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by Sylphid

Part 108: Update CIV: An Apprentice and the Pursuit of Power

Much like last game after defeated Evil Face, we again find ourselves at a fateful junction. There are three major branches of the game left for us: the hot spring sidequest, the lizard invasion, and making the Potion of Youth that we broke. Once we're done with all three, and really only the hot spring branch requires *that* much effort, we're basically done with the game as far as plot goes. After that it's the DLC dungeon and...that's about it.

This time, though, we're eschewing the hot springs for the latter two paths. Both of them coincidentally emerge at the Modis Ruins, and as much of a pain as the hot springs are to make, you really have to start by December of the final year (that's December of year 5. I'm in December of year 4) to qualify for the hot spring ending, at the very latest.

Like many things in these games, I have learned that through painful experience. If you can't tell, I rather don't care for the whole hot spring sidequest. I mean, hot springs in real life are pretty rad, and there's nothing quite a genuine Japanese one, but the hot spring sidequest is such an ogre. Anyhow, let's begin.

First off, I should mention that there's going to be a lot of Esty this update, including finishing up her events. Unfortunately, she also ends up pissing me off at one point, but you'll see what that's about later. At the very least, it didn't inconvenience me too much. Anyhow, this is the third and final investigation scene. Video goes until the screenshot of Meruru talking about how she doesn't know Esty very well.

Oh, Meruru. Just in time. I was about to head out for some investigating. Would you like to join me?

I, um...I dunno. Rufus got really mad at me last time.

Well, I can't force you...but don't you think that truly understanding your people is part of your royal duty?

Hmm...good point! I never thought of it that way. Okay, I'd like to go with you, please!

Then it's settled. Today's target is...Lias! Let's go!

*fade to black*

I mean, of course nothing's gonna happen here. Rufus is just worried about nothing, as usual. I know it's to keep Meruru safe, but patrolling the same area three times a day is just too much.

Mmhm, mmhm, complaining while making his rounds. ...Ooh, what's this?

You were looking for me? What's the matter?

I sure was. I have a favor to ask you.

Can't you tell? I'm working right now. Go ask someone else.

Heeey, you don't hafta be mean about it. You're the only one I can ask. C'mon, you wanna help me out, right?

What kind of voice is that? Playing cute's not gonna help your case.

I can't tell you about it here. We gotta go somewhere we can be alone... We can talk at my shop, c'mon!

Wh-What? Whoa, hey, watch it! Stop dragging meee!

*fade to black*

Ah, you were a huge help! I had so many packages to deliver, I didn't know what I was gonna do. Thanks for helping me with everything, Lias.

Dammit...roughing me up just because I'm free labor.

Nah, I'm nicer than that. Here, for all your hard work.

I don't want it. It's against regulations to accept any form of payment.

You're so uptight! Why can't you just relax once in a while?

Okay! Thanks again!

*fade to black*

Lias! Hey!

What now? ...Oh, it's that kid again. For the last time, kid, show some respect! I'm older than you.

Don't call me kid! Anyways, come play with me, Lias!

What? Why would I want to do that?

You're a soldier, right? You gotta do whatever I say!

*fade to black*

What's wrong, Lias? Your knees are all wobbly. You'll never beat Rufus like that!

Yeah, well, there's no way I'm gonna seriously fight some little kid.

Gimme a break. Anyway, that's enough for now. I gotta get going now.

Kay! I'll come find you next time I feel like playing.

I must have dropped it while we were playing. Dammit, just my luck...

*Lias leaves*

...He gets dragged around by everyone. And as unlucky as ever, I see...

Haha, yeah that sounds like Lias. But he's kind underneath, and everyone in town really likes that about him. He did tell me earlier that he just got paid, though... I hope he can make it till next payday.

*fade to black*

I'm pretty much finished all my investigations for now, Meruru. Thanks for keeping me company.

You're welcome. I had a blast learning about everyone.

I was very impressed to see how hard everyone was working for you. Although Lias is still a mystery...

Anyway, that just means they all have that much faith in you. Good luck, Meruru.

Thank you. See ya later, Ms. Esty!

*Esty leaves*

After you see this scene, you're actually only a single day away from finishing up Esty's events.

But for now, she's coming with me. Actually, another event scheduled at the castle after you see that third investigation scene. Video goes until Meruru says "I'm starting to get really curious"

That's...Ms. Esty.

