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Part 104: Update C: An Apprentice and the Dream

The one hundredth update. A milestone, I think. Unfortunately for me, not a great one. Anyone who has been following the thread for the last month or so has beared witness to my innumerable difficulties, but I think I've dwelled on them enough in the thread, so let's just get moving.

I had to make this Meister Tarte for progress toward Yuvel II (a dessert item toward making a New Land Ration, which is the best single-target healing item in the game, but it's no match for the Elixir), but since I made it when Rufus' friendship level is 50 or greater, I got this upcoming scene. Just ignore the fact an item called the "Dessert Basket" item doesn't count as a dessert.

Basically, making a dessert item after that condition is true means you get this scene. However, what counts as a dessert is a little strange. Anyway, what's done is done. Video goes until Meruru says "Hehe, you're so funny"

So tasty...they make me wanna take a little bite... Aghh, no! What kind of alchemist would I be if I sampled a customer's item? I'd better go deliver these before I give in to temptation... So the client is...oh, it's Rufus! It feels like...his requests are almost always about sweets.

*fade to black*

Yet, by my own hand I will be erasing your very existence from this world.

That is the only atonement I can make to you. Please, forgive me. I'll never forget you.

Oh, I hear Rufus' voice. He sounds really serious. Maybe I shouldn't bother him... But I'm here on business, right? Oh well... Hey Rufus, what are you-

Strangely enough, if you watch the video, Meruru's portrait doesn't appear for this line, even though by all indications it should. Seems to be intentional, as it happens every time. Oh well.

*fade to black*

I came to report in. But where'd you get all those sweets from?

Th-These were a gift. I took a quick break, so I was just about to try one.

So then...did I just hear you talking to...your food?

I-I have no idea what you're talking about.

Oh, good. You had me worried! You sounded so serious.

Ahem. So, Princess...about your report-

Oh don't worry about that. Go ahead, eat! Your sweets are much more important than my business.

No, I cannot put myself before our princess' issues.

It's fine, it's fine. Eat up! Come on, I insist. *staaare*

W-Well, if you insist...then I shall! *chomp chew swallow* Ahh...that was most enjoyable.

Wha - holy cow! All in one bite!? You can't even taste it that way! What a waste...

(Jeez...I've known how much he likes sweets forever. Why does he keep on trying to hide it?)

You're welcome. And know, for bothering you during your...special time.

Hm? What are you talking about...?

You don't have to deny it - the sweets from today, and your requests are almost always for sweets.

Y-You think so? I'm fairly certain it's just a series of coincidences. I have no particular desire to indulge in sweets...although I don't try to avoid them, either...

Okay, then if I ever get to go to Arland, I'll bring you back some super yummy sweets as a souvenir!

Well, if it's a gift from the princess, I have no choice but to accept.

Hehe, you're so funny.

And here's the last request for Modis. Nothing too crazy here, but if you don't have any Balloon Fruit from the areas around Trombe Plateau, you'll probably get derailed to go to there quite a bit. The Balloon Tent is for the Mobile Home, and you could always make two of them to get around the trait requirement that calls for Airy, which is a trait inherent to the Fruit.

Anyway, you'll probably be making quite a few trips to the Modis area if you're doing a 100% run like I am, so it's a good request to fulfill ASAP. But after some Healing Bell usage grinding, and bumping up Rorona's friendship to more than 80, the big scene. Video goes until the screenshot of Rufus thinking about pies.

Heeey, Meruru! Can Rorona ask you for a faaavor?

You asking for a favor...isn't exactly uncommong. But how can I say no to that face? What is it?

Rorona wants to open up a pie shop! I wanna make pies for everyone. Can we do it? Pleaaase?

A pie shop? That's it? A place to sell pies?

Hehe, yeah! If I had a pie shop, I'd work hard every day!

I'm not sure what Rufus would say about it, though. I guess I'll just have to ask him directly. Okay, Rorona. I'll try, but I can't make the decision by myself. I have to go talk to Rufus.

Oh, you're gonna go see Fussy? Here, take this to him.

One of the pies I wanna sell at my store. I made it myself. Give it to Fussy, please.

Mmm...such a sweet aroma. It smells amazing. Just a little bite won't hurt-

NO! It's for Fussy! Don't be a piggy, Meruru. You can't have any!

