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Part 107: Update CIII: An Apprentice and the Legend Reborn

We ride on the wings of victory, but we're not there yet. This update will be a big one. Actually, I thought the last update would clock in bigger than it was. 24,000 characters is hardly the best I've ever done. Anyway, let's move out.

First off in making the diffusion bomb against Airshatter is making the Rime Crystal. None of the materials are really hard to come by, especially since Hanna gives you enough Snow Stones to forge the thing for free. Video goes until Meruru says " I'll go gather the ingredients and start synthesizing right away!"

Music: Alchemy Girl Meruru's Song -Recorder-

All right. I think we can make a better cooling item if we make some improvements on this recipe...

Hmm, you're right. The basic recipe is fine, but we can definitely use it to make something even stronger.

That sounds like fun! Rorona's gonna help, too!

Oh, you will, huh? Well this is a very important task, so you just go over there, okay?

Just a note, Meruru acts like a real jerk toward Rorona during this scene. Youngsters just have no respect.

No no no! Rorona wants to draw, too! I wanna help!

Nng, we dont' have time for this. Miss Totori, what should I do?

Haha, don't worry. I know Miss Rorona looks small, but she has plenty to offer when it comes to alchemy.

I'm sure you're right, but...I'm just worried, is all.

Come on now, there's no time to waste on worry! Let's try to finish the recipe by tomorrow.

Okay, so this this, I think? Is this right, Miss Totori?

Let's see here...very good! Perfect, in fact. Meruru. I can't believe how good your alchemy skills have become!

Hehe, you mean it? You think I'll be as good as you someday?

Ah. That there, it's not quite right. It should have been simple...okay, start over from the beginning.

Ehh!? No way...

Hey, Rorona wants to play, too! Don't leave me out!

Oh, I think this one' sa bit too tough for you, Rorona. Maybe next time!

Nuh-uh! Rorona's real smart! Lemme see it!

Hey! Knock it off! Ugh, I don't have time for this. What should I dd?

Hmm...heh heh, I get it. So that's what this is.

Aww, that's so cute Rorona, acting like you understand.

Seriously, the expression "don't throw stones in glass houses" doesn't come close to describing Meruru in this scene. I get she's worried, but she closer to throwing grenades in glass houses at this point.

*scribble scribble scribble* There, all done!

Oh, uh, thanks! Hahaha, what a funny picture. Miss Totori, look what Rorona drew for us.

Let me take a look at that. Hmm, so that's how it works.

H-Hey, hold on...Miss Totori? Are you saying her little doodle actually makes sense?

Okay...? So...hmm. I mean, I guess maybe there's some symbols there... Huh? They're all alchemy formulas! Of course it'd just look like random doodles to people who don't know better.

Miss Rorona is quite remarkable. I still have yet to reach her level.

Right? Rorona's real smart, huh? Is Meruru smart now, too?

I-I think so. I wouldn't have come up with it myself, but I understand it now.

Good! Then let's keep going!

*fade to black*

Hehehe. I'm glad you understand the difficulty of creating a recipe. Working from scratch is always much tougher.

How do you still have energy, Miss Totori? You're the one doing pretty much everything.

It's simply our difference in experience. Come on, we're almost done. You can do it!

Okay...let's do this! Wooo!

*fade to black*

It''s finiiished!

Yup. I think we've changed everything we could possibly could. It's at least ten times more powerful than the original.

So if I synthesize this recipe, you think I'll be able to stop the volcano?

We've done everything we can, so we have no choice but to put our faith in it.

Yeah, you're right...okay. I'll go gather the ingredients and start synthesizing right away!

Now then, your next task before you're ready to go to the volcano is to make the Ice Cascade Bomb. In spite of the fact it has "bomb" in the name, it's a Plot Weapon. You have to make it to fight Airshatter, but it counts as a (Synthesis) item, and can't be used in regular battle.

Through the magic of a few days, I gathered the needed ingredients. Let's make the stupid thing already...

How very lovely. Now, it is time for our revenge.

But first, we're bringing Keina along for the rare boss fight she'll be on the front lines. She worked out surprisingly well against Airshatter, actually.

Interestingly, when I was doting about what second accessory to put on Gio and Keina, I discovered that the Royal Crown is both a mushroom and a (Jewel), and you can put the enormously useful Royal Style on Gnardi Rings. I probably won't use the Gnardi Rings with Royal Style on them too much longer, but as for now, Keina and Gio could use these, and I always make something nicer later on.

That should do for now.

