogue loops back to Rorona's line about appreciating Sterk's offer.

Cordelia - Win

Rorona, there you are!

Hi, Cory!

Where have you been? I've been looking everywhere for you. Were you in the main event?

Well, yeah, sort of... I was kind of forced into it...

...I can't believe you would participate in something as stupid as that. So, how did you do?

We're waiting for the official results right now...


Good job, Rorona! I didn't know you could ever win anything!

It has to be a mistake. I couldn't possibly be the winner...

Just shut up and get up there. Everyone's waiting for you!

Wh-whoa! Don't push me!


Yeah, for sure... Way to go, Cabbage Girl!

Stop it! Ughh...

Oh c'mon, it's just for fun. Here, let's go look around some more.

Okay, but...I feel like everyone is staring at me...

They'll get over it soon enough. Come on, hurry!


Cordelia - Lose

Whoa, that's great! Iksy won!

Iksel? What kind of level of competition did they get for this thing?

That's mean...

Oh well, who cares? Let's go look around the festival.



Rorona? I didn't know you were entering this competition, too.

So you're participating in this event, too?

Of course. No oen is better than me when it comes to Cabbage.

Ohh... (I didn't know he was into Cabbage...)

Ooh, looks like they're going to announce the results! They're about to call my name!


...What? I lost to Rorona?

It's got to be a mistake! I'm not...

Be quiet! I don't need your pity! Just get up there!

Wh-whoa! Don't push me!



...Why do you look so mad?

Hmph. I'm not jealous at all. No way! You are the Cabbage Girl!

Don't call me that!

Don't think you can just get away with this!

Wh-what...? Wait, Iksy!


M-me!? Really!? Yeahhhh!

Good job, Iksy! You're amazing!

Thanks! I'm sorry, though... I know you tried hard, too.

But it's nothing compared to how hard you tried.

You there, stop flirting and get up here.

W-we're not...! I'll be back.


*fade to black*

Man, I'm not used to being honored like tha tin front of that many people.

You were smiling the whole time.

Oh yeah? I mean, it's not like I'm that proud of myself.

Yeah right. You looked really happy and proud.

Anyway...let's go look around! We should enjoy our time while we can.

You're right. Let's go!



Hi, Liona!

You look awfully tired. Are you alright?

Oh yeah, I'm fine. I just got a little too excited during the event. Oh, were you in the event, too?

No, I was at the theater...

I think it would've been more fun if you were there with me.


Oh, I think they're about to announce the results. Can you hold on a sec?

Okay, sure.


That's great... Congratulations, Rorona.

Thanks...but is that right? It's not a mistake, is it?

Calm down. Everyone is waiting for you.

Yeah. That MC lady is smiling, but she looks frustrated at the same time.

Really? Oh no... I-I'll be right back!

Okay, good luck.


Good job, Cabbage Girl.

Cabbage Girl...that's a great name.

Congrats, Cabbage...Girl...

Stop it!

I-I'm sorry. I thought you were happy...

Not at all... *sigh*

Oh, cheer up. You're at the festival!

That's right! Why don't we go look around and enjoy ourselves? That includes you too, Lionela.

...Good idea! Alright, let's leave this behind us and go have fun, Liona!

I can come, too?

Of course! Hurry!

Let's go, Lionela. We can't move if you don't.

I'd just like to interrupt this scene with a little commentary, which I normally don't do if there's just minor altered event scenes like these, but this line is unusual because the game has four portraits on-screen, when it's always been limited to three in every conversation before. Why, I don't know.



Why are you so happy? You lost, right?

I wasn't expecting to win anyway. Plus , I had so much fun!

Way to be optimistic. I wish someone would learn a little from you.

Ugh...I'm sorry...

Oh cheer up, Lionela!

Aww, Liona...oh, I know! Do you wanna check out the festival with me?


Yeah, it'll be so much fun!


...We shouldn't bother them.

Yeah... Oh well...

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