But that's the nature of espionage. I just have to observe everything rationally.

I guess she's back to her investigating. Such a hard worker... But I wonder what's she investigating now... I haven't had a chance to ask her.

Okay, no need to linger. I'd better get going.

Kyah! M-Meruru!? How unusual, running into you here.

Huh? But...this is the castle. I'm not sure it's that unusual at all.

Ahaha. Yes, well, you got me there. But you really gave me a scare.

You seem kind of...nervous.

Not at all. I was just caught off-guard. How long have you been here, anyway?

Just a little while...

Oh, but I'm really in a hurry - I'd better get going. Bye!

*Esty leaves*

She's gone... She seemed really agitated. I wonder why... I feel like I still don't know that much about Ms. Esty. I'm starting to get really curious.

All that remains to finish Esty's events off is to wait at least a day and head to the Tavern, but we've got other concerns today. My initial idea was to hire Sterk and take him along to Modis, and to be honest I don't entirely know why I changed that in my head. I almost took him out, but decided at the last moment I'd rather bring Mimi.

Perhaps because he's perhaps a *little* too serious around me. Still, I'll have to bring him to continue his events anyway.

The most powerful weapon in the game, and this update, you'll see first-hand why it's a good choice in Mimi's hands.

Esty's best weapon, and as you can see, I'm really starting to go through my bank account quite a bit. We'll have to hold off on buying a lot of stuff for a bit to help us recover. Also, a scene upon making this.

Wow, what a pretty sword. Or...two swords. So they must be for Ms. Esty.

I heard the madam is the knight lad's superior. And extremely skilled.

Yeah, she's really strong! That's why she has to be my escort... She wanted to go out in search of a wonderful I feel kinda bad.

Oh, well then this might help! This is called a dual sword, and you see how the two blades make a pair? having just one limits its true power. So the dual swords are said to symbolize marriage.

Oooh...I'm sure Ms. Esty will be really happy to hear that.

So as long as the madam has these, she can be like, "I'll get my guy with a single stab".

A single stab...? I don't think that's how it works.

Ah, don't worry about it. Anyway, I fashioned it as requested, so let her know she can pick it up anytime.

Okay! Dual swords...maybe I should have a set made for myself.

No, it's not that. It would be so I could, you know...stay with Keina and Miss Totori forever. Oh! I almost forgot...what do yo ucall this dual sword set?

Let's see...if she gets her guy with a single about "Heartbreaker"?

Heartbreaker? I'm not sure...

Why not? I think it's pretty good. think so? Well, whatever. Like I said, don't worry about it! The name means she needs to forget the past and go find a better guy. Yeah, that's the ticket!


Sorry Meruru, the localization gods have spoken. Meanwhile, I decided to rest a day until 12/21 when new request come in and I could fulfill an outstanding one after one of the Hom's finished making a request. When I headed to the Tavern, Esty's final scene. Video goes until the screenshot of Meruru outside the tavern, thinking.

*fade to black*

Hey! It's Gerhard!

...Or, they could just be reusing the model. Still, it's not like Esty or Filly would recognize him. Makes you think...

Hellooo? Oh, it's Ms. Filly...and Ms. Esty. And they're....drinking together, I guess?

Bleeeh. I don't need to hear that from you. Compared to you, I'm positively -

We're talking about you right now, okay? Not me. You have no idea how time flies once you turn twenty.

Coming from you, I believe it. But what about you, Esty? You gonna be single the rest of your life?

Oh, I'm fine. Just fine. I picked work over love.

You're gonna try to give me that "so what" attitude? You're just too stubborn to admit -

Not even! I mean, sure, I used to think that getting married and having kids was all there was to life. But turns out, nobody wanted me - that. I didn't want that. I like my work now, especially after coming here to Arls. This place is starting to transform. And I get to be here and help out and be part of it, and that's amazing.

Better believe it. The world's not gonna end if one girl lives like this, right? Still, one girl IS enough. You need to find some normal happiness. You meet a lot of guys at work, right?

I-I can live for my job too, if I want...

Sure, if you really want to, I'm not gonna stop you. But it's not an easy way to live, you know?

Agh, don't try to scare me! But I don't think you'd like about something like that, so maybe...

Cause Meruru's so amusing, ya know? She's still so young and carefree, but she's got so much potential... If there's anything I can do to help her, I wanna do it. So I'm perfectly happy right where I am.

