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Part 109: Update CV: An Apprentice and the Busy Body

In case you can't tell from the title, we've got a lot going on this update. Gino's final events, the slaying of the divine, alchemy, Potions of Youth, traveling, the whole nine yards. This should be my busiest update in quite a while.

It also marks the moment I have less than a year on the clock before the game ends. Time goes so fast, eh? Not for me and this LP, though. Still, though, I'm confident I can wrap this up before this thread's first anniversary, but it doesn't mean a whole lot if I can't. If anything, this thread has been quite the learning experience. JRPGs take a lot more work than you might think at first to properly LP, and this thread has been that x3. In the future, I probably won't tackle projects this ambitious, but I think I'll always be known as a JRPG LPer on Something Awful. I imagine shortly after this thread is done (as in, probably less than a week), I'll get moving with Atelier Ayesha.

Anyway, we should get moving.

Shortly after I returned from the battle with the Twilight Maiden, I got the final letter of the game (well, not really, but it's the last one from the Palace Teacher), for an assignment called Ground Breaker. Basically, all you need to do is complete every last task in the game to get that final 100 points.

And that description? That's nice, but what does it do for ME? Me, me, me. Anyway, it's just for bragging rights. "New Frontier" may make it seem fancy, but absolutely nothing happens when you acheive Ground Breaker, other than getting those points. Another day.

With precious little else to do at the moment, it's time we need to make a new Elixir. The best part about upgrading it is half the work is already done. Case in point...

Part of the Elixir recipe is an (Elixir), which the Elixir happens to be. Crazy. By combining this Elixir with some other desireable traits...

Most excellent. Now it finally has Living on it, meaning we don't have to use it manually if the enemy is doing enough damage. Unfortunately, as I discovered, there's no way an Elixir can recover MP and LP. For a really crappy Sage Herb, you get MP Recovery L, but a better-than-average Herb gets you LP Recovery L. There's nothing you can do, as there are no traits that recover MP by themselves. Which is why we'll need another healing item later on to do that.

Such as this. The Dragon BBQ is an interesting healing item, because in addition to restoring MP and giving the targeted character free healing at the start of each turn, Dragon Flavor gives the target a general stat increase. I probably could have put better traits on this, but I wasn't really in the mood between all the Elixir can do. This should cover the remaining healing bases, as well as giving it 13 uses for each Dragon BBQ I buy.

For the next adventure out, I'm bringing along Rorona and Esty. I had originally intended to bring Gino in Esty's place,'ll see.

Finally. Anyway, after this, just head to the Tavern and give it to Gino to get this next scene. Video goes until a screenshot of a flash to white.

Hey, Meruru. Your face is all flushed... Are we under attack by a huge monster horde or something?

No...I wanted to give you this.

This's light as a feather. I've never seen anything like it.

It's called the Storm Saber. I'm sure you'll be able to use it to its full potential!

It's for me...?

Meruru...heh, thanks. This might be just what I need to defeat my master! All right, let's go try it out!

What!? Right now?

Sure! You gotta keep the momentum going on these things. This is it...I'm gonna surpass my master!

*fade to black*

Ah, Master. There you are!

Princess Meruru...and Gino. Were you looking for me?

Wow, he's really gonna do it! I guess you'd call this the go-for-broke strategy!

You never give up, do you?

Please! Mr. Gino has been working so hard to match you.

Very well. I can sense your determination just by looking in your eyes.

Yup, an actual battle against Sterk. Thing is, this fight is very winnable. It doesn't matter much if you do or not, but I suppose if you want to prove yourself, there's nothing stopping you. Sterk hits pretty hard, and frequently moves twice in a row, but he's not that hard to deal with.

Keep in mind, I AM using the best armor / weapon possible for Gino. On the other hand, Gino started with only about half his max HP, and Sterk only took off a little more than 50 something.

However, what happens next is pretty stupid if you the text skip thing enabled. Basically, without pressing circle at all, the game will still fast-skip through the dialogue, which forced me to re-record this fight. Kinda obnoxious. Anyway, the second half of the scene. Video goes until Meruru says “I have to work even harder so Miss Totori will recognize me, too!”

And that allows you to unleash the full power of your abilities.

Hehehe. You won't be so calm for long, Master. Now I'm gonna come at you full-force! Eat my super move! Hraaaaaaah!

Just for the record, if you lose to Sterk, this scene still plays out the same way. This time, though, just with Gino getting back up instead of Sterk. The dialogue is slightly different, I think.

But you misjudged your distance by a step - no, half a step.


*huff huff*

Mr. Gino! Mr. Sterk! Are you two okay?

Heh...heh heh...Master, your power is undeniable.

And yours, as well. I'm honestly amazed... At just how strong you've become.

So you finally take me seriously as a rival?

Yes. I never thought you'd be able to counter that final attack.

