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Part 20: Update XVII: An Alchemist and her Strength

Welcome back. Last time we clipped Bloodache's wings and explored a bit of Night's Domain. Let's continue.

See that junction? Right goes to where we just were, while the left leads to the remainder of this location. Should be obvious where we're going.

If you want to avoid the Black Fangs, you'll have to go through them. It's definitely the easier of the two battles.

Another choice. Left leads to a small gathering area this time, while the right leads to the rest of the location and the materials we want. As an aside, Gio can one-shot everything in this area except for the Black Fangs. It's pretty great.

Next area has the Dark Coral we also need for the Assignment. It also has an amusing glitch that I discovered completely by accident. And here, I get to record it for prosperity.

First, run up the ridge until you see this tree. Then, jump over to it. If you miss it, because the game physics you out of it, just keep trying. It's not that hard.

There we are. After you're safely on the tree, just give your best jump toward the screen.

If you did everything right, you'll jump past the level boundary, the game will start glitching like crazy, flashing in-between a bunch of stuff. But soon, you'll see this...

Rorona will probably start jumping in perpetuity against this nice starry background. Mezmerizing...

Um...are the stars getting bigger, or is it just me?

We fell through the universe. Well, this is a bummer. To leave this abyss, you need to quit the game via the PS Button or just turn off the console itself. Oh well, that was fun. Getting back to our regularly scheduled programming.

This place is pretty small otherwise, so let's move on.

On the other hand, this next area is pretty huge. One of the larger sub-maps in the game, if memory serves. Nothing too interesting, but I do like large sub-maps.

Near impossible to tell in screenshots, but if you look closely in the background there's falling stars everywhere. Where exactly are we?

Now things are starting to change. You can tell because of the spinning cubes.

Well, well, who do we have here? The Black Dragon here is unique in that it's always guarding the throne of Night's Domain, without needing to respond to Sterk's clarion call. In the immortal words of Mortal Kombat 4, the Black Dragon will not live on.

Now, my impression when I first fought this guy was he was going to be hella tough. In video games, from my experience, "Black Anything" enemies were always harder than enemies who weren't black. Enemies that were called gold were harder, but black enemies usually were very hard.

The Black Dragon here does not live up to that stereotype. He is extremely easy.

That's in spite of the fact he gets two turns and regains HP every turn. He just doesn't hit very hard, and doesn't have much HP.

Ooooooh, pretty. In spite of the fact it's not very strong, it looks pretty cool.

But, he died as he lived: unremarkably.


This recipe book has some alright stuff. Nothing particularly worth using, though.

Now, this area leads to the final few areas of Night's Domain, but we'll uh...we'll ignore it for now.

But to find the third and final material, we need to bring him down. Next.

This place is the best place to grind for materials for this Assignment, since it's a 1 day sub-map, so you can just keep coming back to get as many Midnight Flowers are you want. The reason it's mysteriously a number of days later is because I forgot that Black Fang was guarding Midnight Field, and the Field was somewhere else in Night's Domain. My bad.

But I think it's time to say goodbye. For now. We'll be back, indeed.

This next scene triggered a few days after I returned. This is supposed to happen an indeterminate amount of time after the previous scene with Hom and the kitten.

And when I don't have enough ingredients... Yup, Homhom isn't here, either... Must be with Little Meow again.

*fade to black*

Y-yeah, but... What are all those kitties doing here? Are they Little Meow's kittens?

No, Little Meow is not here anymore.

What!? Did...?

Little Meow has grown up and is no longer Little Meow. It is called Meow now. So they are not Little Meow's kittens. They are Meow's kittens.

What? Oh, I see... But, it sounds really complicated... So do they all have names?


Little Mmyarr, right?

No, it is Little Nar. It has a sore throat today.

Okay, so...this one is Little Mya, that one is Little Mer, and that one is Little Ner...

No. Little Mya, Little Myu, and Little Nar.




Anyway, what did you need?

Oh, What did I need? Sorry...I'll come back when I remember.