Aww,'s kind of a letdown, but I'll be sure to deliver it to Rufus.

Good! I trust you.

*fade to black*

Rufus, I have a question for you...

*fade for explanation*

Is that so? Very well. It's an interesting situation. However...

What's wrong? It's Rorona's idea, so if you don't think we should do it, it'd be better if you said so right away.

No, the idea itself - making a pie Arls' new speciality - is an effective measure to develop our country. My only concern is the quality of th epies. If we cannot satisfy the customers, there is no point.

I have a pie that Rorona gave me, actually. She wants you to taste it yourself.

Even if the presentation is impeccable, the flavor is the real key. *nibble nibble*

I've had my fair share of Rorona's pies. They're always delicious. mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Huh? That was way too easy! You're always looking for some reason to say no to my ideas.

With such flavor, it can hold up against any of Arland's famous pastry shops. It will surely become a local specialty. Besides, Arland has plenty of room for one more dessert shop. I have no reason to deny this proposal.

I think the game is mixing up Arland / Arls again. Not like it's the first time.

I guess so. Well, at least Rorona will be really happy. Thanks, Rufus! I'll stop by again later.

*Meruru leaves*

Well, at least he's being honest with himself, even if it is in private. Anyway, let's check out the development request for it...

A third revenue generation facility, you say? Told you it was a good idea to hang on to at least 150 points. Of course, it'll still be a month until we can actually get that money, but I've got time. Of course, we'll be fulfilling Rorona's dream by the end of this update.

Next up, the results of Esty's investigation. This place seems to be as hard to find as the Fountain of Youth. Perhaps that's for a reason...

Whoa...Ms. Esty is NOT in a good mood. I'm too scared to even ask what happened. I'll just sneak away slowly...

What is it, Meruru? Why are you staring at me like that?

Kyah! I mean,, look the same as ever!

Are you mocking me? Well I'm sooo sorry I don't look any better than usual!

I really do despise Peter. He convinced me to dig a bunch of stupid holes, but it was all a gigantic waste of time! Come on, Meruru. Let's go make Peter squeal!

I have no idea what you're talking about!

Peter! You have some nerve showing your face here.

Gh-! Esty...

As the head of the guild, I hereby pronounce you guilty of perjury!

Wh - hold on a second! I haven't lied about anything!

Yes you did! Liar! I searched all over the place you told me, but I didn't find any damn hot spring!

H-Hot spring? Is that what you've been looking for? So that explains why Peter...

But all I found were a bunch of stupid rocks! I had such high hopes, and now the despair is crushing me...

Hot springs are always hard to find. But there must be one in that area. I'm sure of it! But sadly, I don't have any money left, so as much as I want to I can't keep searching for it.

Well I dont' want to do something like that ever again.

*Esty leaves*

As always, the burden of doing something falls on Meruru. Anyway, we won't actually be finding it for quite a while, so just put in the back of your mind if you're following along.

Anyway, time for the big scene. I had to make a long trip out to Trombe to gather, what else, Balloon Fruit. Video goes until Meruru says "And my body's really hot, too..."

*fade to black*

It's open, Rorona!

Yup! Thanks for helping me with it.

And with another Arls specialty, the population should increase, too. So everybody wins.

It's gonna be so much fun playing Pie Shop! Watch me do it, Meruru!

Hahaha. Well, I'd prefer if you didn't play. Maybe you could try treating it like a real job.

Oh, so can I try out this pie right here?


Thanks! *gobble* gobble* Huh...? I'm getting dizzy and I'm feeling kind of...warm.

D-Drunk Pie?

Yup! There's no alcohol in it, but it makes you feel just like you've been drinking. Isn't it neat?'s cool, but I'm so dizzy. And my body's really hot, too...

So Unlimited Pie Works has finally come to pass. Near 30 years spent crafting pies, each more inventive than the last. The proof of her existence, her calling as an alchemist.

But what lies at the end of a life spent baking for others, to the exclusion of oneself? Her power as a baker is enormous, but what good can that power do? Well, hopefully she can find her pastry salvation soon. Now that all three revenue facilities are complete, we'll be getting about 10-13k a month from those alone.