Okay, okay...I'll take your warning into consideration, for now. But I'm working for Meruru too, right? Don't forget that.

*fade to black*

Nothing like a heart to heart conversation between sisters, hm? At least they seem to get along better than Rufus and Lias.

The first Elixir I've made this game. To be honest, though...I'm not too happy with these traits in retrospect. First of all, the effect Ailment Recovery and the trait Cure-All do the exact same thing, and in place of that HP Healing XL, I could have LP Recovery L, which obviously recovers LP. If I had the effect HP Recovery XL, LP Recovery L, and the trait that allows an item to recover MP, that would be pretty sweet.

There's two more important traits to put on Elixirs. One to allow it to resurrect fallen comrades (Wake Up), and one that makes it activate when Meruru's HP drops below a certain theshold. The next time I start recording, I'll work on improving this. Oh, and if you could fit any Usage+ traits, that's also a good idea. More uses means less money needing to be wasted on supplies.

Oh well, that's for other days. Now that we've made the Secret Remedy, Elixir, and Drachen Elixir at one time or another, and we broke that Potion of Youth, a scene. Video goes until the screenshot of Meruru talking about her latest creation.

*fade to black*

Hmm...this goes here...and that goes like that...and this is there... Hm? Could this be...? If that's right, then...okay... Ah! I got it! If I do this like that, and that becomes this...and I use this ingredient instead... Yes! This is gonna work! I think I found a new recipe!

Is everything okay, Meruru?

I just had a brilliant idea for the new recipe Ms. Astrid asked me about!

Oh, that's amazing! Elixir is pretty advanced by itself, and you managed to improve even that.

Oooh! Meruru's awesome!

So yeah, as you might expect, making the Merulixir is the next step in this whole Potion of Youth business. As I recall, the Merulixir is a bit more inconvenient to use as a general healing item than the Elixir. I've certainly never used them much when I play this game, but I suppose that call is up to you. All I can do is tell you how I play this game.

With all distractions at the moment out of the way, time to head east. We've got lizards to squash. I got this scene when I headed to Modis.

Really? I could go like this forever. ...Just kidding, I'm pretty beat, too. We're good on time, so let's take a little break before we get back to work.

Okay! All this walking has made me thirsty. Umm...bottle, bottle, where's my bottle...?

Oh, it's Sterk's pigeon. But it's not time for his normal update yet... Ah...this message is encoded. Let's see here...

Here you go, Ms. Esty. Keina packed some refreshing ice-cold tea for us.

Oh, thanks. Don't mind if I do. *gulp gulp* Ahh, that was delicious! And now that I've been reinvigorated with the tea... I really must be going. I just remembered some urgent business I have to attend to. Sorry I can't stay.

Whaaat!? So suddenly? Urgent business... Are you gonna head back to town?

Don't worry about me. I'm way more used to traveling than you.

But we've been walking nonstop. Don't you think you should rest a little longer?

I'm sorry I have to leave you out here like this...but please ask me again next time you need help!

*Esty leaves*

Ah, Ms. Esty -! Wow, she took off like a flash. I can hardly see her already... Aww man...I was so excited to go gathering with her. Is everyone from Arland as busy as her? But she did say it was urgent. I'll just have to do whatever I can on my own before I go back.

Gee, thanks Esty... While you're busy with assassinations or whatever it is you're doing, I suppose me and Mimi are the only ones going to be helping out around here. To be honest, I saved just before I came out here, and I could have easily reloaded my save and avoided this nuisance, but it wasn't needed. Mimi will be more than able to handle everything.

I actually was planning on stopping by Makina and grinding for a bit, but that would be suicide without two allies. Perhaps this is fate with the universe wanting me to save it for a more thematically appropriate time. Whatever.

Now then, we've proceeded along with the Potion quest far enough, so this little stela is interactable. You can't examine this before too long, but essentially it hints toward the next part of the sidequest after the Merulixir is presented to Astrid. Actually, there's two rather different events that take place depending on if you proceed to the Endless Corridor before or after Astrid tells you to investigate the ruins for clues on turning the Merulixir into the Potion of Youth. Let's see what it says.

I wonder what this lithograph says. Let's take a look...

What does that mean? I have no idea what it's talking about. I assume it's related to alchemy somehow... This could be the Endless Corridor Ms. Astrid was talking about. Anyway, it's worth a shot!

