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Part 115: Update CXI: An Apprentice and the End of her Journey, Ichi: Flight of Fancy

What would you say has greater priority? A Suicide Game Over, or just a Game Over? I'd say a suicide. For this ending, after returning from talking to Rufus at the start of the game (where he talks about development) and making the pie for the first development quest, just start sleeping for a whopping three months. I have no idea how you'd get this ending without trying to.

*knock on door*

Who iiiis it?

I came to check up on you. I heard you've been goofing off and avoiding regular visits to the castle. Rufus convinced me you were serious about becoming an alchemist. But it appears he was mistaken. I had hoped you had within you the dedication to fulfill your duty. But it appears I was mistaken, as well. You have failed not only in your royal duty, but also in your commitment to alchemy. You should be ashamed. As we agreed, you will now return to Rufus and resume your royal education. Come, back to the castle with you.

Music: Atelier Meruru - Bad Ending

Atelier Meruru - Bad Ending
For the bad ending. This was one of the most time-consuming songs I've ever arranged, although I'm not sure anyone pays any attention...*sniff* Well, I guess you'd generally want to avoid the "Bad Ending" screen.

Attack Item Compilation


Female party members skill compilation
Male party members skill compilation

Bad End 1