Aghh! You're confusing me by saying all their names at once!

Just after I returned, I checked in with Cole, and was lucky enough to get this request.

Now that I like. Especially since we have a spare, useless one sitting around since the Martial Contest. That amount of money put Cole over 80, since I think higher value requests raise friendship levels faster. Works for me. But now we'll be getting his final couple of scenes. Video goes until Rorona says "Isn't there anything I can do now...?"

Hey, Sis, you busy?

Hey, Cole. I wasn't expecting you today.

I'm not here for work. I have a favor to ask.

A favor?

My Pops is sick again. Do you have any extra medicine?

Your dad!? Is he okay?

Happens all the time. I'm used to it. It's just...his doc is out of town... Anything that might give him energy would be fine.

Okay, hold on.

If you don't have any Nectar in your Basket or Container, Rorona will tell Cole that she doesn't have any medicine and Cole will leave. But, since we did it for Tiffani ages ago, why not?

Will this work?

Thanks. Here's some money.

Don't worry about it. Just hurry home and take care of your dad.

Don't be stupid. I can't accept things for free. Here, take it.


And wouldn't you know it. Money for us. Not *much* money, but still money...

*Cole leaves*

I hope his dad will really be okay...

Haven't you heard anything from Cole Boy?

About what?

I don't wanna share someone else's family issues...


You should just watch him quietly till then.

*Astrid leaves*

Just watch...? Isn't there anything I can do now...?

Now, for some reason, if you fulfill the extra requirement for Dark Water requests, you get ridiculous bonuses like this. Dark Waters aren't that valuable, and they don't pay much. Weird, but I believe these are the greatest bonuses for extra requirements.

But hey, why don't we take on some more area bosses? The best part about the dismantling system is that you can take a good weapon like what Gio has, and give it to say...Tantris here.

Let's head to Nearby Forest. This scene triggers when you bring Lionela and Tantris out, but seems to not happen anymore at a certain point. Probably after Tantris' big scene with Meredith. Video goes until Tantris says "I dno't remember doing anything horrible to her..."

Hey, it's been a while. You're...Lionela, right?

Why are you here?

Because this is my hometown. I'm glad I got to see you again. You remembered me., Tristan... Could you please...

Tantris seems to know so many people in this game from his days of being a bum. Also, he really needs a better alias, fast.

Ooh, call me Tantris in this town, please.

Hmm, you don't have to be so distant. Tell me, are you still afraid of men?

It's not just men in her case.

That's right... So are you here to help Rorona?


I see... Then let's make a promise to keep each other's pasts a secret.

You don't look like someone who would keep a secret.

All I can say is, trust me. You know my secret, as well.

...Okay. I promise...

*fade to black*

Don't worry. Men are supposed to wait on a date.

This isn't a date! Can't you see that Liona is here!?


What's wrong?

N-nothing! L-let's go!

*Lionela leaves*

What? Wait! Liona!

*Rorona leaves*

I didn't think I'd see anyone I knew here. But, I think I can trust her... Anyway, why was she so scared of me? I don't remember doing anything horrible to her...

Remember this from ages ago? Time to find out what's beyond.

This is a pretty nice secluded area. But what we really came for is...

Him. Time to squash him.

The Quadra Puni is interesting, because he's right on the border of being hard, without actually crossing over. Even though there's four of them, as you might guess none of them are as strong as say, Scarlet or Bloodache were by themselves. Of course, concentrating your fire on one before moving to the next is the best way to handle these kind of fights.

Yeouch. That really, really did a number. But we wanted to do it because Lionela has the best super attack in the game.

Tantris here is good for buffing, as I mentioned earlier. His support skill...I honestly don't know why it shows up. Just seems to come up whenever it wants.

But luckily Lionela here has one of the few area of effect skills in the game. Spamming it is a good idea in this fight.

Unfortunately, these guys have the ability to replicate themselves. Doesn't seem to have a very good success rate, though.

Psionic Doll, eh? Let's check it out.