Although we have a potent stock of Meteors and Healing Bells, neither of these items can revive fallen party members. Keina can, actually, with one of her skills, but if she goes down, that ability goes with her. Will I win against the beast? We'll just have to wait and see.

The road to our destiny opens. Sorry Hanna, I'll have to check out the next bulletin when I return triumphant.

Music: To the Burnt Red Land

Eww, this place stinks! Smells like rotten eggs...and it's too hot. But I can handle it if it means lots of rare materials. Okay, here we gooo!

Good to keep your mind on the ball...right? Anyway, in spite of the fact that this is a volcano, it's only a few screens long and with only one required fight on the way down to Airshatter.

This happens to be one the bigger screens in the game. You have to circle around the perimeter a couple times to make it down to the target here. The materials here are all of really high quality, but make sure to pick some Eternity Flames and Magma Stones here, since you never know when you'll need materials like those that can only be found in a few locations.

This is a small sampling of the enemies you can find here. As you might expect, lots of enemies here attack with Fire-based attacks, but everyone on team can one-shot any normal enemy here, and Keina's area attack of course just mops them up.

On the way down, actually, Meruru hit level 50, and got some rank points. Being only at level 50, though, there's still quite a bit of ways to go to level 99.

Well lookey here, it's Fran again. This time, though...

Yeah, he's not as hot as he was last game.

One side, buddy. Seriously, that above attack was the only attack he did in the entire battle, and it missed. Bully for him.

Deeper down, we're definitely getting closer to the core. In the distance there, there's another Wyvern flying around down here, except it's green this time.

As they say, prayer won't change anything. But that which can alter the present is the will to fight. And fight we shall.

Sounds like he wants to pick a fight.

Everyone got to move twice, and he was already dead. How embarrassing that performance was for my foe. He got two Poison Darts against Keina, but he went down like nothing.

In spite of the fact there's a bunch of gathering spots being guarded by a boss over here, there's nothing really worth your time.

Now that we're at the end of the penultimate area, I should talk about something. This whole "Making the Ice Cascade Bomb" thing is a MAJOR ending junction in the game. After you make the Bomb, you have several options for endings. One is to take Gio and defeat Airshatter like I'm doing. If you do that, and don't finish all the ending flag events, you'll get one ending. On the other hand, if you complete all ending flags (defeating Airshatter with Gio in the party is his ending flag event), you'll get another ending.

The next is to fight and defeat Airshatter without Gio in the party, even if you've seen all the Sofra events. If you do this, Airshatter will be far, far weaker than he is with Gio in the party, and you'll get one ending after that assuming you do nothing else the entire game related to endings.

If you're going for Rorona Ending B, then make the Cascade Bomb, but DO NOT fight Airshatter with or without Gio. Just complete the whole Potion of Youth sidequest and get to alchemy level 50, then you'll get Rorona Ending B.

Finally, defeating Airshatter, then proceeding with the whole hot springs sidequest which only opens up after you defeat Airshatter and return to the volcano area (I'll speak more about this after the fight), leads to the hot spring ending path. If you're like me, and going for all the endings in a single run, making a save before fighting Airshatter on a New Game+ is highly recommended, as you can see.

Getting pretty toasty down here. For this area, just proceed down the path for a ways until you find a path that leads toward the screen. Following the path around leads to...

This special "gathering point". The Once and Future King - Airshatter

I should be getting near the volcano's core. Gah, it's so the Volcano Incarnate ever gonna show up?

*deafening roar*

Uwawawa! What's that noise!? Is it awake now? Boy, I really hope I can pull this off...

Don't worry. I'm here with you. Besides...I'm sure Sofra is here to protect you, as well. There will be no peace until the demon is banished for good! Now...let's go!

O-Okay! I've got my secret weapon ready to go anytime, but...should I use it?

Just for the record, the quality of the Cascade Bomb doesn't matter at all. As long as it's made.

All right! I'm ready...let's do this!

This is the Volcano Incarnate? Look how big it is...and those flames! I can't let it get down to Arls.

I've been waiting for this moment, Airshatter! It's time to end this, once and for all! What you've stolen cannot be replaced... But I will make you pay for taking Sofra away from us!

Music: Gigantic Crimson

You know, I was a little apprehensive how this custom song would come out in the battle, but I'm pretty happy with it in retrospect. Sounds kinda like a Mega Man X song, but still appropriate for this kind of battle.

He'll gain back 3000 HP back constantly. Also, I should note that the game considers Airshatter with and without Gio two seperate enemies. Airshatter without Gio is far weaker than this form. Although neither is *that* dangerous, do not underestimate Gio Airshatter. That damage will add up faster than you think.

