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Part 105: Update CI: An Apprentice and the Love

Hello again and welcome to another update. This should be a pretty fun update, even though not a whole lot of gameplay happened in it. I was tired at 2 in the morning. What of it?

Regardless, let's start off with the resolution of Mimi's character arc. After the event with her and Totori at Trombe Plateau, and gains some friendship levels I guess, just talk to her outside the atelier and this scene comes up.

Hello, Princess. What's up?

Well, I went and asked about that thing we talked about! So...

*Meruru talks about her conversation regarding presents she had with Totori*

I don't like going mainstream, but being too original could be dangerous. I guess handmade is the safest option.

Yup! I think the handmade thing is your best bet!

But what kind of materials to use...? Ms. Cordelia just used whatever she had laying around...

I don't remember where I heard this, but are you familiar with the stone that's supposed to bring happiness and safety? It was called...the Rainbow Fragment, I think. I think we could make one heck of a present if we had that. But the question is, where do we find it?

I'll go look for it!

You? I can't let you do that...

I'm an alchemist, right? So I'm used to searching for materials. Please, let me do this for you!

...If you insist. I suppose I could ask you to. As an official job request, of course.

Huh? No, it doesn't have to be a job.

...Fine then, I'll take it on as a job. Which means I'll find it for sure!

Just hand over any old Rainbow Fragment you have. I had four on-hand, so I was able to immidiately get the big follow-up scene. Video goes until Meruru says "So I'm kinda jealous"

Oh, Princess Meruru. You got the Rainbow Fragment? That's great!

Ehehe, I promised, right? See, look! It's the Rainbow Fragment!

So this is it? It's so's like someone stuck a rainbow inside a gem. This must have been really hard for you to get your hands on.

Oh, don't worry about that. It was all worth it after seeing your reaction.

Still, I feel like I should thank you. Here, take these as a token of my appreciation.

Actually, these are all really good ingredients. Sometimes generosity pays off. Oh, and for some reason the Dragon Tusk is called the Dragon Horn here.

Y-You really didn't have always look after me. Anyway, take this and go make that pendant. You have everything you need, right?

Y-Yeah, everything's all ready. I just need to set this in it. I'll go make it right now.

Okay. Come see me at the workshop when it's done!

*fade to black*

I was in a hurry when I made it, so it's shaped kind of funny...

Oh, that's not true. It shows how much you care, and that's all that matters! Now, let's go give it to Miss Totori.

Huh? Now!? W-Wait, I'm not ready yet!

Oh, Miss Totori! Perfect. Now's your chance!

Meruru, why are you talking like that?

Don't worry, don't worry. Listen, Ms. Mimi has something she wants to tell you.

H-Hey, Princess!

Mimi...? Why are you acting so nervous?

You can do it, Ms. Mimi! There, go now! Stand and attack!

Huh? For me? Wow, it's so this the Rainbow Fragment? But...why?

I just...wanted to give you something.

Oh? But this is way too expensive. I can't take it.

Princess Meruru went and found the gem for me, and I made the rest. I know it's not as pretty since it's homemade... I mean, I could have asked Princess Meruru to synthesize everything and make it way prettier, but... I really wanted to do this myself.


Thank you for being so nice to me when we were together in Arland. It's hard for me to make friends because I am. You were the first real friend I ever had. And that...that just makes me really happy.

Mimi... *sniff sniff* Waaaah!

H-Hey, why are you crying?

I came to Arls all by myself and left you behind, so I thought you might not like me anymore...

Come on, dummy. Of course I still like you.

Keina and I are close, too...but we're more like sister than best friends. So I'm kinda jealous.

That CG is quite appropriately called "Friendship, Love", and it's definitely up there with my favorite scenes in the trilogy. Of course, a tsundere confessing her feelings happens with most of those kinds of characters toward the object of their affection, but that CG really sells the moment.

Of course, that won't be the last we'll see of either Mimi or Totori, but I think those two are gonna be okay.