Well, that was a thing.

Thankfully they'll never succeed at replicating again. I'd hate to have to have this go on forever.

That's some nice rewards. Many thanks, friends.

Also very generous. See you on the flip side, Quadra Puni.

Now, this next scene...another one I'll honestly say I have no idea how I made came up. I returned to the atelier after beating the Quadra Puni and left to run some errands, when this came up. You probably need to have Tantris' friendship level over 80 and all of the big Tantris scenes so far. Video goes until Meredith says "I'll think about it."

What are you talking about? You sure look angry.

Don't act like you don't know! I'm talking about that workshop! I made you come back here to abolish that workshop, but I haven't seen any results!

I'm doing everything I can, you know? And what makes you think I can do something that my father can't even accomplish?

Hm, if I know my Japanese video games, it's precisely the child who can accomplish what the father failed to do.

Is it wrong for a father to hope to be surpassed by his son?

...That's real flattering. Don't you think you've done enough?

Didn't I tell you? It's to industrialize that entire area and increase productivity...

Besides, a lot of people seem to like that workshop. I don't think it would be a good idea to upset the townspeople by closing it down. you're starting to think, huh?

Was that a compliment? If so, then thanks.

However...I have been planning this for the past three years. I'm not going to back out of it just because of a small risk. But I'll reconsider if there's anything for me to gain from backing out.

Alright...then how about this?


...What are you scheming?

Oh, come on, I've just had a little change of heart is all.

They didn't brainwash me, but I won't deny the becoming attached part.

...You're serious about this?

I haven't completely decided yet, but I'm at least 50% sure.

Hmph...fine. I'll think about it.

But hey, we can take on another location boss before Cole shows up next time. This time, the Ortoga Ruins. Scrappy here is barking up the wrong tree.

Fang, Fang doesn't have too many gimmicks aside from moving twice in a row and having a ridiculously high evasion rate. He dodges attacks that against any other enemy would hit 100% of the time. Other than that, he doesn't have much going for him.

Like thus. I'd stick to normal attacks almost exclusively.

But even that's not foolproof. Still, he doesn't have much health, either. He'll be done before he knows it.

The Healing Bell baffled me at first, as something activated three times. That's because, for some reason, the Bell works differently if it's used indirectly like that or directly. If indirectly, it appears to activate three times, like it does here, but it only counts as one use.

But he goes the same way as Scarlet in the end. Yawn-a-roony.

But we're headed back to town now. We've got an old friend to welcome back. Video goes until the screenshot of Astrid and Sterk walking away.

Hey, it's been a while. I'm all rested now, so I came by to say hi.

I'm so glad! If you didn't get better, I would've...

Please, no crying today.

Okay... But I'm really glad.

Don't call me... Hmph. I'll let it slide today. I should thank you, too. Thanks for helping me heal.

Don't worry about it. You already worked it off.

I did? I don't remember doing anything for you...

I got to enjoy every last inch of your body... You are quite impressive.

What!? You...! And to think that I came here to thank you...

What? M-Master, what happened ten years ago?

Oops. Perhaps I've said too much. Ask me again some time.


No! You're taking it the wrong way! She's not telling it right! I said no, but she forced me... And then she used me to test some potion...

She f-forced you...!?

That's not the moral of the story! Won't you listen...!?

Oh? Rorona...

Hey, don't push me! Just let me finish...!

*Astrid and Sterk leave*

*huff* *huff* ...I don't care anymore!

*fade to black*

Grh! Why is this happening to me?

I'm shocked. I didn't think Rorona would act this way towards me...

What are you mumbling about!? This is all your fault!

No. Actually, it's yours. Should I savor this moment, or should I take it as a warning?

What are you talking about? You better explain yourself.

...You know I just got out of the hospital, right?

Oh, who cares? It's my treat today. And that doesn't happen very often.

...Hmph. Looks like it's a win-win for me.

