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by Sylphid

Part 124: Update CXX: An Adventurer and the End of her Journey, Jyu: To War

The ending resulting from losing to Masked G in the duel with him. The scene that follows the loss will be under Bonus Content.

So they're coming this way. That was faster than expected...

Rough estimate? Maybe 2,000. But we can expect reinforcements.

That's more than I had hoped. But I won't let those lizards just do whatever they want!

When do you want to head out?

As soon as possible. They won't wait for us to make up our minds. Princess Meruru, are you ready?

I'm not a princess anymore, Mr. Sterk. Please stop calling me that.

I-I beg your pardon. But I must admit, it's like second-nature now...

If you say so... Anyway, we should move out now! Wait for me here, Keina. I'll be back soon.

Okay...please try to return before dinner.

You make it sound so simple. It's not so easy following commands like that out in the field...

Don't worry, we can do it! Everyone has the strength!

Meruru, I've confirmed enemy reinforcements approaching the right flank! What are you orders?

You think I'm afraid of reinforcements? All we need to do is destroy the main force before they can meet! Okay! All forces, move out! Charge, and attack at will!

Who under my command is afraid!? ...Huh? That voice sounds familiar... Oh well! Let's just get this over with. I don't wanna be late for dinner!

Now, Go Bravely

Strong Meruru A ending

Masked G loss scene