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Part 126: Update CXXII: An Apprentice and the End of her Journey, Jyu-Ni: Delight and Alive

The ending for making the Potion of Youth. Once you make that, this ending is yours.

I wonder what she's up to these days.

*fade to black*

Meruruuu! Long time no see! How have you been?

Miss Totori! What are you doing here!? You're supposed to be in Alanya Village!

Well...I received a letter from Ms. Astrid out of nowhere about a month ago, and... Long story short, she told me to head to your workshop today so she could show me something.

Ms.'s kind of scary how she never mentions the "what" or "why"...

I reminds me of how I ended up coming to Arls in the first place.

But I'm happy to see you, though! So I guess I can thank Ms. Astrid for that much, at least.

Yeah, I'm happy to see you, too. Oh, by the way...

Yes, Miss Totori?

You're already a full-fledged alchemist. You don't need to treat me like your teacher anymore.

Nooo, you're still my teacher, though! I can't imagine calling you anything else.

People in Arland know you from coast to coast. They know what kind of amazing alchemist resides in Arls.

Whaaat? Do they really think that about me?

I know I shouldn't screenshot this exposition text so much, but I couldn't pass up the ship, or a subtle Totori reference in this shot. Besides, it's the road we spent so much time on this thread.

Oh, someone's here. Who could it be? Ms. Astrid, maybe?

Yeah, probably. Are you ready?

Always! Okay, here we go...!

Miss Rorona? And Ms. Astrid!

Ah, how nice to meet you. I'm Rorolina Frixell...oh, how did you know my name?

What do you mean?

Wait, something's not right here!

Yeah, you're right. Something's very, very wrong here!

Just calm down! You should take some deep breaths when you get this way. Follow my lead. Breathe in...and out...

Ah, you're right. Hooo...haaa. Hooo...haaa.

Feel better now? So, what's gotten you so upset?

YOU, Miss Rorona!

Huh? Mr? Why, what's wrong? I'm pretty sure I'm fully clothed... And why are you calling me "Miss"?

You were an 8-year-old kid last time I saw you!


Hahaha. Using the Potion of Youth Pupil #3 created, I've devised a medicine that accelerates the aging process.

Boy, what a shock! But...why does Rorona look like this now?

"Now"? I've looked this way all along!

To be honest, this is her ideal age. Or at least, a more...suitable age.

You really should have just put her back to the right age.

Absolutely not. Do you want to see a Rorona approaching her 30s? I don't. End of discussion. word, Miss Rorona. What has she done to you?

Stop talking like there's something wrong with me!

Fourteen is such a delightful age. Oh, I've prepared a potion for you two, as well. Care to try it?

I'm fine, thank you. I've finally become a real adult.

Jeez, you're so boring! Oh well. Invite me in so I can rest a while. I have a lot to talk about, too. am I supposed to talk to Miss Rorona now? This is all making my head hurt. Waaah...

Miss Totori, snap out of it! Aww man, this is more than I can handle!

Finally, As Planned

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