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Part 15: Update XIII-2: An Alchemist and her Greatest Challenge Part 2

Last time, we returned from the Lost City with Gio. You get this scene the first time you return to Arland after adventuring with Gio. Video goes until the screenshot of Gio by himself.

I'm glad I could help. Let me know if you need me again.

I will. Please excuse me.

*Rorona leaves*

...What an honest girl. I can't believe she's your pupil.

Hmm. So, is part of your guidance to keep a close eye on her all the time?

Exactly. I don't want any pests to get near her.

That's a little harsh, don't you think? I thought I've been very gentlemanly-like.

We're not close enough to joke around like this. What are you scheming?



I met a girl in town, and I just happened to have started helping her. And that girl just happened to be your pupil.

Is that what it looks like? That must be because of your dear pupil's personality.

Is that really all?

Now this is getting to be too much. I can't help that you hate me, but I think I was being pretty fair.

So this isn't because you're starting to feel guilty?

Nope. Not at all.

I do like how Astrid's entire mindset and world boils down to Rorona being cute. The reason she makes fun of her and even the reason she's her apprentice is because she finds Rorona cute.

I thought it was weird that you're not married at your age, but I didn't know this was the reason why.

Hmph...I may have considered it if I was twenty years younger.

Gio's around 47 right now. A 27 year old Gio having an interest in Rorona would be a little eyebrow raising, but it wouldn't be too weird. But, that time has definitely passed for a geezer like Gio.

That's not funny.

And of course, Astrid's not happy if she's not fully convinced Rorona is her property.

You started it.

You obviously saw something in her, since you did take her in.

...This conversation is getting old. I'm going now.

Are we done already?

Don't worry. I have more questions to ask. We'll come back to this conversation some other day. There will be plenty of opportunities for us to talk, as long as you keep following my pupil around.

*Astrid leaves*

But before we finish up the year, these are my stats and traits for Rorona. She's pretty loaded. Only two down from having the maximum number of buffs (15). With 202 Defense, she's incredibly hard to take down, especially if she has support.

But, it's time we finally get to the Annual Festival. There's quite a bit more to it than last time, so this is a good way to end the year.

I wonder if he's as busy as he was last year...?

*huff* *huff* Sorry to make you wait...

Uh, are you okay?

I don't have much time, so let's make this quick. Let's see...

3-5 stars

... look really mad...

...Oh, really? I guess I'm too stressed out to hide my feelings...

Does that mean you're really mad at me?

...Think whatever you want. I'm sorry, but I don't have any time to explain right now. Let's move on.

6-7 stars

It's not perfect, but I can get some use out of it... I'll just have to cut down on the time spent over here...or...

I-I'm so sorry. I should've...

Please, don't talk to me right now! You're making me lose my train of thought!


Damn, I'll just think about it later. I should get back over there first...

But before that, I need to give you your next assignment...

8-10 stars

Looks good, thanks. This should take some weight off my shoulders.

You're welcome...though, it's kinda weird to be thanked for doing this...

Anyway, sorry to hassle you, but I must move on to your next assignment.

Making practical use out of underground resources...? That sounds complicated...

Sorry, but I don't have time to explain it right now. Just trust your instincts on this one!

*Sterk leaves*

...He seems really busy. I wish I could've asked more questions. Oh well, I'll figure something out.

Of course, goes without saying we're joining. I'll use Cordelia for the default dialogue here, but have all of it next small update.

Is that Cory? Hey, Cory!

Hey, good timing...I mean, are you going to the festival?

Yup. Wanna go together?

I guess...if you really want to.

*fade to black*

Oh wow, look at all the people. I wonder what they're doing this year?

Aghhh! Esty!?

And Cordelia, too!

Wh-what are you...? Where are you taking me!?

I said, let her go!

Sorry! We only have room for Rorona. You can cheer her on from over there.

Wh-what? H-hey! Come back here!

C-Cory, help me!

*fade to black*

Are you all ready for this year's main event, the Martial Contest!?

Martial Contest!? You didn't tell me anything about that!

Oh, I didn't? Don't worry, the rules are simple.

That's not what I meant! Why am I...?

I didn't think you would be participating in this.

No, it's a mistake! I was forced...

*sigh* No...

Alright, is everybody ready!? Round 1, begin!

