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by Sylphid

Part 128: Update CXIV: An Apprentice and the End of her Journey, Jyu-Yon: To Make the Impossible, Possible

Author's Note: This ending was not written by myself, and all credit for this should go to Sientara for writing this.

For the new ending added to Atelier Meruru Plus, first you need to flag the Witch's Tea Party ending. The next event happens after Year 5 1/1:

I know it's a powerful potion, but I still can't believe it's able to change Rorona back to normal...
Something on your mind, Meruru?
Hi, Miss Totori. Have you heard anything about the Potion of Youth I made for Ms. Astrid?
Ah, that. To be honest, I was wondering about that myself. Last I heard, Ms Astrid was still conducting her research. I don't know if she's made any progress though.

Really? Well if that's the case then there's nothing for me to worry about.
But it was Ms. Astrid's fault Miss Rorona became a child in the first place. I hope nothing weird happens...
You just had to say that... Ugh! Now I'm starting to worry. I'm going to ask her myself!
That's a good idea. You know, just to be completely sure. I'm counting on you Meruru.

After a quick trip to Astrid's residence...

Wha-? I already told you this would be the last story. I'll read to you when I'm not so busy, okay?
Nyehhh, you're a meanie, Astrid! Boooo!
Ms. Astrid. I hope I'm not interrupting anything...oh, Rorona's here too.

Oh, I'm sorry Rorona! I'm just here to talk to Ms. Astrid. How about I read to you when we get back to the workshop?
Really? You promise?
I promise! You better go to the workshop and wait for me like a good girl. Be careful going home.

I realized babysitting Rorona is easier when I read to her. ...Why are you here anyway Pupil #3? I'm super busy.
I was wondering what happened to the Potion of Youth I gave you...
Oh, I've already improved upon it. With this enhanced version, it should be potent enough to change Rorona back.
You've already finished making the enhanced potion? You're amazing, Ms Astrid.
Granted, there's a slim chance the potion might also erase her memory, but I wouldn't worry about that happening.
What!? So even if this changes Rorona back to normal, her memories might be lost forever?
Even with my sizable genius, the sheer complexity of this situation prevents me from guaranteeing a complete success.

...Are you lecturing me? I see. In that case, you should have no problem making an enhanced Potion of Youth yourself.
Huh!? Why'd you have to go and say something like that?
Because you weak potion was the base for my enhanced version. It's not my fault there were... limitations. Let's see... since your skills have grown somewhat, I have a proposal for you.

H-How did it come to this!? Although, I did synthesize the Potion of Youth once before so... maybe I can do it again. Hmmm, I'll need another Abyssal Soul... That's not an easy ingredient to get... But without it, I won't be able to...
It seems your brain does work. Barely. Though it's a rare ingredient, it actually too inefficient to use. That being said, in order to solve this dilemma, I've devises a method of replicating that ingredient.
"Replicating that ingredient"? Are you saying that the Abyssal Soul can be synthesized?
It's more accurate to say I "made it possible to synthesize." But that's child's play for a genius like me. Information this rare usually has a price, but for this battle's sake you can have it for free. Now, try to make this.

What are you talking about? Coming up with this ideas was much more difficult and far more important. Anyway, you should have no problem with the ingredient. Don't tell me you can't make it after I just helped you out.
O-Of course! I can definitely do it! ...But, how would you know if I made the perfect Potion of Youth?
Obviously, you'd have to drink it yourself. If you gain eternal youth, that means it's perfect.
Yeah, I'm going to pass on that. Hmmm, what should I do...?
I'm kidding. There's no way I'd let you do something like that. Even I'm not that bad. Besides, it won't take long. Now then, you better get a move on. If you succeed, I promise I will return Rorona to her normal self.
Really? Thank you do much! I'll do my best!

Back to the workshop to synth:

You're right. If you make it exactly like the previous potion you made, the effect will be just as weak. Ms. Astrid also said you probably didn't make enough potion last time either.
Then why don't I make lots this time? Maybe it'll be fine if I fill an entire barrel with potion.