Now you must continue to polish your skills with your blade. And then -

Hehe...finally. My master has finally recognized

Princess Meruru, are you all right?

Huh? Oh, no, I'm fine! That was just an amazing battle.

I'm sorry for causing such a ruckus. And for putting us both in this condition. We should be protecting you.

Don't worry about that. I asked you to do this, Mr. Sterk, and it's what Mr. Gino wanted. Stop by the workshop later. Miss Totori and I will whip up some medicine to take care of you as fast as lightning.

Thank you very much. I'm sure Gino will wake up any minute now. His strong body and spirit are his only redeeming features. Once he's better, use him as you see fit without fear.

You've recognized Mr. Gino as an equal...I have to admit, I'm jealous. I have to work even harder so Miss Totori will recognize me, too!

That's all well and good, but Gino ran off with my Warrior Mask and good Gnardi Ring, not to mention that Herculean Armor I had him decked out in. Curses...

As I said, if Ms. Cocky wants a fight, she's sure as hell gonna have one. Nothing at all interesting happened on my way to Round 2, so let's skip to the second to last screen.

Unfortunately, since he's wearing black armor, he's kind of hard to see against a black background, but as of the second Goddess, they'll start putting some security at the front gate to give you an extra little challenge. Unfortunately for them, all it means is more experience.

This battle is against a group of three Gan Ceanns. When the first one falls, one of them (not sure if it's both, but one for sure), will power up and recover 3000 HP. That's quite a bit, but it's entirely wasted if you weren't a dope and attacked them as a group before focusing on the first to fall.

When the second one falls, the final one will significantly power himself up and recover 5000, but again, it was all a waste. He's going to be a somewhat tough nut to crack, even with our equipment.

Still, though, that's only in terms of his defense. His offensive power is quite limited.

In the end, the group accomplished little and died without fanfare.

At the top, at Twilight Maiden's former digs, lies the Void Maiden. We'll show her.

So Esty's attack inflicted Poison, and it did 765 damage to, I didn't realize it was that potent a concoction. This is going to be a breeze.

Level 3 Peacemaker...we'll see it's power displayed.

Peace through absolute power sounds like a good deal to me.

Man, sucks to be the Void Maiden. Blind, Poison, Curse, Slow, and a general stat debuff, with an added helping of significantly reduced Defense. I almost feel bad for it.

I do believe this is the first enemy that can call in reinforcements into the battle proper (not counting Ent, who just summoned rabbits as a proper attack). Enemies that are spawned in don't count toward experience receieved after the battle. However, VERY few enemies in this game can call in buddies. I think it’s only Bunny Punis, the Goddess fights here, and the fourth round of Makina bosses.

Holy cow, just wait until you see what the fourth boss of Makina calls in as backup.

Curse your fate, to be slain by an Uni.

Unremarkable rewards. After this fight, I simply returned to town after a bit more plundering. This is Gino's actual ending flag scene.

I was caught off-guard when they came in with all those injuries...but I guess that means they were really serious.

Still, it felt like they were able to reaffirm their master-pupil bond. So I think it was a good thing in the end. Nevertheless, I'm still worried about them. We did give them plenty of medicine, though...

*knock on door*

Oh, someone's here. Yes? Come on in!

Wh-What's wrong? How come neither of you are saying anything?

We're really sorry!

H-Huh? What are you apologizing for?

Well...upon cooling off and reflecting, I realize I didnt' even consider my role as your escort, and so...

Same here. I told you I'd be there for you, but I ended up forcing you to take care of me. I'm so sorry!

Come on, don't worry about it. You two have helped me so much every time I go out on an adventure...

I'm very grateful to hear that. However, I still cannot allow myself to depend on your kindness. My pupil and I have discussed the best way to apologize for all the time we were absent from our duties. Please, accept these.

Just like it says. It's a coupon that lets you use each of us as a servant for one full day.

I know we cannot possibly make up for our blunder, but...we are openly pleading for your forgiveness.

I'll do whatever you ask. I'll even cook you dinner or do your laundry. Please, you have to accept this...


...Why are they laughing at us?

I don't know...maybe something about your face is funny?

What are you talking about? I'm not proud to admit this, but my face has never made anybody laugh.

Then why...?

Hahahaha! Haha...hah. Sorry, it's just that...this is like what a couple of little kids would do.

I couldn't help myself. I remembered how I used to make coupons like that for my dad.

But...I understand what you're trying to say. I'll use these coupons wisely. Heh...hahaha. I can't stop laughing!

Hey, you don't have to laugh that much. We were trying to be serious, you know.

Ahaha...sorry. Seriously, I'll keep these safe until the day I need to use them arrives.

I'll think long and hard about what I want Gino to do for me.