Next up, another important scene. You have to have seen the scene with Gio thinking about the past at Hart, and about two weeks later this will pop up in the atelier. Video goes until Meruru says "But...will Arland really be okay without him?"

Uncle Gio! Finally stopping by for a visit, huh?

Actually, no. I'm here to discuss something...kind of serious.


Do you truly hope for the development of Arls?

Wh - of course! That's why I've been working so hard all this time.

And why is that? Is it simply so you'll be allowed to work as an alchemist?

Well, that's part of it. If I can't pull off what I promised, I'll have to return to the castle.

Hmm. So you're focused on what you can do as an alchemist. It's been years since I heard someone talk like that.


You want to go with me? Are you sure? You're not too busy...?

I'm looking for something in Arls. And I'm more likely to find it if I can travel around with an alchemist.

You're looking for something? What is it?

I'll tell you all about it when the time is right. But that's all I can say at the moment. If you require my assistance, just come and let me know. Farewell for now.

*Gio leaves*

Uncle Gio has offered to help me. That's reassuring. But...will Arland really be okay without him?

Of course it will. The legend can never die, after all. We'll test drive Gio next update.

We've got to make a trip to Modis for the final request there, and along the way we can stop at Hart and Modis itself for DLC scenes with Rufus and Pamela, respectively. Since we don't have any more pressing business, it sounds like a good idea to me. First up, of course, is Fussy.

Right? I felt the same way when I saw it. But... Everyone worked super hard, but...maybe we overdid it a little?

It has exceeded my expectations. I'll go talk with the foreman, so please wait here.

*fade to black*

Huh? Did I look that worried? I think I was just acting normal. ...Oh well!'s good that we have such a great outpost now. But don't you think it's almost better than the castle?

Why would that concern you in the slightest? It's perfectly fine.

But, I mean...the castle? Where the royal family lives? And it's not even as good as an outpost?

Have you or Lord Dessier expressed a desire for a better castle? I don't recall such a conversation., I guess we never said that.

Meanwhile, the outpost serves to ward off invasion, so it must be built according to known threats. Not that I want to think about it, but imagine if we were to go to war with another kingdom.

War is terrible! We would never do that!

I agree. Okay then, how about if a huge mob of atrocious monsters attacks us? And if you sent the troops to a small, dangerous outpost, while you go to sleep in your big, safe, fancy castle.

...Oh, I get it...that's why the outpost has to be like this. If the time comes, we'll have to make our stand here so that the castle and the town are protected!

Exactly. Having an outpost this secure will guarantee the safety of our citizens. People's lives are at stake, so we can't be too careful.

... Okay! Then let's make this fort even sturdier! Even thicker! Follow me, Rufus! There's one spot I've always wanted to rebuild!

That's it for Modis, and the quality of the materials all across Arls Kingdom, with the exception of Yuvel and the far northwest, is at the highest possible quality. We'll finish this update's scene line-up off with our favorite ghost.

This city flourished a long time ago. But for a number of reasons, nobody lives here anymore...

Hmm...ohh, this city...I feel like I have some memory of it...


Yeah, I'm sure of it. I've definitely been here before.

You mean...when you were alive?

I'm not sure. I feel like I was alive... But maybe I was dead. I really don't remember much of my past. It was all so long ago, I've just...forgotten.

Well, don't try to force yourself to remember. Ms. Pamela now is the only Ms. Pamela I need.

*swooshing noise*

What is it this time...?

Someone's right over there. He wants to tell me something...

Ah - that "someone" is a ghost, right? Because I don't see anyone.

It seems he's been here a very long time. Even I can barely see him. I'd better go talk to him.

Mmhmmm...I see. Ohhh...

Wh-What's he saying?

He seems to know me. I don't remember him, though. Maybe we met when I came here long ago...? He's saying he can tell me all about my past self, but...I'm nto really concerned with that.

Are you sure? There might be something your past worth knowing about.

Plus, I've never been interested in the past. Let's get going, Meruru.

These DLC scenes are oddly poignant, no? Anyhow, to the ending...

Back in town, another bulletin. Nothing too special, but it's good Hanna is keeping up with my myriad exploits. Finances are fine, and I'm just about done with major development. There is still much to be done, of course. I'd say we're about 70% done with the game, but we're definitely on the downhill slope.

Secret Tea Party
Pie Shop Opens