122 HP is nothing to laugh at with only 360 available.

Neither is 202.

Luckily Keina is the closest this game comes to a White Mage, and we could use a little backup.

He's pretty obnoxious with his attacks, all things considered. Certainly doesn't help he'll do even more damage as your Fire resistance goes down.

Luckily, a Potentialized Meteor combo is as deadly as ever.

We can't fail here. Not now, not ever.

Although it didn't finish him, he's not looking pretty.

We can't hold back. Every bit counts.

Music: Keina FJ: Proud Sister

YIKES. That's a hell of a lot, against a powerful enemy. I think one time I used Sterk's Gaia Crusher for more than 5000 damage, but that's still one of the highest-damage single attacks I've ever seen.

Son of a bitch. In good old JRPG fashion, as the boss gets lower on life, he'll start getting more aggressive. We have to hold the line.

If you watch the video, you'll see Gio got like six turns to Airshatter's one. That's the kind of power only the King of Arland should wield. Nonetheless, time to finish him off for good and lay to rest Sofra's sacrifice.

Music: Gio FJ: Extreme Einzel

May this volcano be your tomb for all time.

Although I mentioned it in the thread, I feel it should be in an update proper. Basically, once Airshatter gets between 10-20% of its HP, it'll start warming up to an exceptionally powerful attack. It's certainly cool-looking, but the problem is that if you see him using that attack, you'll almost certainly lose. With the amount of damage he dishes out, it would be very hard to recover after he starts using that. I still wish I could have shown it off, though.

Is it over...? Aunt Sofra, we did it!

I know that avenging her won't bring her back. And yet... That clock that had frozen within Dessier and myself...can finally start moving forward again.

Airshatter's fall nets us 100 points, and more importantly, and what I kept from the lot of you but noticed quite a number of days ago is...

That's 10! All 10 Kingdom ranks achieved. After we announce our victory, Arls shall stand as prominent as the sun to all the kingdoms of the world. I feel this is quite poetic.

Here's where you'll be going later when you start going for the hot springs, which happen to located just next door to the volcano. We had to defeat Airshatter first, of course, as a giant volcanic hellbeast doesn't make the most relaxing of neighbors to an onsen, don't you think?

Regardless, that's for another time. Our final scene this update. Video goes until Gio says "Thank you".

Has she really returned...?

I'm baaack!

Princess! I'm so relieved you're safe!

What's with the outburst, Rufus? Were you worried about me or something?

Of course! Who wouldn't be worried about you going up against the Volcano Incarnate!?

I'd never lose to a jerk like that! Plus, I can't afford to make anyone sad. Father...I'm back, safe and sound. And you don't have to worry anymore - I defeated the Volcano Incarnate!

I the people of Arls no longer have to live in fear beneath the shadow of that demon. What the former alchemist could not achieve...her wish has been reborn and granted. As king of this land, I thank you for your efforts. And as your father...thank goodness you returned safely! really are safe!


We can bear that pain and begin walking once more. And it's all thanks to this princess right here. Arls will be just fine from now on. It can move forward into a bright future. And I...I too can begin to walk again. Thank you.

So far behind Hanna. Terrible.

All that you get from this is +10,000 population, and a rather dry speech from Rufus, even in spite of the fact you're at rank 10. It's almost entirely for bragging rights, but I think we've done good here.

Next time, though...jeez, we've got a lot of choices. Guess I'll find out when I start recording next.

Gio concept art
More Gio concept art

To the Burnt Red Land
I was to create "a background BGM but with a hook like a normal song". For the volcano. The graphics made it look like the volcano area came from a different game - in a good way. Haha.

Alchemy Girl Meruru's Song -Recorder-)
We performed this version with a recorder. It has a feeling of both suspense and relaxation. This song plays by default, but if you do something specific...?

Gigantic Crimson
Whenever I heard the word "crimson" I think about nostrils. How that person has amazingly clean nostrils. No nose hair. Do you shave? That can get itchy, so plucking is the best.

Keina FJ: Proud Sister
During the game, this exclusive song only plays when you finish the battle with a super move. Just like in an anime! "FJ" stands for "Finish Jingle" - Not that I had to name it. Keina's is a classical, comedic circus march.

Gio FJ: Extreme Einzel
The only non-rock male character. I was thinking of something orchestra-ish with dignity and presence...but it kinda sounds like a kung fu movie. Well, that's that.