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by Sylphid

Part 117: Update CXIII: An Apprentice and the End of her Journey, San: Not Enough

For our final game over, simply fail to reach a population of 30,000 by the end of the third year. Also pretty hard to do unintentionally.

This ending is initially preceeded by a short scene where Rufus picks up Meruru from the atelier to bring her before Dessier. It's not really needed to be included, since that's basically all that happens in it, and it's unvoiced.

Sure. Well...the time went by so fast! Everything was so new to me. I worked super hard when I joined Miss Totori's workshop, but I was able to learn a ton. I feel like now I understand what I should be doing for the kingdom.

I see. I've kept track of your accomplishments these past few years, as well. I never expected you to go so far. I figured you'd come crawling back home before too long. But... We cannot forget about the promise we made three years ago, can we?

Nope! I'm ready for whatever you have to say!

What!? Nooo! I did my best...I think. I mean I tried to, at least!

Then that just means the effort you put in was less than the effort I expected from you. The results say it all. You made me a promise before you began studying alchemy. No more excuses. I truly had high hopes for you.

Nnng...I guess I should have just worked harder.

So then, beginning today you will resume your royal education.

What? Today!? Can't I at least take the day off and start fresh tomorrow?

You have no right to complain! Goodness, where did I go wrong in raising you...? Either you were never serious about alchemy, or you became indulgent and forgot about your kingdom. You said you wanted to use alchemy to fulfill your royal duties. You can't have your pie and eat it, too.

I fail to see why not

Eurgh...I guess there's nothing I can say.

Rufus, I leave her in your care!

Certainly, your Majesty. My heart and soul is dedicated to transforming her into a first-class royal princess.

Ghh...Rufus! That face...are you really REALLY mad at me? For real?

It's my own fault for putting so much faith in our princess and convincing Lord Dessier to go along with it. Now then, Princess, allow me to outline your schedule for today. We'll begin with arithmetic and history as usual, then etiquette and elocution. Then we move on to politics and -

Whoa whoa whoa, hold on! I can't do all that in one day!

But Princess, this is the only way to catch up on three years of lost time before we merge with Arland. To that end, tomorrow and the following two days will follow the same schedule, with absolutely no time off.

Noooo! This can't be happening! Father, say something! This is - it's just - ludicrous!

I'm leaving it up to Rufus to fix this mess. His strict training is exactly what you need right now.

Very good. Come now, Princess. We have no time to waste. It's time to get to work.

What!? No, it can't be! Nooooooooooooooooo!

Bad Ending 3