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Part 106: Update CII: An Apprentice and the Grand Chance

Whew, we've got a busy update coming up. This one and next are gonna be pretty packed, so bear with me, but they should be enjoyable. Except for the part where Meruru talks smack about Rorona. That's not too cool... Anyway, we should get started.

With a long scene. The background to this scene is that Astrid once again stopped by the atelier, but Rorona chased her off. This comes up a few weeks later (mid-October for me). Video goes until Meruru says "I don't even know where to start"

Okay. Just don't wander off too far.

*Rorona leaves*

I wonder why Ms. Astrid hasn't stopped by since last time. She seemed like she had some business to take care of. I hope it's nothing too crazy. Miss Totori always said Ms. Astrid could be pretty unpredictable.

Meruru! I never said that! I just said she was a little...different.

Isn't that just a nice way fo saying the same thing? I mean, she's the reason Rorona is the way she is now, right?

Well...I suppose. But Ms. Astrid is a true genius, which helps explain why she's so eccentric.

Pleasant to my face, but quite nasy behind my back. My great-grand-pupil needs to clean up her act.

Ahh, Ms. Astrid! How long have you been there? I wasn't trying to gossip about you. I'm sorry if you felt that way!

Such a forced apology. Anyway, since Rorona's not here right now, I'll keep my visit brief.

O-Of course, ma'am! I'll do whatever I can to help.

That's more like it. Okay then, come stop by my workshop. I'll explain there.

O-Okay...I'll get ready and come by immediately!

"Immediately", huh? I'm going to hold you to that. I'll be waiting...not too long, I hope.

*Astrid leaves*

Pheew...this is worse than I would have imagined. What do I do, Miss Totori?

That isn't helping me relax! Agh, okay...I'd better get over there right away.

And that you shall do, like it or not.

*fade to black*

I'm here, Ms. Astrid!

You're late. I've been waiting. I called you here for a specific reason. I wanted to hear your opinion on the future of alchemy. In the future, do you want alchemy to grow or decline?

What? I want it to grow, of course!

Mm, that's what I thought. Then you won't mind if I use you as my guinea pig.

What!? What do you mean by "guinea pig"? What for?

However, thanks to the potion's side effects, I've forgotten the main ingredient to return her to normal. Retracing my steps and looking through my notes, I was able to recreate the Potion of Youth recipe.

So, with that in mind, I need you to drink this Potion of Youth that I just synthesized.

I don't want to drink that! Why don't you test it yourself, Ms. Astrid?

Don't be silly. What happens if it works and I get even younger? Obviously I'll forget everything about the potion. And didn't you tell me you'd do whatever you could to help? Don't tell me that was a lie.

I-I didn't mean something like this! What if your potion works out too well and I turn out just like Rorona?

Hmm, let's see...with your current age, you'd probably turn back into a babbling little baby.

I am NOT interested in that! I'm so close to becoming a real adult, I don't wanna start all over!

I didn't think you'd take it this far!

Hehehe. I just love seeing how far I can push people. You're going to drink this, whether you like it or not. So just hold still and accept your fate.

*crashing noise*

You broke it! I had to use so many rare ingredients...there's no way I can make it again.

Was it really that valuable...?

*sigh* Back to square one. Arland's alchemy is bound to decline now. So much for growing alchemy...

Agh, nooo! I'm so sorry. I had no idea how important that potion was.

What good are words now? If you want to apologize, put that apology into action.

Action...? What...what can I do?

What!? There's no way I can make something that complicated!

So you refuse to take responsibility for your actions? I won't allow you to shirk this duty!


Listen, I know you can't begin synthesizing without at least a little head start. To get a sense of your ability, first I want you to modify the Elixir recipe to create a stronger medicine.

Modify...Elixir? I know the recipe for Elixir, but is it really possible to change an existing recipe?

O-Okay! I'm gonna do it!

I'll be here, waiting for the good news.

*fade to black*

*sigh* Whatever happened just now, I have a feeling it went exactly according to Ms. Astrid's plan. But what do I do now...? I've never modified a recipe before. I don't even know where to start.

Nothing but trouble, that woman. Anyway, there's a follow-up scene with Totori I won't cover for space purposes, but basically the next step in this little storyline (which segues into two endings), is to make an Elixir. I haven't done so in the game yet, but I've got plenty to do in the meanwhile.

And with that, Yuvel III is complete. Although you can certainly do the Yuvel development on a New Game, it's afterward that many new Gio scenes come up, many of which we'll see this update. In fact, we have one right now. This comes up after Yuvel II. Video goes until Meruru says "I'll come back later"

So, she's finally decided to develop the area around Mt. Velus.