Sadly, we must move on. Next up is an important scene for Gino's ending events. There were a couple rather uneventful scenes with Gino where basically he starts complaining there's nothing new going on and he's not getting any stronger, so this scene shows up. As long as you keeping raising his friendship and bringing him on trips, you should eventually see the relevant scene in a gathering area.

What's wrong? You don't sound like yourself.

Well...I've just been thinking a lot lately. I'm glad I came here on an impulse, but I've been doing the same stuff I was in Arland - hunting monsters. I dont' feel like I'm getting any stronger. I need some kind of thrilling battle. Is anyone strong enough...? you need someone to be your opponent? What about Uncle Gio? mean my master's master? Is that old fart kicking around here somewhere?

Yup. He's been traveling and training at Hart Outpost. time you head to that outpost, please take me with you.

Well...I can't promise anything, but I'll do my best. But what are you gonna do there?


All right, I'm getting excited! How should I approach him? A frontal attack? Or maybe strike from the side...

Umm, Mr. Gino? ...Nope, he's off in his own little world. I don't think he'll be back for a while... But Mr. Gino and Uncle Gio... I wonder which one is stronger. I'm kind of excited at the idea myself!

Are you, now? Well, of course, we all know the answer. Anyway, remember Esty spying on people for her job? We've got another one of those scenes coming up. Video goes until Meruru says "Not if the target's Rufus again, though..."

I'm glad to see you, Meruru. Today's target is...Rufus!

It's Rufus' turn, huh? Come to think of it, the only image of I have of him is him working alone in his study. Does he really do anything else?

That's for us to discover. Now let's get going!

*fade to black*

It's been an hour already...Ms. Esty, I'm booored.

Hang in there. You need patience to get to the truth.

Nng...but it's sooo boooring...

Quiet! Look, someone's here.

Very good. Were there any issues?

No. As you instructed, we took ever precaution to make sure that even Princess Meruru won't trip on accident.

Excellent. I'll go verify it later.

Personally, Mr. Rufus? There's really no need, we can-

It's my duty to review and approve your work. I must check everything myself.

I'm getting the next development plan ready for our princess. She always has some crazy ideas, so I have to come up with a plan that will satisfy such a mentality.

*fade to black*

I see...everything Rufus does is for his princess. You're so loved, Meruru.

I-I had no idea... He seems so angry whenever I see him, so... Maybe I should be nicer to him from now on.


Don't dwell on such needless niceties. Rather, please exert your full effort to focus on your own tasks.

Waaah! Cheese it, Ms. Esty! We're busted!

I thought as much. When did you notice us?

As soon as we arrived...? I can't believe my super-secret investigation was uncovered so easily. I am defeated.

As I understand it, your duty here is to investigate our population. But as for you, Princess -


You have already wasted half a day. What were you thinking? The merger between Arls and Arland is right around the corner, and you're making time to goof off.

Aggh, sorry! I'm gonna get back to work right now!

*fade to black*

Well, I got plenty of useful information. I guess it didn't go as well for you...

Being an investigator is NOT as easy as I thought! I figured it was all just fun and games.

I wish. But nothing ever goes as planned, right? Well, if your'e still up for it, let's do this again, okay?

O-Okay. Not if the target's Rufus again, though...

I don't think we'll have to worry about that after today. Anyhow...

We're taking the kid out. I think Gio's gonna teach the kid a thing or two about overconfidence, but first, this scene took priority. Video goes until Meruru says "...Nah, couldn't be"

That noise -! Could it be...Uncle and Mr. Sterk!?

*fade to black*



Kh -! Still...not...enough.

You've certainly grown. I guess I can't expect you to be a kid forever...


Uncle? Is Mr. Sterk...?

Oh, it's you. Maybe we shouldn't have subjected a princess to such a violent battle... Well, there's no need to worry. Happens all the time. He'll wake soon enough.

Are you okay, Uncle?

I probably won't be able to move at all when I wake up tomorrow. Oh, but don't tell the kid I said that. Well, I'd better go before he wakes up. Sorry to burden you, but could you look after him for a while?

*Gio leaves*

"The kid"? I'm quite old enough now, I think.