Instead of making lots of weak potions, why not make one concentrated potion? That should increase the potency.
It means a small dose would work as long as I can make it thicker. Hmm, but I don't think I have enough ingredients...
I seeeee...
Um, Miss Rorona...?
Do you have to use this Abyssal thingie and this stony-looking doodad?
Um, I think so... I'm pretty sure we can't just swap them out...
You're right. Those components form the base of the potion. I doubt there are any stronger ingredients than this...
Then you gotta make a gooey Elixir.
Oh, you're right. Even something as strong as an Elixir is still a potion I can create normally.
What about an even thicker potion? A potion that's waaay stronger than an Elixir?
...Oh! What about the Meruxir? It's just a better version of the Elixir, so the effect might be more potent!
If that potion is stronger then that's the better choice. If you can switch ingredients you know can change, the end result will be completely different.

I see. After hearing you say it, that sound right to me! Now then, I'll simply swap an Elixir for a Meruxir...
H-Hey Meruru!
Wh-What is it, Miss Totori? Am I wrong?
It's not that... How are you able to have a normal conversation about alchemy with Miss Rorona?
Hm, now that you mention it, we were talking about alchemical synthesis like it was no big deal...
Totori also said that switcheroos are the basis of alchemy!
That's not quite how I phrased that...
Really, Rorona? It's amazing how you're able to understand alchemy so properly even though you're so tiny.
Hmph! Rorona taught Totori everything she knows!
Y-You don't say... Hmm, it seems Miss Rorona is more understandable teacher now than when she was an adult.
Haha, I doubt it. You should be happy, Rorona. Miss Totori said you're a good teacher!
Teehee, riight? I'm the best teacher!
With all of this, I can probably create a perfect Potion of Youth... All right, here goes nothing!


I've finally done it! So this... this should be the perfect Potion of Youth?
Yep yep, looks good to me. Compared to the last one you made, this definitely looks like a more concentrated potion.
Are you all done with the Potion of Youth? I wanna taste it!
Bwah! You can't drink this Rorona! You'll turn into a baby if you do.
Still, I do wonder if this has an actual effect. Though it's well made, there's no guarantee it'll make you younger...

Whoa! Ms. Astrid, you appeared out of nowhere...
Oh, it's Astrid. Hiiiiii.
Ms. Astrid! I've finally done it. This is the perfect Potion of Youth.
There is no way anything you made could ever be called perfect. Now show it to me. Hmmm, I see... oh ho ho!
H-How is it? Did I make it right?
I don't know. I cannot judge your potion simply by looking at it.
Aww. Um, then can you not say "I see" with so much authority.
Don't rush me. Since this seems like a success, I'm forced to admit that you have won this battle.
Really? It's so strange to hear you accept defeat so easily...
I said you won "this battle." Anyway, I also need to check the effects, so I'll be keeping this for a while.
P-Please wait a minute! You're really going to let Miss Rorona drink that potion, right?
I will derive a potion from this that will return Rorona to her normal state. ...And what do you mean by "really"?
Um, it's just... I have this sneaking suspicion that you're going to do something weird to Miss Rorona again.
Such persistent doubt. It's enough to make even a genius like me to spiral into a deep depression. Boo hoo hoo...!
Ugh, please stop your crocodile tears. There's no telling what you'll do if I leave you to your own devices.
It's okay Miss Totori. I understand why you're concerned. Can we really trust Ms. Astrid with this...?
I get why Pupil #2 would say what she said, but now Pupil #3 doubts me too? What is the meaning of this? Didn't I promise to change Rorona back to normal if you made the perfect Potion of Youth? I'm not a monster you know.
In that case, I'm counting on you to change Rorona back, so you better do it!
Muahahaha... Understood. I will carry out your request.
Ugh... why is she laughing? Are we really okay with this?
It's too suspicious... I-I definitely don't believe her! We should just return Rorona to normal ourselves and-

Miss Rorona? But-
The only thing Astrid keeps are her promises, you know.
"Only thing", she says... You make it sound like I don't keep anything else.
But she loves to mess with us by telling us half-truths! Any now, I don't know if she's being genuinely honest or...
Sooo what? A promise is a promise! Astrid knows that. That's why when I go to her house by myself she always keeps her promise to read to me.
H-Hey! I thought I told you to keep that to yourself...
...Ah, so that's what was going on.
Uh... what is going on? I thought Ms. Astrid ignored Miss Rorona all the time...
You did? That's funny. I don't recall ever saying I did that. Farewell!