I got this next scene exactly after the previous. If I was smart, I would have waited until after this scene to take Sterk to the Highlands against Suni. But I'm not smart. In addition, he needs to be not in the hospital for Gio's ending events, and anyway... Oh, and to get this scene in the first place, Rorona has to be level 25 or greater. Video goes until Rorona says "Okay..."

Master? Umm, she's...

You're lucky. I'm not here that often. What do you want?

I'm here to let you know that you've been given approval for that permit you requested.

Hmmm...did I ask you for something?

To explore Orthogalaxen.

"Orthogalaxen" sounds like it should be German, but online translators don't seem to agree.

I know it's been a while, but believe me, I turned in your request form every week!

Grh...I shouldn't have expected any gratitude from you. Forget it!

*Sterk leaves, fade to black*

Boy, he's as short-tempered as always.

That was...I mean, it's your fault every time he gets mad.

I don't have the motivation to research that place anymore. Rorona?

Okay, okay, I"ll go instead.

Well, you seem to be on top of things.

What do you expect? I've been working under you for so long...

There will also be many unidentified monsters, so be careful.


So the final location is up. We'll be making a quick stop there toward the end of this update. But now, we've got another pie scene. This triggers just like the Living Pie. You just have to make the Piemetor, regardless of quality. Video goes until the screenshot of Cordelia yelling at Rorona to apologize.

Piemeteor... What kind of effect does it have?

I'm not sure... I wasn't really focusing on that.

As an alchemist, that was a very questionable remark.

C'mon, Hom. It's not about what it does. It's about putting a Meteor in a pie. Get it together.

Maybe this pie will do that, too!

That is highly unlikely.

I agree, but...why don't we try it? Yah!



...Hahaha, whew. Of course! Nothing happened!

*strange falling noise, followed by a crash*

Was that...Cory?

Owww... Rorona! What was that for!?

Wh-what are you talking about?


Yeah, it came falling down from the sky!

...Ugh! It really hurts and now my hair is all sticky!

...Did you hear that, Homhom?

Well, of course. Totally not our fault.

Haha, you're right. It must have been a coincidence...

I finished making the Piemetor on 6/15, so we get the follow-up to that previous scene with Cole. Video goes until the screenshot of Rorona getting mad at Astrid.

What is it? Did you forget to buy something?

It's not that... Um... I made a cake. Would you like some?

Huh? Sorry, but I'm still working.

Okay...then can you take some home with you? I'll bring it right out. seem like you're having a hard time. You know, that stuff about your dad...?

Oh, that... I told you not to worry about it. He's better than ever now.

He is? That's good... But besides that, you're always working...

That's because I don't wanna grow up to be like my Pops.

His health problem comes from his own poor management. I have no sympathy for him.

Yeah, so...where's Easy Street...?

If you're at 123 Fake Street, you're right on top of it. Incidentally, Simpsons did another "street address" joke on an episode I watched a few days ago, but damned if I can remember it...

Oops, I've gotta go. My next client is waiting for me. See ya.

*Cole leaves*

...Umm, Master?

You look mad...

Then why are you smiling!? You're awful! You lied to me!

Grh, you're right, but... But you said it in a way so that...!

Okay, okay, I'll make sure to take care of the cake you made for Cole Boy. Will you forgive me?

And here's the completed world map screen. Glorious. Now let's see what Orthogalaxen is, with Sterk. Video goes until the second screenshot of Tantris.

I'll be fine. As long as I'm here, I want to help you as much as possible.

No. Please stand behind me for today. Okay?

What's the point in that? I'm here to protect you.

But what'll happen if you get hurt again? I said no, and no means no!

Well...I wanted you to come with me, but so what!? You're still not allowed to fight!

You're not making any sense. You're starting to remind me of Astrid.

What!? That's horrible! I'm not like Master at all!

This scene is unique because depending on who else is in the party, they get a speaking role this scene. The two times Tantris speaks this time could be filled by any other party member.

Flirting...!? We weren't...well...

That's right! We weren't trying to...umm...