Ah, you've heard. What she's doing is in line with my own wishes. There is no reason to delay.

Are you sure? Opening up an old wound that may never heal seems like a good reason to me.


You haven't forgotten what happened to Sofra, have you?

It's true, there was a time that I feared stepping foot on that land again.

I still worry about the volcano, but... Nothing can happen without action. My own daughter taught me that.

No one can predict the future. There is no guarantee that what happened to Sofra will not happen again. But it seems Meruru has forced open that heavy door in your heart. Going back to that's the right decision.

The youth of Arls has great strength. All we can do is observe the future they choose to create.

*fade to black*

I wonder what they'd talking about... I think I heard them mention Aunt Sofra... I'd better not interrupt... I'll come back later.

How many of their conversations are you going to spy on? Nonetheless, you'll discover the truth soon enough.

With Overhaul Market underway, I've precious little to spend points on, and that pie shop is pretty lonely away from Arls like that. We'll start by addressing the lodging situation. A part of me wishes the game would have been a bit more elaborate by what you develop directly affecting what tasks you'd get, or different scenes, but that would have take a lot of work to address every situation a player could find themselves in.

I should address this. This is another quirky translation thing. "Attack Items" makes it seem like it's talking about bombs and stuff, but no, it's actually referring to weapons and armor you forge from Hagel. Just so you know.

And now look at Yuvel. We've really made a difference here, I think. Also, that well is purely decorative. Doesn't actually give you Water.

Since the final request involved delivering a lot of mushroom samples to rejuvinate Yuvel, we get a permanent Royal Crown spawn point with much higher quality mushrooms than we found at Ent. All the materials here are really good here, actually. This is just a special item you can only find in a few places throughout the game.

Upon completing Yuvel III, you get this notification on a New Game+ (also a short, pointless scene with Lias). This is to indicate you have to bring Gio up to Yuvel for him to check it out first-hand. Actually, I could have sworn you could get more Gio and Yuvel scenes if you bring him there before starting development, but those don't seem to be particularly important.

ANYWAY, let's see what grandpa has to say about it. And for the record, you can't just complete Yuvel III then re-enter for this scene. You have to see the scene with Lias back in town for this to trigger. Video goes until Meruru says "..."

My word...this is splendid. Never did I think the blasted lands of the past would be reborn in this way.

It took a lot of work to get to this point, but I did my best, just like you said.

I see... Well done, Princess of Arls. Seeing htis has certainly called up some old emotions.

You told me this place was special to you, Dad, and even Aunt Sofra.

Yup. But I heard they had to stop when volcano started erupting.

That's right. What a tragedy... When Dessier was still young, this land suffered from widespread famine. They had a drought, destroying crop production. The nation was cripped, barely scraping by and surviving.

I had no idea... Life in Arls must have been much harder than it is today.

More than anything, Sofra dreamt of developing this land. I wish she could see what's become of it...

Uncle Gio...was Aunt Sofra -?

You resemble her, you know. Your face, the way you move, the way you think. But you are only yourself. You have to follow the path you think is right.


You know, I wonder how many ellipses have been in this thread so far. It's gotta be in the hundreds by this point...

More to the point, though, I wonder how much of Gio's life was spent in Arls. I mean, I assume he was able to wander off so much because he was the prince while his father was alive, but a prince still has official duties and positions. I mean, Prince Charles of England is the heir apparent, but he also has the title of Prince of Wales and various other royal duties. Gio would have to have been gone for months at a time from what he's talking like, but it seems like being a king put a leash of sorts on his wandering.

Anyway, right after you return to Arls after seeing that scene, you get this most important one... Video goes until Meruru says "We won't lose to some volcano!"

Once again, earthquake.


Something's moving...underneath the lava...

Why hello there.

It must be. There can only be one reason behind this...!

Father! Something's happening to Mt. Velus! There was an earthquake, and then-

Calm down, Meruru. Let me explain what's happening. The ancient tomes of Arls have recorded the existence of a demon that wakes along with the volcano. That's what's causing these earthquakes. That demon is the spirit of the volcano.

The spirit of the that's what's causing all the earthquakes in Arls?

I'm not sure about all of them, but Rufus has proven a connection to many of them. What's worse, if this Volcano Incarnate fully awakens, Arls will be returned to a total wasteland.

A creature that powerful...I never imagined such a thing could exist in Arls.