Now then...let's take stock of what ending flags we've gotten so far. Totori, Rorona, Mimi, Esty, Gio, Keina, and now Gino...I honestly thought we would have gotten this next scene before now, as we only have Sterk and Lias left by my estimation. Regardless, this scene takes place after you complete a certain number of ending flags. Video goes until Meruru says "The closer I get to everyone, the more fun it is!”

Actually, I'm looking for Meruru today. What are you doing here, anyway?

I'm watching the place while they're gone. They should be back any minute.

Oh. I'll just wait here, then.

*fade to black*

No worries. I'm happy to help anytime.

And thank you, Meruru, for helping me carry all my things. Are you sure it wasn't too much for you?

Easy-peasy! I've been getting stronger, you know.

Oh, so you were giving Totori a hand, huh Meruru?

Mmhm. I had to make some deliveries for work. It was quite a load, so I asked her to come along.

If you just need brute strength, shouldn't Gino have gone instead?

That's what I said! But you know Meruru...

How thoughtful. What a motivated attitude! Not like her teacher...

Hey, what's that supposed to mean? You're always so mean to me!

Ah, I know you just got back, but I have a huge favor to ask.

Whoa whoa whoa, get in line. I was here first!

What, you came to see Meruru, too? Not Totori? How come?

None of your business, missy. I just happened to feel like asking Meruru today.

Oh, sorry Meruru. I actually had one more thing for you to do, too.

*fade to black*

Thanks, you're a huge help. All right, I'll leave the rest to you.

Sorry for giving you more work. But thanks for listening. I'll stop by again later.

*Mimi and Gino leave*

It's so much more fun when everyone's happy. The closer I get to everyone, the more fun it is!

If you guessed there’s a follow-up scene to this after getting all ending flags, you’re right. That particular ending path we’ll get for sure, as I’m going for every event. There are times when I hate the auto-skip feature, and times I love it. I am sure when going for endings I’ll love it.

That’s everything for Hart. Unfortunately, this request doesn’t turn Hart into a big military garrison. As far as I can remember from when I was last recording, all it adds is some wooden tower. Oh well.

That’s the Merulixir, it is. I think I know why I don’t like the Merulixir, and that’s because it’s a single-target healing item. Potent, but single target makes it useless to me. After you make this, just go talk to Astrid.

Well...I was finally able to finish the task you gave me!

That was faster than expected. I figured you’d have a tougher time with it.

Ehehe. I worked really hard on it. It took a ton of trial and error, but here’s a Meruru original - the Merulixer!

Oh yeah? Well, let’s see...

Now’s time for me to explain the materials you’ll need for the Potion of Youth.

Just the materials? Why can’t you tell me the whole recipe?

Don’t be silly. I lost my memory, remember? If I knew the recipe, we wouldn’t have to go through all this. Your work impressed me, and the shock brought back some of my memory. That’s the part I’m going to tell you now.

Man, that sounds like such a lie...

Abyssal Soul? I think I’ve seen that before...I’m not sure if I still have it, though.

Wh-What? It’s one of the world’s rarest objects. It should be impossible for someone like you to obtain. But if you’re telling the truth, you must be more capable than I realized... Interesting...I thought of you as just another incompetent pupil, but you’ve managed to amaze me.

Thanks a bunch! Hehehe.

Yup, just bring a Soul to Astrid for the follow-up. Video goes until Astrid says “I wonder if my own teacher felt the same way...”

And guess what, Ms. Astrid? I found it!

Oh, I see. But I can’t even imagine how difficult it must have been to get your hands on it.

Actually not difficult at all, but we don’t need to tell her that.

Umm, yeah, I guess. I had to go to the very edge of Arls and fight this super strong demon, but I’m fine now!

Hmph. You’ve done so much already, what choice do I have? Okay, I’ll give you the recipe for the Potion of Youth.

Whoa...! This is really for the Potion of Youth? So now we can finally return Rorona back to -

Don’t get ahead of yourself. Remember, this is the recipe for the original Potion of Youth.

Oh...oh yeah. If we used this on her again, Rorona would just turn into a baby.

I COULD do it myself, but you’re the one who took the time to get the materials. Plus, it’s a nice change of pace.

What, Astrid not working? Sounds like business as usual.

Yes, ma’am! You know, Ms. Astrid... You’re a lot nicer than I thought at first.

Foolish child. What would ever make you think I was nice?

Well, because you pointed me in the right direction for all the ingredients. And plus...

Miss Princess of Arls...if you have time for such idle chatter, you have time to begin on your task.

Hmhm...of course. All right then, I’ll be back!

*Meruru leaves*

My word. Does Pupil #3 really think she can understand my genius so easily?

I wonder if my own teacher felt the same way...

Goodness, Astrid being sentimental to someone other than Rorona? Things really are changing around here. Regardless...

The actual Potion of Youth. Not a hard synthesis, and we’re really only needing a Time Lithograph. It required a few materials, but it’s not a hard synthesis.

