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Part 123: Update CXIX: An Apprentice and the End of her Journey, Kyu: A Lifetime of Love

This is the ending acheived for acquiring seeing everyone's events. Like with Rorona and Totori, it also has the highest priority in terms of the game determining which ending you get after the credits roll.

Yes. Initial preparation shows no indication of malfunction.

Assuming no issues arise, it will be complete in seventy-two minutes.

Oh, right on time. I'm so glad you two are here to help. Let's finish this up!

Mini Master, a customer...

So soon? That's weird, I didn't think they'd be here yet.

Oh, Keina. What's up?

Hello, Meruru. Actually, I was just wondering If you'd like to go shopping with me this afternoon?

Oh, how flattering. You hardly ever ask me to go out anymore. But - sorry! I already have plans for this afternoon.

Well, if you're going out, maybe I could join you...?

*knock on door*

Yoohoo, Meruru! I'm here to pick you up.

Ms. Totori?

Ah, Keina...'re going out with Ms. Totori today?

Oh, well...

*another knock on door*

Meruru, it's getting late. We should go soon.

And Ms. Mimi, too...

Oh, Totori, Keina. What are you two doing here?

W-Well, I just came to see if Meruru wanted to go shopping...

Huh? No, Meruru is coming with me to go gather materials.

What are you talking about? Meruru promised me we'd go hunt down some monsters today.


Come on, Meruru. Let's go gather materials, just you and me.

Yeah, well, see...

No, Meruru's coming with me to go monster-hunting. Just her and ME!

That's...I mean...

What's your deal, Totori? Why are you following us!?

You're the one following US! I told you, Meruru's mine today!

Wrong! Meruru and I are going to hang out. By! Our! Selves! She promised!

Nnng, I'm sorry! It's all because I mixed up the schedule.

No, you don't need to apologize. Mimi just needs to give up!

Says who!? How could gathering materials possibly be more important than hunting down monsters!?

Then why don't you just go yourself!? You're a big tough warrior girl, right? You'll be fine!

Oh yeah!? Well...well I need to teach Meruru about some exotic new materials!

Umm...I was kind of hoping I coulds pend some time with Meruru, too...

What did you say!?


Ohhh my gosh! What am I gonna do!?

Well, I can't say I can cotton at all to anything or anyone driving two young women, who are very close, apart from each other. Not to mention Keina, and Meruru, you really blew it this ending.

Little Miss Popular

Little Miss Popular ending