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Atelier: Arland Trilogy

by Sylphid

Part 121: Update CXVII: An Apprentice and the End of her Journey, Nana: Agricultural Revolution

This is the ending acquired from defeating Airshatter without Gio in the party and simply moving on to complete the game. This is actually the first ending I got when I started playing the game.

It's almost time, Princess. Are you ready to go?

C'mon, stop calling me Princess. I'm just a normal girl now, remember?

Our princess will always be Princess to me. I cannot imagine calling you otherwise.

You're still set in your ways, huh Mr. Stubborn?

If I may disagree, I believe it's not quite stubbornness, but rather -

Arrg, don't start up with that again! Just let me get ready.

Of course. I'll help you change.

Thanks, Keina. It should only take a second.

You're still the same as ever. As I said, our princess will always be a princess.

Mr. Rufus...Meruru has to change now. So...

Hey, no sampling! If Mr. Rufus catches you -

Too late. She's already caught. Do you know what today is, Princess?

*munch munch* Umm, it's the first harvest day for hte new apple orchard we've all been working on.

That's right. It's a day worth memorializing - the creation of our town's new specialty.

Ahh...sorry, Rufus.

*sigh* I finally come to visit, and of course the first thing I see is Meruru stuffing her face.

I said I was sorry! It just looked so tasty, I couldn't resist.

This is supposed to be the new local treat from the Arls region of Arland. Do you think people will start buying it?

I foresee no problem as logn as we promote it properly. I personally guarantee the quality.

How can you guarantee that, Rufus?

Hm? Oh, well...

Which means...he already embezzled some and sampled them himself?

Don't say "embezzled". It was simply a quality-assurance confirmation.

Hehe. Well I mean, just look at these things. Anyone would wanna sneak a taste!

It wasn't sneaking...

Well, let's start harvesting. Mr. Lias, make sure you hold on tight over there.

Right...keep my balance is harder than I thought. Man, what an amazing harvest!

The crops must be sorted for quality before delivery. Damaged apples can be processed for use in pies.

Rufus, you're so smart for thinking of using the Warp Gate and Secret Bag to make deliveries all over the country.

All right, everyone! Let's make the Arls apple known throughout the entire world!

A Rich Nation

A Rich Nation ending