Indeed it is. We'll be stopping by while we're in the area, actually. To proceed to the lizard quest, just advance toward Modis' second screen.

All right, I'm gonna take them all down! You better watch out, lizards!

Actually, this was so easy I was reading the Awful forums while I was playing here. Just tapping X over and over again, with the occasional movement of the left control stick, doesn't make for the most compelling gameplay. True story. Once you've taken down all lizard groups in the second screen, this scene plays. Video goes until Meruru says "I'm not done here till I defeat all of them"

Now nobody has to worry about getting around the area. Huh? That's -

Masked G! Still hard at work in the name of truth and justice, I see. You know the best thing about him? That royal bearing he possesses.

Well, who do we have here? I do believe it's the Princess of Arls. What a coincidence.

Masked G! What are you doing here?

The same thing you're doing here. I've come to subdue the lizards. But...their forces are greater than expected. I don't think we can defeat them all at once. There, you see?

Waaah! There's more!?

I'll leave these ones to you. I'm going to clean up that group over there.

O-Okay! I can handle these jerks!

*Masked G leaves*

I have to listen to what he said. I'm not done here till I defeat all of them.

Once more, the same objective. As I recall, I was mostly reading D&D threads while I playing this part. Those, maybe some LP threads, and the Attack on Titan anime thread in ADTRW. It's a good show. Anyway, after clearing out the second group of scaley cannon fodder. another short scene. Not linked because Masked G isn't in it.

Huh? That's -

How are there still so many!? I have to come up with a better way to get rid of them all... I'd better head back and talk to Rufus!

Yeah yeah. We'll check in when we have the time. Right now, though...

We've got the final non-DLC location to hit up.

Music: Through the Darkness of Books

Like Orthogalaxen and Liechten from the previous games, the Endless Corridor features every material in the game as a possible gather. The quality of the materials also varies wildly. One thing you really should keep a look out for is Diamond Trees that are around 80-90 quality. The only other place you can get those is Ent, and the quality there is around 40-50.

As soon as you jump on that central platform, a short scene.

Wow, this place is so strange. I wonder how far it goes... I wanna go check it out! I'm sure I can find my way back...right?

The one non-boss enemy unique to the Corridor is the highest tier of lizard enemy - the Warlord. It is the highest tier by the virtue of the fact it can survive ONE hit from my overpowered equipment. Tremble in fear, goons.

Truly, the end of humanity is upon us.

Interestingly, I took on a Headless Horseman and he must have dropped this bit of Pamela's equipment. Guess unlike in Totori, DLC equipment never shows up unless you have the DLC character.

Although a pretty visually interesting locale, it's far from the best. Makina has some truly weird and wild stuff going on in the background.

The one halfway menacing encounter here is this group, in the third screen. Even then, even the Griffonian can take only about three hits before death.

The final screen features an ominous illusionary staircase that guides us to the top. Shouldn't be hard to figure out what's at the top here... Twilight Maiden

Music: Astarte

So, our first Goddess-type enemy. This is the highest tier of foe, and indeed, the master of Makina Domain is a Goddess...of a type. However, the Twilight Maiden is a massive, massive chump, and definitely the weakest of their ilk. This is a fun video if only for the fact Mimi kicks the crap out of it in record time.

Most of our Goddess foes will open their fights with Judgment. Basically, all it does is incur an HP penalty on any action taken by the party. I do believe this still applies to Meruru, even if an ally was guarding her during Judgment. Kinda silly.

This was awesome. Mimi channeled Rufus for a bit and got his ridiculous ability of being able to move like three times in a row. Those three alone took down about half of her HP.

As you can see in the turn order, Brink Demolition adds a free attack to the Goddess' line-up. Get used to seeing THAT a lot when we start moving up in the divine ranks. The final boss of Makina? She'll add about five free attacks to the turn order. It's ridiculous.

Well, that was a quick fight. Told you. Mimi, if you would honor us?

Music: Mimi FJ: Angel Horn

Even the divine are no match for us.

Ah, the Abyssal Soul...VERY rare material. Can't be picked up normally anywhere, needed for some syntheses, and for the record, Black Element is basically a really potent Convert HP. Like with all those traits, though, they kinda become useless on the highest tier of equipment. The reason for this is because skills don't count in terms of converting damage into HP, and skills typically deal out far more damage than regular attacks. Ayesha's change to this system makes Convert HP traits far more valuable on higher tier equipment, but we are not playing Atelier Ayesha. Not yet, anyway.