The last time it woke was right before you were born. You should have never been exposed to such evil.

Oh...but then, why is it waking up now? You said it's supposed to sleep for a hundred years, right?

Ahhh, so that's...probably what killed her.

Alchemist mean Aunt Sofra!? Why didn't you ever tell me about this!?

If I had told you, you would have wanted to learn more about her. But that wasn't a memory worth digging up out of mere curiosity. It was too dangerous. Furthermore, I had my own selfish reasons to keep the past buried.

So why are you telling me about it now?

Because I know your feelings toward alchemy are pure. But Sofra wasn't able to put the Volcano Incarnate to sleep fully. Which explains why it's reviving now.

Isn't there something we can do? Everything we've done to develop Arls is gonna go to waste if we don't!

It normally needs a full century to regain all its strength, and right now it has only a few years' worth.

So you're saying it's not exactly at full strength...

We need to seal it away for good this time. We need the power of your alchemy, Meruru.

ME!? But...I'm not that skilled yet. I mean, I don't even know what I should make...

Yes. It would be impossible, if you were alone. But are there not other alchemists living in Arls right now?

Oh, you're right! Miss Totori and Rorona are here! And Ms. Astrid!

Spoilers: Astrid doesn't lift a finger to stop the Incarnate. Shocking, I know.

Sofra dedicated her life to alchemy, and through her efforts found a way to seal the Volcano Incarnate - for a while. But now we need something even stronger than that. And I believe you're the one to find it, Meruru.

I don't know if I can do it or not... But I won't just stand by and let the Volcano Incarnate destroy my kingdom! There's no time to waste! I'm gonna develop something to put that thing on ice! We won't lose to some volcano!

You said it. Anyway, funnily enough I went to Namiki Road after this scene. I got there a scene involving the water in Arls starting to get really hot. The reason this is amusing is because normally, this is the scene that begins this whole Volcano Incarnate storyline on anything other than New Game+.

Whatever the case, though, Gio awaits us back in the atelier. Video goes until Meruru says "I'm gonna find a way to do it!"

You're back. I was hoping we could speak.

Me too. Or actually, I had a question. If the Volcano Incarnate wakes up, what will happen to Arls Kingdom?


I remember well the day we stood against it. It was as if I were battling nature itself. If I had stood alone, I likely would not have returned to Arls in one piece. But i had my allies - Dessier and Sofra. Still, I was too young. Even with their support, it was far beyond what we had expected. After an intense battle, we just barely succeeded in sealing it away. It was a time of celebration, but... It came a terrible price.

Are you going to attempt to put Airshatter back to sleep?

Of course! Are you going to try to stop me?

No. Even if I wanted to, I'm sure you wouldn't listen. Am I wrong?

Nope! I won't let anything ruin Arls, not after we've already come this far.

*Gio leaves*

I'm with you on that. If there's anything I can do as an alchemist, I'm gonna find a way to do it!

Dessier seemed like a dashing soul in his youth, and Gio was sprightly as well. Too bad about Sofra, though, but we've got just one more scene. Basically, after this scene talk to Hanna and Totori about materials and synthesis for our weapon against Airshatter. Hanna gives us a bunch of Snow Stones for forging, and Totori advises us to make a diffusion bomb that cools over long periods of time instead of Bomb Ice, which is instantaneous.

We'll focus on making the actual bomb next time. For now, we just have one more scene. Video goes for the rest of the update.

Even Miss Totori mentioned how hard it is to create a recipe from scratch. And the volcano could erupt any minute... Hrmm...but I feel like I'm forgetting something really important...oh yeah! That recipe Aunt Sofra came up with might still be around somewhere. I should ask Dad about it!

*fade to black*


I've been expecting you. I foudn this hidden among Sofra's things. I'd like to entrust you with it.

This was...Aunt Sofra's?

Yes. I'm sure it will be of some use to you. Just...make sure you return safely.

I will. Father...thank you!

*fade to black*

It says, "To our future alchemist". I'd say that means I'm allowed to read it. Let's see here...

I can only imagine the kind of fear the people of Arls are suffering through right now. So I leave this recipe to you. Please forgive me for my mistakes. Even with this recipe, the battle against that spirit will prove most difficult. Please safeguard the peace of our kingdom. I'll be praying for your success. - Sofraneis Yeux Arls.

After that scene, you get the recipe to keep going with this whole plotline, but the scene you get afterward is quite long, and this update has been all plot anyway. Next time we shall save the kingdom from certain peril. Stay tuned.

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