A few days later, another letter from the Endless Corridor. It’s nice to know they’re starting to take me seriously.

A few days later, on 3/18, yet another bulletin. We’ve only got a few more of these left. The great conquerer Meruru’s exploits are legend, but the money stuff is all true. Still, 83,101 is still a significant chunk of change.

For the Hell Maiden, we’re bringing along the old adversaries, Rufus and Sterk. Rufus hasn’t seen combat in a while, and the last fight Sterk was in was against the Wyvern. Both of them could stretch their legs a bit before Makina.

After fully upgrading the two of them, I’m really hurting in terms of money. No more serious spending for a while, I think... Still, though, Meruru, Totori, Rorona, Keina, Sterk, Gino, Rufus, Gio, Esty, and Mimi all have their best weapons, so that’s money I never have to spend again.

Strangely enough, you can’t make Hanna’s best weapon from Regentium. It has to be Sunlite. No idea why.

But before we head back to the Corridor, we need to drop things off at Hart. After you complete the request, you’ll get a short scene with Meruru where she wants to personally get stronger in order to fight off the lizards. She ends the scene by asking herself where she can find someone good to train under. Where indeed...

Also, after I left, I got another short scene where Meruru kinda talks Sterk out of the idea for a knighthood, but he resolves on finding one anyway and protecting her personally in the meantime. The final scene this update will feature the consequences of that decision.

But that’s not for a bit. We return back to the Corridor...

Could it be...

It’s our old friend Ghost Box! Unfortunately, nothing he did was very interesting...

So let’s move on. Will the Hell Maiden fare better than her sisters?

It doesn’t seem so...

It should be noted that all the unique songs from Makina Domain and Rufus, Hanna, and Pamela’s FJs are not on the official Meruru soundtrack. They were released on a special CD called Atelier Ayesha Recollection Archives back when Ayesha was first released in Japan, so that’s why there won’t be any composer commentary on DLC songs.

Unfortunately, as I just discovered, there doesn’t seem to be any YouTubes of the DLC FJs. If anyone could make clean versions of the song without the additional noises, that would be great. I suppose I could do it myself if I turned the voice and sound effect volume all the way down...we’ll see.

Well...that was worth it. Still, though, in the words of Rufus, that was nothing special.

I think Meruru, and myself, could use a break. Let’s wrap up this update with a scene back in town. Video goes for the rest of the update.

I was just on my way to go shopping. I’m sure I’ll be fine by myself.

Absolutely not! As a princess, you never know when and where you might be targeted! I don’t want there to be any problems, so please, allow me to escort you in case of emergency.

I don’t really care for bodyguards... But what if I let you carry my stuff? I’ll probably be buying a lot today.

It would be my pleasure. Let’s go, then.

*fade to black*

That’s...the Weapon Shop! It’s far too dangerous! The weapons there may fall and...harm you somehow.

I’m sure I’ll be fine. I”ve already been there plenty of times, and I’ve never been hurt.

W-Well, there’s also a chance that an assassin has disguised himself as the clerk.

If Mr. Hagel were an assassin, I’m sure I would have been in trouble long ago.

Nevertheless, as someone who is charged with safeguarding your well-being, I cannot allow you to go to that shop.

Fiiine...then let’s go see Ms. Pamela.

Uwaaah! What now!? There’s no way Ms. Pamela’s store isn’t safe!

No, there’s a rock by your feet! It’s dangerous. I have to eliminate it immediately. Please stand back!

What’s so dangerous about a tiny little rock!?

Don’t take it so lightly. If you were to trip and fall, a blow to the right spot could prove fatal!

That’s not going to happen! Please, just...stop yelling.

Y-Yes, as you wish...

*fade to black*

Sorry to make you carry so much stuff. But you’re a really a big help! Now I just need to do some synthesis at the workshop, so you can call it a day on your escort duty.

I’m afraid I can’t. I have to see the job through to the very end. It seems that there is no danger of an assassin attack -

Of course not!

- but we must still remain vigilant. Potential assassins may be waiting until nightfall.

Jeez, he refuses to listen. I just have to not let it get to me...

Synthesis...? No, that’s far too dangerous!


What happens if the cauldron explodes? There’s no way you’d survive a blast like that.

It’s not like I’m just blowing stuff up all the time! Gosh!

A-Are you sure...?

Well, there’s no rest for the weary. Next time, great and small things, as always.

Rorona, Totori, and Meruru artwork
End of the Duel
Mountain Road
Gino concept art
More Gino concept art

Edit from the future: Yes, I know Rorona didn't use her killing blow FJ this update. I'm putting this in purely for completion's sake.

Rorona FJ: Special #3
If you've played Atelier Rorona, this needs no explanation. The chorus part is the same, but the mixing and arrangement is new, so it should sound different.