As I recall, there was a glitch before this game got patched where you could get infinite Abyssal Souls by getting a request to go after one, killing the enemy, taking the Soul, then leaving the Corridor and coming back and fighting them over and over again before you got the letter for the next boss in this Goddess series. However, I do believe that exploit got patched out. seems like it's distorting the air around it. I'd better be careful with this thing.

That's an easy 100 points for us. Man, we are so close to completing every task...

Like with the gathering points near Rage Beast last game, all the materials in the two gathering points at the bottom of these staircases after the boss are either A or S-ranked. Remember, if you see a Diamond Tree, pick it up.

Well would you look at that. And as an added plus, Quality Lv3. The gods themselves reward my victory, it would seem. That Behemoth Heart is also sweet as hell. That'll go a long way to making a halfway acceptable Elixir. I actually went and gathered all the materials in this spot before leaving.

Do not worry. We shall be back...

But first, we need to go talk to Rufus.

So I've heard. The lizards increase in number, despite the great many adventurers out hunting them down. We need to find a way to repel the lizard invasion before they get any closer to the city.

If we could somehow take out the lizards' boss, wouldn't that stop the invasion?

Eventually, yes. But there is a proper order for everything. We must first deal with their current encroachment. The main Arls stronghold is our outpost to the east. An increase in soldiers and supplies is required. I will arrange the placement of soldiers. I need you to supply the weapons. Here are the details...

Got it. It's not gonna be easy gathering that much stuff, but I'll get it done!

So yeah, that's a sorta-hidden development request for Hart. It doesn't affect gatherable materials in any way once you complete it, but you can't continue this little sidequest until you get this done. It's not a problem at all to do, though. Salutes and Witch's Salves are nothing.

Now HERE'S something I can be proud of. The Peacemaker, while not quite as powerful as the Meteor, is still an extremely potent attack item. Best of all, it covers a base the Meteor simply can't. The trait Melt is basically an advanced Solvent, reducing an enemy's defense considerably. The Meteor cannot attach this trait. Monstrous raises use number by 9, Usage Boost increases the power of the item by the number of uses it has left, Critical Lv3 gives it a 50% chance of a critical hit, and Rank Boost Lv2 further increases the power of the item depending on what grade it is.

Besides, no one said you can't use the Meteor and Peacemaker in conjunction. Indeed, both follow the same rules that after you use one, regardless of how many team attacks followed it, it'll attack by itself for three more turns. If bosses can play the Additional Attacks card, I see no reason we can't. Be forewarned, though, as the Peacemaker costs quite a bit in Pamela's shop. It's alright, though.

Meruru mentions in the item description for the Peacemaker that while she desires peace, she doesn't want to make any sacrifices for it. A noble sentiment, but those who oppose peace must pay with their lives. We take lives because we must, not because we enjoy it (that much). Keep that in mind.

See what I mean? That's a hell of a lot, but I'm also getting 13 uses out of every Peacemaker. It's not a bad trade-off.

It's also important to make the Peacemaker in order to get some rank points for using 10 of them in battle (remember Meruru has to be the one who actually launches it). I decided to take Gino out because we need to continue his ending events, and we'll continue them as soon as we return from Peacemaker grinding in Moyori Forest.

A week or so after defeating the Twilight Maiden, you'll get a second letter. I didn't know the Arls Postal Service extended that far out. We'll oblige Ms. Cocky very soon, trust me. You actually get three more of these letters, including this one, but none are for any points.

Meanwhile, although I didn't intend it, let's see the scene for Mimi and Gino.

I didn't know, either. I'm tired of looking at your face.

Huh? Huh!? Why are you guys fighting right off the bat? This isn't what Miss Totori told me to expect at all!

Totori? Why, what did she say?

It was something like, "Gino, Mimi, and me...we were the perfect trio!" Even after she quit being an adventurer and returned to her hometown, you two still went off as a team, right?

Not really a team, per se. Everywhere we went, we competed to see who could kill monsters the fastest, or kill the most.

Yeah, and why's that? 'Cause you kept telling everyone how you could kill them faster, or kill more of them!