Hmm, I hope that potion does the trick...
Meruru worked super hard to make that potion, so it's super okay! Astrid will work super hard to make her potion, too!
...You're right. If Miss Rorona believes Ms. Astrid's promise, the I guess I'll believe her too.

Next, just finish the game.

Is she actually coming? I mean, it's usually not like her to be late...
Don't worry, Miss Totori. Besides, I'm positive she's already fixed up Rorona like she said she would.
Hm, if you say so. Worrying isn't going to help things anyway. I guess we just have to sit here and wait. I must say, you have become an excellent alchemist, Meruru. Your reputation as an alchemist of Arls has spread all through out Arland.
Heh heh... Compared to you and Rorona, I'm not that impressive. Working in my own workshop make me realize just how amazing you two are. I'm nothing special, really.
Such modesty... Meruru, you've become such a spendid person. I'm impressed!
Eh? Why are you impressed by that? My skills have improved too, you know...
Haha. I'm just kidding. Your alchemy has definitely improved. You've become such a splendid, full-fledged alchemist.
You think so? That's great to hear. Now, allow me to synthesize something that will impress even Miss Totori...

Ms. Astrid! Long time no see!
...Huh? Is it just you, Ms. Astrid? Where is Miss Rorona?

Don't worry, she's using the Warp Gate, I'm sure she'll arrive any minute.
Heh heh... Sh-She sure hasn't changed.
So anyway, did Rorona change back to normal?
Certianly. At last, I'm freed from my babysitting duties. Man, I am exhausted. Ex-haus-ted.
That's all your fault, you know. But I heard you were actually taking care of Miss Rorona behind the scenes.
She is my favorite, isn't it obvious? However... maybe next time I should make #2 drink the Potion of Youth instead.
Heh heh, it sound like it'd be a fun experience, especially since now I'd be able to change back right away.
So she did change back to normal! ...Ah! I wish Rorona would hurry. I'm starting to get antsy!
That sounds like something Rorona would say. She's hardly been able to contain her excitement since last night... Oh! Speaking of which, she's here.

Miss Rorona! You're finally back to your old self again...
Wow! She really is older! Um, Rorona... I mean, Miss Rorona... You definitely seem older, but it's not quite what I expected... You still look quite young to me.
Hm? Really? How young? Do I still look as cute as I did when I was a youngster?
Speaking of youngsters... Are you sure that potion we made actually changed you back to normal?
Yep yep. This is definitely my true, original form. Though I did sample ages 14 and 20 for a little bit.
There's like no reason you'd ever need the Potion of Youth... How old are you really, Miss Rorona?
She's had a baby face for as long as I can remember. Though she may not look like it, in truth, her real age is...
WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! You have nothing to say about that subject, Master!
Is that so? If you don't want me to talk about aging, why don't you just obtain eternal youth, like I did?
I'll pass! I mean that potion caused so much trouble for both of you...
Trouble...? Do you still have your memories from when you changed into a kid, Miss Rorona?
Heh heh... It's embarrassing but I feel like I remember most of it... Though it does feel like waking up from a dream. Like Meruru reading picture books to me, and eating pie with Totori... Oh, it was so much fun!
Yes it was! Even though it was hard sometimes, I has so much fun too!
Which reminds me, there's something I needed to do when I saw the two of you. Since you two gave me lots of hugs, it's my turn to give some of that love back!
M-Miss Rorona... I-I can't breathe...
Awwww, you're both sooooo soft!
It feels like old times... But I'm glad. Even if you're back to your old self, you haven't really changed that much.
Eh, that's not true! I'm an adult, a full-grown adult, right? ...Right!?
Uhhh... yes! You probably are an adult!
*gasp* What do you mean "probably"!? I'm your teacher's teacher, Meruru!
But Miss Totori acts more like an adult... Like, she's a lot calmer...
I'm more of an adult that Totori is!
Jeez, this is going nowhere. You know, I always thought that I'd be the last alchemist this land would ever see. I never imagined I'd have 3 successors, or that they'd be amazing alchemists. The future is truly unpredictable.
That's right! I'll show you all my alchemy! Since I'm the adultiest, that means I'm the most skilled too!
Hmhmhm, if you say so. Since we're all here, how about the three of us do some synthesizing?
Ah, that sounds fun! Alrighty, I'm gonna do my best so I won't lose against you teachers!
Everyone: Ohhh...