Weak enemy, one-shot kill. Next.

She did it! That's one point for Rorona! But this is only the beginning... Get ready for Round 2!

Barely an improvement enemy, one-shot kill. Next.

Uh oh, what this meant to be!?

*huff* *huff* What? The finals? Me?

I never imagined this would happen...

Um, me Let's have a good match!

You got it. I can't go easy on you, since I'm representing the knights. Don't take it personal.

Well, if you're unprepared, Sterk is going to mop the floor with you. He uses his basic strike, and some of his skills. Make sure you're not using a Thunder Bomb, since remember, Wind powers Sterk up. The way Rorona is tricked out for me, though, Sterk is facing an uphill battle. But, you can watch me demolish him in this video.

Huh? I...won?

Congratulations! Rorona, do you have anything to say?

Oh, um...well... Uh...

Just say anything. Like...


Now, for some reason, having Gio's friendship level over 50 made these next events show up. Don't ask me.

...Huh? Who are you?

Hey, what's going on? No one told me about this.

I'm sorry, but you can't become the strongest in the kingdom so easily.

Whoa! Esty, who is this guy?

What do you think you're doing!? You're ruining the event...

...Hey! What are you doing here!?

Hrgh! How could you tell it was me...?

It's so obvious! You're not even trying to hide it anymore! you guys know each other?

Of course we do! Rorona, you should...

Hmm...that's true, but...

Please do me this one favor.

Hello...? What are you guys doing...?


Rorona, as the winner of the contest, you must accept his challenge!

What!? Why!? Besides, who is this mysterious person?

Oh, you're right...we should make up a name. This is...

Mask de G!?

...Couldn't you have come up with a better name than that?

You don't have a choice in the matter! Now, come on! Hurry up and start!

Are we really doing this? I don't even know what's going on...

But, I'm not the strongest!

Sorry to keep you all waiting, everyone! The extra round of the Martial Contest will start now!

Let's have a fair fight!

Music: Eyes of the Dragon

Welcome to the secret bonus boss of this game, Mask de G. Now, let's get real here. Mask de G is the biggest copycat ever. He has most of Gio's regular skills, as well as a few nasty tricks. But I mean, aping Gio, but he's actually quite a bit weaker? Not cool, buddy. Watch me bring down the faker.

However, he's not all talk. While he might not be a dragon, he's the next best thing. He has around 1500 HP and tons of defense, so you're not going to beat him with pure strength. In comparison, Sterk had 500 HP. He also gets two turns in a row, and kicks like a mule. If you don't have bombs and healing items that activate automatically, you're going to lose.

Oh, and about Eyes of the Dragon. It's one of the best songs in the game, so I'd advise you listen to it.

Aside from that, though, he's easier than I remember. That bomb alone took 2/3rds of his HP, and before I recorded this, I accidentally forgot to buy more from Hagel. Oh well. We'll manage.

Yeah, don't even waste your time with regular Bombs. He'll just shrug them off.

I'll give this joker one thing. He's got some flashy moves, but Rorona's rock solid defense + Defend negates a lot of the damage.

Unfortunately for him, he just couldn't inflict enough damage soon enough. The game is over.

*huff* *huff* Huh?


She scores a total victory! I know it's shocking, but you better go now...


*Mask de G leaves*

Umm, are you sure I really won?

Of course. You should be proud of yourself. Everyone is cheering for you.

Okay...umm...thank you very much, everyone!

Actually, if you fight and lose to Mask de G, you don't get the Sun Cloak. However, if Gio's friendship isn't over 50 and none of these Mask de G events take place, you'll get it after you beat Sterk. Don't worry if you don't see all the Mask de G stuff. For whatever reason, unknown to everyone but the developers, it doesn't affect Gio's events at all. Gio is a random choice for that qualification. Might as well have gone with Lionela or something, for all the relevance it has.

Incidentally, Rorona is already using the Sun Cloak, because it's probably the best armor available at the moment, not counting Velvestis cloths from the Dunkelheit.

What is with you!?

And that's all for this year's main event! I hope you all enjoy the rest of the Annual Festival!

Battle Arena
Cauldron C Synth

Eyes of the Dragon
There used to be a song called Eagle Eye, but this one is Dragon Eye. The song has an interesting combination of orchestra, accordion, and Spanish guitar.