Silly Sterk. Compared to Gio, you'll always be the kid.

Mr. Sterk!? Thank goodness you're awake. lost again.

Yes. He's quite a handful, I must say. However... Thanks to you, Princess. I now see that at least one of my strikes reached him.

Oh, I didn't do anything. I just asked him about...ohhh, now I get it!

Normally, he would have seen right through my sleep feint.

Mr. seem really happy, even though you lost.

Perhaps it's because I'm reassured that my efforts were not totally meaningless. That's enough to satisfy me. I'll have redesign my training from scratch, though. But don't worry about that. Just focus on your own work.

Okay...but please don't do anything too drastic.

Thank you for your concern. I'll be back to normal in no time, so let me know if you need an escort.

*Sterk leaves*

No effort is meaningless...yeah! I need to follow Mr. Sterk's example and keep working as hard as possible! But...did Uncle really not notice that Mr. Sterk was awake? Maybe he was just pretending to talk to me, but really he was talkign to Mr. Sterk! ...Nah, couldn't be.

The world may never know. Still, didn't we have business with Gio? Indeed we did. Let's exit and re-enter for the next scene. Video goes until Meruru says "I can't even begin to guess..."

Huh, I guess not. That's too bad.

It's him!

You know, now that I've had a month and a half to think about it, I'm ashamed of Gust for shamlessly reusing Gio's model for Masked G. You'd think they could have come up with something a little more creative... All they added was a silly mask.

Hmph. I thought I'd adequately hidden my presence.

Wherever evil thrives, so does the light of G! Here stands Masked G!

Evil...? Is there really evil thriving in Arls?

I don't think so. We barely have any, actually...

Blessed in your ignorance, child. Although an amusing pair of lines, we've just scratched the surface of the evil barrel. Unless you consider wildlife inherently evil, I guess. Perhaps I'm mixing up metaphors...

Feh, enough of that! You were searching for someone, were you not?

Ohh, yeah, true. I was looking for someone strong, so I guess you're as good as anyone.

Hmph. Bold overconfidence - the hallmark of youth. Do you wish to challenge me, then?

I dunno what you're trying to say, but I consider myself lucky to have you as my opponent. Are you ready!?

Yep, another battle with Gino by himself on the front lines. Masked G is just going to stand there, so let's hit him hard!

He gains 33 HP back a turn...this could take a while.

Uh oh.


Damn. So fast he literally can't be seen when he attacks.

Um, ouch.


Hmm...? Where am I...?

Ah, you're awake! Are you okay? Where does it hurt!?

My's spinning. What happened?

Oh, thank goodness. Mr. Gino, Masked G beat you with a single strike.

A...single strike?

Dammit...I guess I still have a long way to go.

There will always be those stronger than you. Now then...farewell!

*Masked G leaves*

Damn...I'm nowhere near strong enough. I couldn't even compete. I'm so weak...

I don't think that's true. It's just that Masked G is so strong.

Tch. It's meaningless if I don't win. I still can't believe it...

Huh...? Uncle!

I saw your battle. Your sword-handling and attack speed weren't that bad. With the proper training, you have unprecedented growth potential.

Really? You can tell just by watching him fight?

Huh? Oh, well, you learn a thing or two once you reach my age.

I see...I'm still upset that I lost to Masked G, but at least I have hope. Then I'll just have to train harder and get even stronger to beat him next time!

Hmhm. That's the spirit. As long as you remember this feeling, you'll grow much stronger. Just keep devoting yourself to it. Well, goodbye.

*Gio leaves*

I wonder who'd win in a fight between Uncle and Masked G. I can't even begin to guess...

Hopefully we'll have a climactic battle between those two by the end of the game. They're bound to cross paths sometime...

We've now got to try out the final party member. Gio can be summed up as "Broken", and this is for one reason only.

Just this one skill, Slash. Basically after using it, Gio has a fixed chance of moving again after using it. The chance of doing so seems to decrease with each use, but it's a pretty good bet you'll get about three Slash opportunities each time it's Gio's turn. Slash is much stronger than Rufus' regular attack, and properly upgrade, Gio could solo quite a bit of the game.