Welcome to the final location. This first area is by far the best grinding area of the game. Not only is the travel time here only one day, but the day value of this particular area is only one day, as well. Now, you can cut that in half by using a Windrider to return to the workshop after killing all the enemies, then just returning. Very simple.

Oh, and unfortunately, no food scene for Ortho, no new song, and no location boss. But that doesn't mean we're missing out on a boss fight here.

Those Bunny Puni look pretty cute, but they are the strongest normal Puni in the game. That's not saying much, though.

Near the end of nearly every area in Orthogalaxen (and there's like 16 floors, no joke), you'll get a dude guarding the exit. Even though it's larger on the field, it's not any different than normal encounters.

This little fellow in the next area doing a Dragon Ball Z-esque powerup is a new enemy: the Grow Plantze. These guys have a very unique drop: none other than the Dunkelheit. They drop it pretty rarely, so I'd advise bringing along a Bunny Tail to give you better odds of getting it. Don't be surprised if it takes a few trips to get it.

Luckily enough, the second area has Ortho's first recipe book. Nothing terribly valuable in it, unlike the second recipe book, which is very important, especially for the Pie Ending.

Now, Ortho's main gimmick is it has a ton of treasure chests scattered on all the floors. The thing is, the contents are randomized each time you enter a location, with the exceptions of the recipe chests. So, for example, we ended up getting a Chainweb here, a pretty useless (at this stage of the game) item. If we were lucky, we could be getting a Dunkelheit or a Dragon Tusk. Just all depends on the luck of the draw.

See what I mean?

Finally, I got lucky. Anyway, our brief tour this Assignment is over. Let's get another pie scene, then finish off this Assignment. I ended up making the Dunkelpeit for this one. Video goes until Astrid's patronizing chuckle.

Did you just make another pie? Don't you ever get tired of that?

Why do you care so much? This is the only thing that I actually enjoy doing...

Fine... Is that a Dunkelheit right there?



Umm, so, I'd appreciate any reactions...

Oh? Uh...were we supposed to laugh at that? Sorry. Come on, Hom

Ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha. Master, your joke was filled with hilarity.

I'm also getting the feeling a big reason Astrid made Hom was to get someone to constantly agree with her.

That's right. It was so refined, it took me a while to get it. Hahaha!

Hahaha, hahaha, hahaha...

Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha...

Astrid has quite a lovely laugh, I must say.

Now, for all this Assignment dialogue, Sterk says something different if you ever took him to Night's Domain or not. I'll be sticking with the latter this time.

Please, don't worry about it. I had other people help me instead.

Well, that's not the point... Anyway, let's look at your results.

3-5 stars

Hmm... This is...

Huh? That's weird... I tried my best, though... Bwah-hahaha...

You wouldn't be laughing if you had failed...

*sigh* I'm sorry...

You made it this far. You don't wanna fail now, right? Make sure to straighten up for just a little longer


Now, let's talk about your next assignment...

6-7 stars

It's not overly impressive, but you didn't do too bad.

*sigh* I tried my best...

The evaluation standards are higher, now that you only have two more assignments left. Be sure to keep that in mind. Anyway, your next assignment is...

8-10 stars

Looks like you did well without my help. Hmm...

Huh? You don't look all that happy...

Oh, sorry. I didn't mean... Well, it's complicated.


Well, anyway, let's talk about your next assignment.

So...I just have to make as many as possible?

Looks like it. It might be hard for you, since you're working alone. Do you think you can handle it?

I think so. I'll see if Homhom and any other people can help me out.

Alright. I'll take your word for it. Good luck.

But before we go, a rare post-results scene.

Huh...? What are you doing here? You hardly ever come to visit me.

I wanted to ask you a favor.

You're asking me for a favor!?

...What are you scheming?

It's just the way you say things. Everything you say sounds so suspicious.

You know I'm not good at stuff like this... Anyway, I'm not here to chit-chat. Just give me a minute and hear me out.

...Looks like you're serious. Fine, I'll listen. Is it about her?

Cordelia and Astrid artwork
Hom and Kittens