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Atelier: Arland Trilogy

by Sylphid

Part 116: Update CXII: An Apprentice and the End of her Journey, Ni: Without a Care in the World

To get this Game Over, simply allow your popularity to completely run out at any point in the game. Even with the Goddess Statue dequipped, this takes quite a while. In fact, I spent like an hour total just running around the world map for all these bad endings. Quite boring.

Huh? Dad...? I wonder what's going on...

I'm not sure...but I don't think it's good news. Oh, I mean - erm, I really should get back to work. Excuse me...

*Keina leaves*

What was that all about? Keina seemed kind of distant. Did something happen? Oh well! I guess I'll just have to go to the castle and see for myself.

*fade to black*

There you are, Meruru. I'm afraid I have some rather regrettable news.

Regrettable? That's not what I wanted to hear. I was just getting into some serious synthesis -

People have submitted a petition against you and your selfish activities.

Bah. I bet it's one of those joke petitions or may-as-well-be joke petitions, like people wanting the United States government to build the Death Star. To be fair, though, at least the White House response to it kept up the joke. I think they said the Death Star would cost somewhere in the trillions of dollars to make?

Whaaa!? Where'd this come from!?

I asked Rufus to visit you more than once to warn you about your popularity. Did you simply choose not to listen?

Well...I mean, it's not like I FORGOT about it. I was just really busy, know...

You promised from the beginning that you would use alchemy to fulfill your royal duty. You have broken that promise.

Th-That's not true! I think I've been working really hard!

N-No, wait! You gave me three years to do this. There's still time!

That was assuming you did what was asked of you. You have not, and so your alchemy ends today.

Grrr...this can't be happening...

I'll leave the kingdom's alchemy needs in Ms. Totori's hands. You will once again follow Rufus' strict training.

Very good. Come now, Princess. We have no time to waste. It's time to get to work.

Hmph. Swine who can't understand my genius of...running around the world map for eight months...don't deserve to be led by me. I think?

Bad Ending 2