Even better, it's a pretty sweet looking attack, as I'm sure we've all come to expect with the old man. Even better is that one of Gio's passive skills is a pretty good chance to shrug off KOs. Totori also have a passive skill like that, so they make an absolutely killer team. Mimi and Gio also are a really good team. After the first battle with him, a short scene.

I-I'm really sorry, Uncle. I know I'm a huge burden on you...

Huh? Oh, sorry! I didn't mean to give you the wrong idea. I wasn't blaming you for anything.

Huh? Then what?

I was blaming myself. Jeez...I guess I've really been slacking on my training lately. To take this long for such a weak enemy...I may need to seriously begin again from the fundamentals.

Y-You're kidding, right? I've gone on adventures with all kinds of people now, but...

Haha. Such compliments are an honor, but there are certain aspects that only oneself can understand.

If you say so...

Well...Sterk seems to be working hard, but from my point of view he's just a small hatchling. He lacks training.

Mr. Sterk...? Wow, it's like you're from another dimension! I could never be as good as you.

Oh no, you still have plenty of potential. With the proper training, your skills would improve immensely.

J-Just for reference...what kind of training would I need to become as strong as you?

T-Totally impossible!

Haha! Don't worry, I was just joking. You have your own strengths. You don't get strong just by swinging a sword. You need to master the way of alchemy. it's a different type of training, to be sure, no less important.

I-I see...that's very useful advice. Thank you!

I, however, choose the path of the sword. I feel bad for Esty, but I need to go back to the basics and begin training.

(C-Could this extinction level event for the world's dragons?)

The end of the age of dragons has begun. They shall fall by mortal hands.

Before then, however, we should give Gio his ultimate weapon. This weapon nets you a scene with a rather amusing song playing behind it.

Music: Hair Coot Cape

Wh-What's wrong, Mr. Hagel? You look like your soul has died...

Young apt metaphor. I do feel like I've been drained of all my spirit. But...I finished it...! I've been making weapons for quite some time now, but I never dreamed I'd forge such a divine blade...

That sword up there on top? It's got a really unique shape. Can I draw it -?

Hold on! If you draw it, I guarantee it will suck your soul clean out.

Your'e exaggerating...right? So...who is this sword for?

His Majesty - wait, he's not the king anymore. Mr. Gio...? That feels wrong. Anyway, it's for him.

Uncle Gio, huh? So what kind of sword is it?

What kind...? I'm not even sure.

As a dedicated craftsman, if someone asks me, "Can you do it?" my answer is always "Yes, I can". So I got to work on it. But it was unlike any other job I've ever accepted. Every time my hammer struck, it was as if the blade was consuming a part of me...

Consuming you...I've never heard of anything like that.

The book called it the Finest Gram, so I assume that's the name. I don't know anything else about it. But what I know for certain is that there's absolutely nothing this sword can't cut. And yet...I think a person would need truly tremendous willpower to wield such a weapon.

I suppose Gio was reading a book on Norse Mythology. Gram is the name of the sword that Sigurd used to fell the dragon Fafnir. It, like many mythological swords, shows up in RPGs every now and then, but it's not nearly as ubiquitous as Excalibur, though.

I'll take your word for it...but is it really that powerful?

I can't say. Maybe this one is special somehow. Whatever the case, please tell Mr. Gio I did it. And I'm sorry young miss, but I need to take a little break now...

Okay. I'll make sure to go tell my uncle. You just get some rest.


*Hagel leaves*


Mr. Hagel...? I should get him a blanket...

Actually, Mimi's Regentium weapon is slightly stronger than the Gram. 61 vs. 67, but in terms of pure power, Finest Gram is still probably the best weapon in the game, simply because Gio will get more turns.

Next up, I set off with a party of Gio and Rorona to drop off the second set of items at Yuvel. This is the scene with the old party.

P-Please be careful. Don't tug on it quite so much.

It's so soft! Hahaha, funny!

Okay, Rorona. That's enough. ...Sorry, Uncle.

No worries. this little one really Rorona?