That's just because it's more fun when it's a competition. You never did understand the excitement of competing.

Please, stop bickering! Jeez...putting these two together might have been a mistake...

Listen, Meruru. You're allowed to ignore everything Mimi says, okay? I'll look out for you, so no worries.

W-Well...I think I'd prefer it if you both worked together to protect me.

Anyway, let's go. I'll take the lead, so you can rest easy, Meruru.

*sigh* You're so clueless. As an escort, it's better to say BEHIND her. That way you have a better view of everything.

Man, you've got it all twisted. But fine, I'll keep the front safe for sure.

Do whatever you want. I'll keep an eye on the back.

Then...I'll protect the middle, I guess. ...Huh?

Maybe this is what Miss Totori meant by "perfect"...

Maybe. Anyway, this was just a grinding trip, so let's skip ahead to when I returned and got this scene. Second to last one this update.

Oh...yeah, that's good.

Huh? Hey, where's your fighting spirit? Are you feeling okay? If you need some medicine, I can synthesize something...

It's not that. Listen, Meruru. We've been through all kinds of stuff since we first met, right?

Uh-huh! I've had all kinds of experiences and I'm way more confident now thanks to everyone's help.

Yeah, same here. I know I shouldn't say this about myself, but I feel like I've gotten stronger. But...something's missing. Like, I need some kind of "trump card" or I'll never be able to surpass my master. But I don't know what that would be. I've been thinking about it a lot lately.

I like a super move kind of thing?

I have some new stuff that I've come up with, but there's one big problem.

What is it? Why can't you use your new skills?

Gotcha. So you need someone to make you a really amazing sword.

Yup. So...could you make one for me!? Yeah! Use your alchemy to make me something really cool!

Something really cool? But there's al kinds of "really". Like really sharp, or really strong...

I need them all, of course. Don't be cheap and just give me one. Give me all of them!

I'll just go talk to Mr. Hagel. We should leave this kind of thing to the professionals!

If you think that's the way to go, I don't mind. Just as long as I end up with a really cool sword. Okay, I'm counting on you. Ahh, I can't wait till I get my hands on the world's greatest sword!

Gah...your expectations are so high. I'm worried what'll happen if it doesn't go exactly as planned...

Always with the easy ways to more power, eh Gino? Anyway, just drop by Hagel for the follow-up, obviously.

Hey hey hey, the wonderfully shiny alpha male Hagel is here, ready and waiting to serve! What's up, young miss? You here to buy yourself some weapons?

Yup. Oh, but it's not for me...

*fade for explanation*

I understand your situation perfectly. You just need me to make the ultimate weapon for that lad.

(Lad...does he realize I'm talking about Mr. Gino?)

The lad's master is that most obstinante guy, right? What you're asking is no easy task.

I can't be that simple to make such a strong weapon. Thank you for your time. I guess I'll go look for another option.

*Meruru begins to leave*

Hey now, just hold on there! I never said I couldn't do it.

Nothing's impossible for Hagel! A simple, clear-cut, amazing sword like you need does exist in this world.


Indeed. Long ago, when I still had my bushiness, I tried to make such a sword. Sadly, I was lacking all the necessary materials, so I couldn't make it. But I wrote down what it would take. Ah, here we go. Right here! Go gather up all the materials I've written down here. Once you've gathered everything, I'll take it from there.

Wow! Thank you so much, Mr. Hagel!

No need to thank me! You've been helping me out a lot yourself. I have to repay your kindness once in a while, or I'll lose my dignity as a man. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

He seems awfully jovial today. In any event, all that manual does in our inventory is allow us to make Gino's Regentium weapon, the Storm Saber. We couldn't do so before, but now we can. Simple, yes? However, we'll have to wait on making it for another time. Later.

Certain Sisters
Dimensional Library
Lava Cave
Esty concept art
More Esty concept art

Through the Darkness of Books
For the Endless Corridor. The only "endless corridor" I've ever seen was in two mirrors across from each other. "Endless" isn't very common. Which means all this paperwork in front of me will get finished! ...Eventually.

The guitar in this boss battle BGM was done by Toshinori Hiramatsu, who worked on Mana Khemia. He played his guitar with such passion!

Mimi FJ: Angel Horn
From Mimi's character image, I did something elegant and lofty, with a piano solo as the focus. Like character themes, I try to express as much individuality in short amount of time with each FJ.