It seems that way. I've never met the original - er, the older Rorona, I mean.

My fingers are all sticky!

R-Rorona! Don't wipe them on my clothes!

I heard she drank the Potion of Youth. But this is something of a problem, is it not?

That's what I thought, but everyone else is all like "Oh it's okay, she's just as cute this way".

Now now, Meruru, no need to cover up your own feelings. You're just as guilty of that sentiment, I might remind.

And she's lost much of her memory too, yes? Rorona, do you remember me?

She remembers that much, at least. Why does she remember some things and not others? I don't understand... What does her master have to say? Can she create some kind of reversal potion?'s hard to tell if Ms. Astrid actually has any plans to return her to normal or not...

You're a former king, Uncle. You think Ms. Astrid would listen to you?

If I thought there were any chance she would, I would have talked to her by now. We'll just have to wait and see.

Here, Meruru! For you!

Huh? What is it - kyaaah! Caterpillar! Where'd you get this from! Eurgh! If you keep on playing tricks like that, you're not getting any more snacks today!

Hmph. I'm sure nothing will happen as long as I'm with you today, but...

Fine, then you can have this one. It's not a caterpillar, I promise.

A worm this time! ...Gosh, and now your hands are all filthy. Come on, let's just go.

*sigh* It's going to be a long day.

Don't worry, Gio. We're only heading up to Yuvel.

After the second drop-off, look at this place. This is really coming around. Still...there's probably more we can do. It's good, it's, we really need to revitalize. We'll speak with Rufus when we return. Actually, all he really he says is that Yuvel is going well, but there are certain concerns he has about us working on it. We will explore those concerns in more detail later. More importantly...

Overhauling the marketplace. Not too important, but I don't have much else to spend my development points on. Next up is an important scene that leads into a couple ending paths, so let's check it out.

The caravan coming from Arland was attacked by a gang of lizards!

What? Really!? That IS terrible!

All the people were able to escape, but the lizards made off with all the cargo. I was waiting on a bunch of goods in that shipment, too. It's a huge loss. *siiigh*

I had no idea...but I'm glad no one was hurt, though.

There have been reports of travelers and hunters being attacked, as well as livestock being stolen.

Whoa, Rufus! You always appear out of nowhere.

If I have urgent news, I will find you anywhere, anytime. That is my job. The damage is escalating, so urgent measures must be taken. As such-

There's no time to think! Let's just go and wipe the floor with them!

...I'm glad you feel that way. The lizard gang has been gathering near Modis Ruins.

The Modis Ruins, huh? So the same spot where that dragon was. Okay, I'm on my way!

So at least the lizards won't be causing problems until we head to the ruins. Anyway, like I said, the lizard event there leads to a couple endings, but rest assured I'll get around to it in good time. Also, immidiately after talking to Rufus about completing Yuvel's second request, you'll get a letter informing you about Yuvel III.

But next, we'll stop in with Mimi for a spell.

Oh, sure. What is it? (Oh no...Ms. Mimi seems kind of mad. I hope I didn't do something wrong!)

So, about last time...thank you so much.

Huh? What are you talking about? I mean, you're not mad at me?

Why would I be mad? You really helped me a lot. Anyway, just pay attention. I'm trying to thank you right now.

Oh, sorry...but what are you thanking me for?

Oh, don't sweat it. I'm really happy you and Miss Totori were able to talk about it!

Just shut up and listen! There's more!

S-Sorry! ...Why do I feel like I'm always getting yelled at?

Can I finish? First off, thank you for your nosiness. If you hadn't butted in, I never would have opened up to her...

This is gonna take a while... Oh well! At least Ms. Mimi seems happy.

I think this is a good way to end the update. Mimi has finally confessed. I think that's something we've all wanted to see happen for a while.

Friendship, Love
Mimi concept art
More Mimi concept art

Hair Coot Cape

This wasn't included in the original list of songs. That way Hagel wouldn't burn himself out. Maybe he's finally getting his happy ending!? But when read the scenario, he seems all burned out. Okay, I'll do it. The intro is totally the same. Sorry.